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Nuke Guards Caught Napping With Door Open

4 officers in charge of nuclear missile launch keys twice breached security protocols

(Newser) - It's reassuring to know the people entrusted with the launch keys to our nuclear missiles are at least well rested—if not well secured. US Air Force officers in charge of these keys have been caught twice this year napping while leaving the blast door to their underground launch...

Iowa Plans Terror Drill With Immigrant-Hating Gunmen

Anti-illegal immigration groups say exercise builds prejudice

(Newser) - Anti-illegal immigration groups are furious over an anti-terrorism exercise planned in Iowa that will pit Pottawattamie County's finest against a pair of teenage white supremacists. The drill, which is scheduled for tomorrow, is built around a fictional scenario in which an 18-year-old, angered by the influx of minorities—both citizens...

Border Vigilante Gets Death in Killing of Girl, Dad

Shawna Forde plotted home invasion turned murder

(Newser) - Shawna Forde, the self-styled border vigilante convicted in the deaths of a 9-year-old Arizona girl and her father, was sentenced to death yesterday. Forde’s attorney had asked jurors to spare Forde’s life because repeated childhood abuse had left her a “broken person,” but the DA noted...

The Neo-Nazi Who Patrols the Ariz. Border
 Neo-Nazi Lurks on Ariz. Border 

Neo-Nazi Lurks on Ariz. Border

JT Ready's group has local cops worried, but they can't do much

(Newser) - Jason "JT" Ready is taking matters into his own hands along the Arizona border, declaring war on "narco-terrorists" and keeping an eye out for illegal immigrants. But local law enforcement are nervous given that Ready's militia is heavily armed and identifies with the National Socialist Movement, an organization...

Hayworth to Hit McCain With Conservative Wrath

Challenger says Palin is backing Mac out of gratitude

(Newser) - JD Hayworth officially launched his campaign against John McCain yesterday by promising a year of change—the conservative kind. The Arizona challenger slammed McCain's voting record and promised to do a better job of standing up to the Democrats. "There are two John McCains," Hayworth said at his...

Two Minutemen Leaders Held in Ariz. Slayings

Dad, 9-year-old girl killed in raid to steal cash, drugs, cops say

(Newser) - Two of three people arrested in the Arizona murder of a 9-year-old and her father were involved with a small anti-illegal immigrant group, the AP reports. Shawna Forde, the founder of Minutemen American Defense, and Jason Bush, its operations director, were charged with murder, assault, and burglary in the home...

Interest Groups Rejoining the Fray

As campaign's tones get harsher, parties step up sniping from left and right

(Newser) - As Barack Obama and John McCain drop niceties for harsh politicking, interest groups are seeing a thumbs-up from the candidates to bombard Americans with millions in provocative TV, mail, and Web ads. Groups including unions, MoveOn, the Minutemen, and pro-life BornAliveTruth are planning ads, the New York Times reports, including...

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