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Clinton's Response to Trump: Mean Girls Gif

'Why are you so obsessed with me?'

(Newser) - President Trump and Hillary Clinton will definitely not be having a rematch as candidates in the 2020 election cycle—but there's still room for spats on Twitter. Clinton fired back on Tuesday after Trump mocked her for deciding not to run in 2020, the Hill reports. "(Crooked) Hillary...

Woman Gives Mean Girls an Intervention at Starbucks

By way of a heartfelt note and Mini Frappuccinos

(Newser) - Michelle Icard starts her days with a cup of tea at a North Carolina Starbucks. But on Monday, her morning ritual was ruined by the overheard conversation of a trio of "very pretty, very boisterous, horribly behaved" teen girls who were making fun of classmates and complaining about "...

Next on Tina Fey's To-Do List: Making Mean Girls a Musical

OK, we're a little embarrassed by our plans to laze by the pool all summer

(Newser) - Sure, Tina Fey had a stint on SNL , a seven-year run on 30 Rock, co-hosted the Golden Globes, and has new Netflix hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , but now the 45-year-old comedian and writer is putting together a musical based on the 2004 movie Mean Girls, which she wrote, the Guardian ...

New Social App Triggers 12 Police Investigations

Burnbook members post threats anonymously, police say

(Newser) - Think Facebook gets nasty? Then check out Burnbook, a popular app where users are anonymously posting gossip about colleges and high schools—and creating serious trouble, Vocativ reports. Just this month, Burnbook posts have triggered at least 12 police investigations involving high school students, including alleged gun threats, bomb threats,...

Mean Girls? Boys Are Even Worse: Study

Researchers survey 620 kids through middle, high school

(Newser) - A journal called Aggressive Behavior has published research disputing the widely-held theory that boys will beat you up, whereas girls will talk behind your back. Actually, the study suggests, boys do both: In scientific terms, they are both "physically" and "relationally" more aggressive than girls. The study followed...

Intern Recites Mean Girls in 30 Minutes

Christopher Rosa of NextMovie gets it word for word (we think)

(Newser) - Never caught the 2004 flick Mean Girls ? Got 30 minutes to spare? If the answer to both is yes (or if you just love all things Mean Girls), then NextMovie has just the video for you. "Intern extraordinaire" Christopher Rosa recites the entire film in less than 30...

Mean Girls Outgrow Bitchy .... Usually

Cooperation works better in the workplace, adulthood

(Newser) - Alpha "mean girls" from high school turn into get-along "gamma women" by the time they hit their 20s ... in most cases, according to experts. "Relational aggression" involving catty gossip, public digs and humiliating pranks tends to decline with age, with bullying plummeting in college, observers say. College...

There's No 'Mean Girl' Epidemic
 There's No 'Mean Girl' Epidemic 

There's No 'Mean Girl' Epidemic

It's just media sensationalism, and it's dangerous

(Newser) - Phoebe Prince’s bullying and suicide have led to an uproar about the “mean girls” lurking in schools everywhere—but is there really an increase in such incidents? “This panic is a hoax,” write Mike Males and Meda-Chesney Lind in the New York Times , citing numerous crime...

Best HS Flicks Since John Hughes' Heyday

Track Flick and making 'fetch' happen, anyone?

(Newser) - Hard as it is to believe, John Hughes made his last high school-centric film in 1987. Luckily, the 22 years since haven't lacked for flicks that chronicle some part of those awkward, wonderful 4 years. Christopher Borrelli of the Chicago Tribune lists the 10 movies that do it best:
  1. Dazed

Hollywood's Top Fictional Teachers

(Newser) - Never had an inspiring, funny, or even downright godawful teacher? Luckily, Hollywood has them in spades. Babble presents the 40 best fictional teachers:
  • Ms. Norbury, Mean Girls: She taught “the female student body to lay off the sexist insults.”
  • Economics teacher, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Ben Stein

Cruel TV Makes for Crueler Viewers: Study

Meanness of Mean Girls as influential as killing in Kill Bill

(Newser) - Psychologists have long known about the link between on-screen violence and real-life aggression, but a new study suggests video cruelty has much the same effect, USA Today reports. Groups of subjects shown either footage from Mean Girls of the hands-off hostility known as "relational aggression" or a knife fight...

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