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This State Just Banned Hairstyle Discrimination

Californians can't be ordered to cut off their dreads

(Newser) - Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Wednesday a bill making California the first state to ban workplace and school discrimination against black people for wearing hairstyles such as braids, twists, and locks. The law introduced by Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles, a black woman who wears her hair... More »

Why Teen Wrestler's Hair Can't Be Fixed

It's probably an honest mistake, but still

(Newser) - Andrew Johnson's unkind cut might have been fixed, except for one thing: His dreadlocks were thrown out, TMZ reports. Seems the teen wrestler's dreads— sheared off by referee demand last week in New Jersey before a match—could have been reattached if school officials had kept them. It'... More »

He Came Ready to Win. Then, a Ref's 'Cruel' Demand

NJ athletic officials investigating why Alan Maloney made young athlete shave off his dreadlocks

(Newser) - In 2016, Alan Maloney was accused of using a racial slur against a colleague. Now the high school wrestling referee is in hot water again, this time for forcing a young athlete to have his dreadlocks shaved right before a match. NBC News reports the incident took place Wednesday night,... More »

Court: It's OK Not to Hire Someone Who Has Dreadlocks

Woman lost job because she wouldn't change hairstyle

(Newser) - It's perfectly legal for companies to refuse to hire someone based solely on the fact they have dreadlocks, according to an 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling last week. The Huffington Post reports the incident started in 2010 when a woman named Chastity Jones had her job offer... More »

White Guy With Dreads Accused of 'Appropriation'

SF campus incident is being investigated

(Newser) - San Francisco State University student Cory Goldstein is a white guy with dreadlocks, which makes him guilty of "cultural appropriation," according to a fellow student seen berating him in a viral video. Goldstein tells KRON 4 that the confrontation with the African-American student and her friend started when... More »

Hipster Hair Gets Even Wackier

What does it mean? Even the stylists aren't sure

(Newser) - More and more men are traipsing to salons to achieve what one adherent calls “non-normative hair.” From Afros to dreads, Mohawks to pompadours, stylists are helping hipsters express themselves. One hairdresser even offers intentionally imperfect cuts, “so it looks like they cut it themselves in their bathroom,... More »

Fla. Woman's Dreadlocks Are Mane Event

Real-life Rapunzel eyes world record for tresses 8 feet, 9 inches long

(Newser) - She may not threaten the mark for longest hair, but a Florida woman is banking that 8-feet, 9-inches will get her the world record for longest dreadlocks. Asha Mandela, 46, has nurtured “her baby” since shaving her head two decades ago, the Orlando Sentinel reports. “You don't believe... More »

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