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He Blasted China for Treatment of Muslims. China Reacted

Country yanks soccer game of Arsenal team after star player Mesut Ozil offered his take on Uighurs

(Newser) - On Friday, one of the English Premier League's star players criticized China for its incarceration of Uighur ethnic-minority Muslims , and on Sunday, that player saw his team's game get yanked from Chinese broadcasts. As the weekend approached, Arsenal's Mesut Ozil, a Muslim of Turkish heritage, tweeted against...

China Sinking Big Bucks Into African News

Critics say propaganda, but Chinese call it good PR

(Newser) - China has long been investing big money into Africa, in construction, natural resources, housing, and other projects. Increasingly, though, China is also pouring money into news and media on the continent, bringing two Chinese television news channels, radio, and written articles by Xinhua, China's state-sponsored news service, to places...

Strip-Search Case Proves Privacy Is Dead

Supreme Court is just following our lead

(Newser) - The Supreme Court's ruling upholding prisoner strip-searches is an indicator of a much wider trend. Such searches compromise human dignity, but in the court case, not even the dissenting justices argued against all strip-searches, writes Noah Feldman in Bloomberg . That's because "privacy, as we know it, is...

British Cop Chases Suspect: Himself

Security camera confusion leads to hilarious pursuit

(Newser) - For 20 minutes, an undercover British police officer intrepidly tracked a suspicious person in an area recently hit with a spate of burglaries. Unfortunately, the officer was chasing himself. How? An operator watching the street via security camera alerted the plain-clothes officer of a suspicious person in the area—not...

Norway Killer Captured on Video

Anders Breivik spotted on security camera after planting bombs

(Newser) - A video of Anders Breivik minutes before he became a mass murderer has emerged. In chilling footage taken by security cameras in Oslo's government district, the Norwegian gunman can be seen walking away from a spot where he had planted bombs, clad in a police uniform and carrying a...

Iran to London Cops: Hey, Show Restraint

And other updates from the chaos

(Newser) - Police are struggling to restore order on the streets of London after three days of rioting and looting. Here are some updates from the Telegraph's exhaustive coverage:
  • David Cameron seemed to criticized the police effort , saying it needed to be “more robust,” and saying that the number

Man Caught on Video Ditching Limping Dog

Latest CCTV episode of Brits being cruel to animals

(Newser) - In the continuing saga of Brits being cruel to animals on surveillance video, a man has been nabbed on CCTV dumping a limping dog and driving away. The dog eagerly follows his master to a park area in Dorset, then stands, stunned, as the man speeds off. "The dog...

Cat Trasher Gets Death Threats

Now she's under police protection

(Newser) - The woman caught on surveillance video dumping a friendly cat into a trash bin and slamming down the lid is now under police protection after receiving death threats. British bank worker Mary Bale, 45, finally went into "full apology mode" after Facebook users launched a site called "Mary...

Owner Gets Jail for Vicious Attack on Dog

Sobbing teen barred from owning pets

(Newser) - A sobbing British dog owner was sentenced to 8 weeks in jail for repeatedly kicking his friendly Staffordshire bull terrier puppy when the dog refused to be goaded into biting one of the teen's pals. The vicious attack was caught on public CCTV surveillance film, reports the Sun . On the...

As Money Dries Up, So Does Architecture

Koolhaas reflects on 'end to a period' of megabuildings

(Newser) - When the tower next to Rem Koolhaas’ mammoth CCTV skyscraper in Beijing went up in flames, it seemed to mark the end of an era. After years of pricey signature projects, architects are seeing commissions cut, and projects are languishing. “I don't even know about the word ‘downturn,...

At 840M Viewers, China TV Wins Global Attention

Western companies line up to advertise on propaganda network

(Newser) - This year's Olympic opening ceremonies, perhaps the most watched television event in history, were a huge programming coup for CCTV, one of the main propaganda conduits for the Chinese government. CCTV has a larger audience than every major TV station in the US and Europe combined, writes the New York ...

11 Stories
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