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James Franco's Casting as Castro Causes a Ruckus

Latino actors including John Leguizamo aren't happy with choice for upcoming movie

(Newser) - James Franco has been chosen to play Fidel Castro in an upcoming movie, reports Deadline , and the choice is not sitting well with Latino actors. John Leguizamo in particular has been leading the criticism about a non-Latino actor getting the role, per Variety . “How is this still going on?”...

After 4 Quiet Years, James Franco Talks

He admits he slept with students, but says it wasn't part of any 'master plan'

(Newser) - In January 2018, five women accused James Franco of sexually inappropriate behavior. That same month, he called those claims "not accurate" in an appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Show. And then ... nothing, for almost four years. The 43-year-old actor has now broken that long silence via an interview...

James Franco Agrees to $2.2M Settlement

A judge must still approve it

(Newser) - James Franco has agreed to a $2.2 million settlement to put the class-action sexual misconduct lawsuit against him to rest. The suit accused Franco of pressuring students at a film school he founded to perform explicit sex scenes, on camera, in "orgy type" environments . It alleged that students...

Seth Rogen: I Won't Work With James Franco, for Now

Longtime Franco friend, co-star is speaking out after sexual misconduct claims

(Newser) - Seth Rogen has been a longtime collaborator and buddy of fellow actor James Franco, stretching back to the late '90s, when they both appeared in the sitcom Freaks and Geeks, and extending into more recent co-starring turns in such films as Pineapple Express, The Interview, and The Disaster Artist....

James Franco Settles Suit Over 'Orgy-Type' Classes at Film School

Plaintiffs alleged actor created 'pipeline of young women' for 'sexual exploitation'

(Newser) - A tentative settlement has been reached in a lawsuit that alleged James Franco intimidated students at an acting and film school he founded into gratuitous and exploitative sexual situations, attorneys for the plaintiffs said Saturday. The two sides filed a joint status report in Los Angeles Superior Court, telling a...

Former Acting Students Sue James Franco

Star pushed women into exploitative sexual situations in classes, filing says

(Newser) - Two actresses sued James Franco and the acting and film school he founded Thursday, saying he intimidated his students into gratuitous and exploitative sexual situations far beyond those acceptable on Hollywood film sets. Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, former students at the actor’s now-closed Studio 4, said in the...

Busy Philipps Says Franco Is a 'Bully' Who Assaulted Her

She says he shoved her to the ground during filming

(Newser) - James Franco is a "bully" who shoved her to the ground on the set of Freaks and Geeks, Busy Philipps writes in new memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little. In a leaked excerpt confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter , Philipps says Franco freaked out and broke character after she...

Magazine Removes Franco From Hollywood Group Shot

While Oprah and Reese Witherspoon address extra limbs

(Newser) - The new Vanity Fair cover salutes "12 Extraordinary Stars, One Momentous Year" for Hollywood, but the original cover actually had 13 stars. The magazine digitally removed James Franco at the last minute because of his sexual harassment controversy , reports the Hollywood Reporter . "We made a decision not to...

ScarJo's Woody Allen History Haunts Her Attack on Franco

Star ripped James Franco for sex misconduct allegations, but some blast her for support of Allen

(Newser) - James Franco has been caught up in controversy ever since he appeared at the Golden Globes wearing a Time's Up pin, leading to cryptic allegations from actress Ally Sheedy and more detailed sexual-misconduct accusations from five other women. Now Scarlett Johansson has jumped into the fray, using her podium...

Former Students Escalate Franco Allegations
James Franco
Now Has 5 Accusers

James Franco Now Has 5 Accusers

They say he exploited actresses filming nude scenes

(Newser) - James Franco's high from his best actor win at the Golden Globes has likely worn off with the possible Oscar contender now facing a barrage of sexual misconduct claims. In the Los Angeles Times , five women—including two who previously spoke out on Twitter—accuse Franco of inappropriate conduct,...

