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Top Gun Sequel 'Took Everyone's Breath Away' at CinemaCon

It's the 'perfect blockbuster,' says one viewer

(Newser) - The reported 800 hours of footage recorded in the making of the new Top Gun movie was well worth it, according to those who got a first look at the film at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Thursday. Top Gun: Maverick "generated rave first reactions" and at several points...

Throat Cancer, Voice Box Can't Silence Val Kilmer

Actor speaks through personal footage spanning decades in new doc

(Newser) - Val Kilmer's speaking ability was severely limited by an operation on his trachea, but no matter. The actor speaks volumes, through footage personally shot over four decades, in a new documentary premiering this week at the Cannes Film Festival. Val utilizes home video footage "from virtually every chapter...

Val Kilmer Didn't Want That Role in Top Gun
Val Kilmer:
Tom Cruise
Impressed Me

Val Kilmer: Young Tom Cruise Impressed Me

Actor out with a memoir

(Newser) - Val Kilmer is out with a memoir, I'm Your Huckleberry, the title taken from the famous line he uttered in Tombstone. And while the book touches on his throat cancer and his high-profile relationships with the likes of Cher and Cindy Crawford, per ABC News , an excerpt in the...

Val Kilmer Changes His Tune on Cancer

In Reddit AMA, says he had a 'healing' of it

(Newser) - Val Kilmer took Michael Douglas to task for saying the actor had oral cancer . "I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed," was how Kilmer put it six months ago. It appears that wasn't so. In a Wednesday Reddit Ask Me Anything chat that's now grabbing...

Val Kilmer Addresses Cate Blanchett Lovefest

He doesn't think it was weird at all

(Newser) - Val Kilmer doesn't think his weekend-long string of tweets declaring his undying admiration for Cate Blanchett was strange at all. "I don’t know why loving an actor that’s so talented is creepy, but I guess I’m creepy," said Kilmer, 57, at a film screening...

Val Kilmer's Cate Blanchett Tweets Are Raising Eyebrows

'Once I flew all the way to Australia just to talk to Cate Blanchett'

(Newser) - Val Kilmer is no stranger to unexpected headlines (witness this and this ), but this may take the cake. Multiple outlets are taking note of the actor's days-long series of starry-eyed tweets about actress Cate Blanchett. ("Verging on the creepy," proclaims Mashable .) First, the two stars...

Val Kilmer: 'I Love Michael Douglas, but ...'

He says actor is misinformed about his cancer status

(Newser) - Val Kilmer says Michael Douglas is a "loving and devoted friend"—but he is misinformed about his health. In a Facebook post Tuesday, Kilmer addressed Douglas' claim that he is battling oral cancer , reports E! Online . "I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed," Kilmer writes....

Val Kilmer Battling Cancer, Says Michael Douglas

'Things don't look too good for him'

(Newser) - Val Kilmer has been denying reports that he has cancer for a year now, but fellow Hollywood star Michael Douglas appears to have let some bad news slip. The 56-year-old Kilmer is "a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had, and things don’t look too...

44 Celebs Who Were Classmates

Bet you didn't know these stars went to high school together

(Newser) - Apparently some schools just produce more stars than others. PopSugar rounds up celebrities you may not have realized attended high school together. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out the complete list .

Val Kilmer: Deadbeat Dad?
 Val Kilmer: Deadbeat Dad? 

Val Kilmer: Deadbeat Dad?

Ex-wife claims he hasn't been paying up the $27,500 a month he's supposed to

(Newser) - Val Kilmer may be a celebrity, but he's also a deadbeat dad, according to his ex-wife. Joanne Whalley, an actress who has a 19- and a 16-year-old with Kilmer, says he's fallen behind on his $27,500-per-month child support payments. According to court documents TMZ obtained, Whalley placed...

13 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks
 13 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks 

13 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks

Some of them used to be sex symbols...

(Newser) - The next time Demi Moore’s apparently ageless good looks have you feeling sorry for yourself, chin up and consider these celebrities. Fox News lists 13 stars who have definitely not gotten better with age. Check out the hot-to-not photos in the gallery then click here for more. But Father...

Val Kilmer's NM Neighbors Say He's Racist

He has referred to area's violence, alcoholism

(Newser) - Val Kilmer's neighbors in rural New Mexico say the actor is racist, reports, and he'll have to convince local officials otherwise if he wants permission to rent out guesthouses on his ranch. Kilmer is expected to attend a public meeting in San Miguel County, NM, later this month...

Nicholson Mourns 'Soulmate' Hopper
 Nicholson Mourns 
 'Soulmate' Hopper 
memorial service

Nicholson Mourns 'Soulmate' Hopper

Friends, family, and locals attend memorial Mass

(Newser) - Mourners including Jack Nicholson and Val Kilmer remembered Dennis Hopper yesterday at his memorial Mass. The actor was laid to rest in New Mexico, where he first went in 1969 while scouting locations for Easy Rider and lived for 12 years. Nicholson, who acted alongside Hopper in Easy Rider, called...

Kilmer on NM: If I Run, I'll Be the Next Governor

(Newser) - Val Kilmer is pretty confident about a future in New Mexico politics—assuming that’s his next move. “If I run, I’m going to be the next governor,” the actor and affirmed Democrat tells the AP. He's considering a campaign next year, when term limits will bar...

Matthews Takes Record for Hot Air at Chilly Inauguration

MSNBC host's 'sizzling free-associations' provided some hot air in chilly DC

(Newser) - It's a good thing Chris Matthews didn't run for the Senate after all, Jack Shafer writes for Slate, after listening to the MSNBC star let his mouth run wild Inauguration Day. "Drawing from a larder filled with old anecdotes, unreliable metaphors, wacky intuition, and superficial observations, the always-animated Matthews...

Kilmer for NM Governor?
 Kilmer for NM Governor? 

Kilmer for NM Governor?

Former Batman mulls run: 'a worthy, serious endeavor'

(Newser) - Val Kilmer’s considering a run for governor of New Mexico, he tells Cindy Adams of the New York Post. “There's sort of a rumor around that I'm maybe thinking about running to be governor of New Mexico? Well, it's sort of true,” says the star of Batman ...

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