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Bar Fined $155K for Toxic Shot That Killed Teen's Stomach

Smoke poured out of girl's nose, mouth right after she drank liquid nitrogen

(Newser) - A UK wine bar is in the hole for a $155,000 fine after a teen ingested a liquid nitrogen shot given to her on the house, became instantly ill, and had to have her stomach removed , the Guardian reports. Gaby Scanlon, now 20, was with friends at Oscar's... More »

Drinkers Sour on Sarah Syrah

Alaskan's entrance gives SF drinkers second thoughts on Palin Syrah

(Newser) - A San Francisco wine bar says customers have soured on its star vintage since John McCain picked his running mate, Amy Monroe writes on Serious Eats. Palin Syrah, an organically grown red from Chile “was our best-selling wine before” Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin arrived, laments Chris Tavelli, owner of... More »

2 Stories