Colbert Asks Franco About Sexual Misconduct Allegations

'I have no idea what I did to Ally Sheedy'

(Newser) - James Franco was one of the "ladies and remaining gentlemen" Seth Meyers welcomed to the Golden Globes on Sunday—but he has been facing accusations of sexual misconduct ever since. During the awards show, Ally Sheedy called out the actor/director in a now-deleted series of #MeToo tweets, wondering why...

Coco Is No. 1 for Second Week
Coco Wins the
Weekend With $26.1M
Box Office

Coco Wins the Weekend With $26.1M

The Pixar film tops the box office for the second week in a row

(Newser) - Pixar's Coco is the top film at the box office for the second straight week, the AP reports. According to estimates Sunday, Coco led all films with $26.1 million. The acclaimed animated film has already racked up a global total of $280 million.

James Franco 'Superb' in Disaster Artist
Franco, Disaster Artist
Pull Off an Amazing Feat

Franco, Disaster Artist Pull Off an Amazing Feat

They turn 'trash into art'

(Newser) - Determined to make it in Hollywood despite an avalanche of rejections, Tommy Wiseau set out to make a movie of his own. The Room , released in 2003, is arguably one of the worst movies ever made. But the same can't be said of James Franco's The Disaster Artist,...

Why Him? 'Not Funny, Not Funny, Not Funny, Not Funny'
Why Him? 'Not Funny, Not
Funny, Not Funny, Not Funny'
Movie Review

Why Him? 'Not Funny, Not Funny, Not Funny, Not Funny'

The reviews aren't good for Bryan Cranston and James Franco

(Newser) - "Maybe just see Rogue One again" seems to be the consensus from those who sat through holiday comedy Why Him?, which opens Friday. The Bryan Cranston and James Franco vehicle from a co-writer of Meet the Parents is currently 40% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes . Here's what critics are...

Star-Studded Cast Set for Confusing JT LeRoy Biopic

Kristen Stewart, James Franco, Helena Bonham Carter in talks

(Newser) - Kristen Stewart, James Franco, and Helena Bonham Carter are in talks to star in a biopic of JT LeRoy, "a woman who pretended to be a man who identifies as transgender, tricking the rich and famous in Hollywood, the fashion world, and elite literary circles," as the subject...

Stripper's Epic Twitter Tale Is Becoming a Movie

James Franco will reportedly star and direct

(Newser) - Aziah "Zola" Wells' epic 148-tweet rant "about why me & this b---- here fell out" will be adapted for the big screen. Variety reports James Franco will direct a film based on David Kushner’s in-depth Rolling Stone article "Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind The...

8 Celebs Who Have Taught College Classes

From Kanye West to Amal Clooney

(Newser) - With their surreal and sometimes bizarre lives, it's not surprising that celebrities are occasionally the subjects of college-level classes ( The Sociology of Miley Cyrus , anyone?), but some A-listers have also been inspired to get behind the lecture podium, too. Below are eight celebs who've moonlighted as college...

Hey, Seth Rogen: Assassination Isn't Funny

If US is a 'moral force,' it shouldn't laugh at The Interview : David Rogers

(Newser) - In four days, The Interview pulled in $15 million, Sony Pictures says in a press release. That's in the period through Saturday, during which, Sony says, the film was rented or bought two million times online, deadline.com reports. But its success so far isn't something to be...

You Can See The Interview After All

Select theaters announce plans to screen it on Christmas

(Newser) - Theaters including the Plaza in Atlanta and the Texas-based chain of Alamo Drafthouse cinemas will show The Interview after all, they announced on Twitter today. Sony Pictures Entertainment pulled the Seth Rogen- and James Franco-starring movie about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un after Sony got hacked and threats...

What the Hackers Have Done to Hollywood
 What the Hackers 
 Have Done to Hollywood 

What the Hackers Have Done to Hollywood

Given it a reason to stick to 'more predictable fare'

(Newser) - We already know what Mitt Romney thinks Sony should do about The Interview (release it online for free). What do other people think? Pundits are weighing in:
  • At the Verge , Bryan Bishop is with Romney, mostly. He wants to see it put online, stat. "Take the threat of attacking

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