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One Palin Granted House Arrest, Another Gets Engaged

Track is the former, Willow the latter

(Newser) - A prosecutor called Track Palin a "loose cannon" who caused "significant injury" to his father, Todd Palin, after the younger Palin was arrested Saturday on charges of burglary and assault, but an Alaska judge has now granted him house arrest after he posts $5,000 bail, the Anchorage ...

Palins 'Present' at Huge Drunken Brawl

Anchorage cops probing fracas at Todd's birthday bash

(Newser) - It's not entirely clear exactly what happened at a big party in Anchorage, Alaska, Saturday night—but it apparently involved a lot of booze and a lot of Palins. According to Wonkette , multiple members of the family were "present" at a drunken brawl involving up to 20 people...

Bristol Palin's Kid Calls Aunt Willow a Gay Slur
Bristol Palin: Tripp Said
F-Word, Not Gay Slur

Bristol Palin: Tripp Said F-Word, Not Gay Slur

Bristol, 'Life's a Tripp' showrunner clarify clip involving Willow, Tripp

(Newser) - Bristol Palin would like to clear something up: Yes, her 3-year-old son is a pottymouth, but he's not a homophobic one. A recently released clip from her reality show appears to show her son calling his aunt, Bristol's sister Willow, a "f****t." (Willow herself is no...

Stalker Allegedly Threatened to Rape Palin's Daughter

Sarah takes out restraining order against 19-year-old Shawn Christy

(Newser) - Sarah Palin says the 19-year-old who threatened to kill her has stepped up his game, threatening to harm her family and even rape her daughter. Palin made the accusations in court documents filed to get a new restraining order against Shawn Christy, according to TMZ . Palin doesn’t specify which...

'Palin' Latest Hot Baby Name?
 'Palin' Latest Hot Baby Name? 

'Palin' Latest Hot Baby Name?

It surged in popularity, but probably lacks staying power

(Newser) - The number of families who chose the name "Palin" for their babies in 2008: three per million. The number in 2009? Twenty per million, according to the BabyCenter website. A good bump, but not exactly the hot new baby name, a naming expert tells Today . Despite the jump in...

Bristol 'Sorry' for Willow's Gay Slurs

But right-wing gay group supports Willow

(Newser) - Bristol Palin has apologized, sort of, for the gay slurs her sister posted on Facebook after a schoolmate criticized their mom's reality show. "Willow and I shouldn't have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize.," wrote Bristol on Facebook. Her contrition was somewhat tempered by her...

Willow Palin Posts Gay Slurs on Facebook

Willow calls a schoolmate who dissed mom's show a f**got

(Newser) - Willow Palin just made a sort of political debut on Facebook—and it wasn't a pretty sight. TMZ has screenshots that apparently show the16-year-old daughter of Sarah posting gay slurs directed to a schoolmate who attacked her mom's new reality series. "Your so gay," Willow snapped on Facebook,...

Palin to Letterman: Thanks, Now Evolve

(Newser) - Sarah Palin today accepted David Letterman’s apology, but not without getting another dig in on him. She said she accepted “on behalf of young women like my daughter, who hope men who ‘joke’ about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve.” And then...

Letterman Apologizes to Palin, Bristol, Willow
Letterman Apologizes to Palin, Bristol, Willow

Letterman Apologizes to Palin, Bristol, Willow

(Newser) - David Letterman has apologized to Sarah Palin, daughters Bristol and Willow, "and everybody else who was outraged" by his joke last week about Alex Rodriguez impregnating the Alaska governor's daughter, TV Week reports. At this afternoon's taping of tonight's show, Letterman expanded on the apology he offered last week,...

Top Late-Night Jokes About Bristol Palin

(Newser) - The barbs flying between Sarah Palin and David Letterman over which daughter he’s been making fun of (she says it’s 14-year-old Willow, he says it’s 18-year-old Bristol) moved Daniel Kurtzman, on About.com, to go to the videotape. He found none about Willow and enough about Bristol...

NOW Backs Palin Against Dave—With a 'But'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has a new ally in her feud with David Letterman: the National Organization for Women. "The sexualization of girls and women in the media is reaching new lows these days," NOW says on its website, taking particular offense at Letterman's remark about Palin looking like a...

Palin: Dave Owes All Women an Apology

Dave still joking, Sarah still furious

(Newser) - David Letterman joked on his show last night that Sarah Palin made nice by inviting him hunting, but their feud showed no sign of letting up this morning when Palin called on him to apologize to young women nationwide on the Today show, the AP reports. Letterman’s joke that...

It's Palin Vs. Letterman, Round II

(Newser) - Weren't we just here? Sarah Palin and David Letterman had another go-round today, the Daily News reports. Palin laid into Letterman for what she termed a "sexually perverted joke" about her 14-year-old daughter. Letterman, while admitting "poor taste," said on his show tonight that his remark—"...

Palin Charged Alaska $21K for Children's Travel

Uninvited children were said to be on 'official business'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin billed the state of Alaska repeatedly for costs incurred by her children accompanying her on trips, sometimes altering expense reports to indicate that they were on official business even though they were not invited, an investigation by the AP finds. Palin charged the state a total of $21,...

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