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Maine Gov. Accused of Trying to Discourage Student Voters

ACLU wants LePage investigated for voter intimidation

(Newser) - Maine Gov. Paul LePage should be encouraging first-time voters in his state, not trying to scare them off, says the ACLU, which wants the Republican to be investigated for alleged voter intimidation. When LePage was asked Monday about fliers that appeared on a college campus over the weekend falsely claiming... More »

Judge Hits Trump Campaign With Restraining Order

Here's what's new in alleged voter suppression around the country

(Newser) - A federal judge in Ohio filed a temporary restraining order Friday against the Trump campaign, as well as Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone, to prevent them from harassing or intimidating voters at the state's polling locations on Election Day, the AP reports. This comes after the Trump campaign has... More »

Sharron Angle Files Voter Intimidation Complaint

Says Reid's team asked Harrah's bosses to pressure employees to vote

(Newser) - Sharron Angle is crying foul, accusing Harry Reid's campaign of illegally intimidating voters. Her lawyers filed a complaint with the Justice Department alleging just that today, after the National Review published an article this morning that claimed Reid's campaign team asked sympathetic execs at Harrah's to pressure their union casino... More »

Taliban Abducts Candidates Ahead of Election

Intimidation campaign precedes tomorrow's vote

(Newser) - Taliban fighters have reportedly abducted more than 20 people in an intimidation campaign designed to derail tomorrow’s parliamentary elections, including at least two candidates. The Taliban also warned yesterday that anyone showing up to vote tomorrow “would get hurt.” NATO troops, meanwhile, have vowed to protect the... More »

Afghan Elections a Setback for Women

Low female turnout could mean leaders even less responsive to women

(Newser) - For women, Afghanistan's recent elections appear to have been more of a setback than a step forward. Early reports strongly suggest that voter turnout fell more sharply for women than for men in last week's polls. Election observers blame Taliban attacks, a dearth of female election workers, and the closure... More »

Karzai, Rival Both Claim Victory

(Newser) - As Afghanistan gets down to the difficult job of counting ballots from 6,200 polling stations, both Hamid Karzai and his main challenger Abdullah Abdullah havd claimed victory in the presidential race. No confirmed results have been released, but a Karzai staffer said reports from election monitors indicate that the... More »

Taliban Threaten to Mutilate Afghan Voters

(Newser) - Hamid Karzai's battle for reelection on Thursday is facing a significant hurdle: threats by the Taliban to mutilate anyone who shows up at the polls. Insurgents are strongest in Pashtun regions, normally a Karzai stronghold, and in one town a group of Taliban fighters told citizens anyone who votes will... More »

Witness Disputes Report of Black Panther Intimidation

Fox News story said threatening men stood outside Pa. polling station

(Newser) - An Obama campaign volunteer says there’s nothing to Fox News’ story that two Black Panthers were intimidating voters at a polling place in Pennsylvania, Greg Sargent reports on Talking Points Memo. One was an official poll watcher, and though he is a Panther, he was not “blocking the... More »

In Pivotal Virginia, Lawsuit and Dirty Politics Surface

(Newser) - The election is heating up in Virginia, with fake notices and lawsuits flying around the swing state. The majority black region of Hampton Roads has been blanketed with official-seeming fliers falsely stating that Democrats are to vote November 5, Talking Points Memo reports. And the NAACP has sued the state,... More »

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