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This Is What It Looks Like in Wuhan Right Now

City water park hosts pool parties as threat of virus wanes

(Newser) - To those of us in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak, the photos are staggering. Hundreds of people crammed into a pool. Physical distancing looks basically impossible. But in China, where the spread of COVID-19 has been all but eradicated, this is a good time. Some in Wuhan, the epicenter...

Turns Out Peeing in the Pool May Actually Be Bad for You
Peeing in the Pool May
Actually Be Bad for You
in case you missed it

Peeing in the Pool May Actually Be Bad for You

Study finds urine, chlorine create dangerous chemical byproducts

(Newser) - Peeing in the pool: gross, sure, but no real harm done? Think again. Researchers at Purdue and China Agricultural universities recently studied what happens when urine meets water containing chlorine and other chemicals—and they found that two potentially dangerous chemical byproducts are formed, Discover reports. The uric acid in...

Poop Found in Most Swimming Pools

CDC has some unfortunate news

(Newser) - The CDC sampled 161 public swimming pools and discovered a very good reason to keep your mouth closed in the water: 58% of them had fecal contamination, reports USA Today . The pools were in Atlanta, but a CDC official says the findings would almost certainly apply to any city. Researchers...

Chemical Fumes Sicken 80 at Indiana Pool

Bad mix of chemicals creates chlorine gas

(Newser) - At least 80 people, most of them children, were hospitalized after being overcome by chemical fumes at a public pool in Indianapolis. Investigators say a toxic out-of-balance mix of chemicals was pumped into the pool, creating chlorine gas, reports the Indianapolis Star . The gas wasn't as lethal as the...

Topless 'Daylife' Booms in Vegas
 Topless 'Daylife' 
 Booms in Vegas 

Topless 'Daylife' Booms in Vegas

Only in Sin City can you go nightclubbing in broad daylight

(Newser) - If you're bummed about having to wait until dark to experience, you know, nightlife, get excited: Las Vegas has a booming “daylife” scene, which will surely spread to the rest of the world soon. Vegas’ many poolside clubs for the 21-plus set offer the same barely clothed cocktail waitresses,...

Anti-Reformers, We Dare You to Pledge:
Anti-Reformers, We Dare You
to Pledge: 

Anti-Reformers, We Dare You to Pledge:

'Neither I nor anyone in my family' will use bill's protections

(Newser) - If Republicans hate health care reform so much, they shouldn't benefit from it, writes Matt Millen. He suggests a pledge: “I hereby vow that neither I nor anyone in my family will take advantage of the protections offered by this law.” He can hear the whining already. "...

Cue the Kid: Toddler Runs Pool Table

Keith stands on chair for slices, bank shots

(Newser) - A New York toddler in diapers has become a YouTube hit as he runs a pool table with deftly delivered slices and bank shots, reports the AP.  Keith O'Dell, 2, is the youngest member of the American Pool Association and recently staged an exhibition in Vegas. He started knocking...

Bar to Patron: Cash or Credit; No Gum Wrappers

Soldier gets tab paid off, still arrested for disorderly conduct

(Newser) - A soldier attempting to play billiards using a beer bottle in place of a pool cue was arrested at an Oklahoma bar after he tried to pay his tab using gum wrappers, the Lawton Constitution reports. Another customer picked up the $32 bill, but the 28-year-old will face charges of...

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