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For Some, Being Single Brings Most Happiness
For Some, Being Single Brings Most Happiness
study says

For Some, Being Single Brings Most Happiness

It depends how they view conflict in relationships, say researchers

(Newser) - Generally speaking, sociologists find that people in relationships tend to be happier and more satisfied than single people. But a new study makes clear that for some, being single is the way to be. It all depends on how individuals deal with conflict in relationships—those who hate it and...

A First: Majority of Americans Are Single

124.6M haven't gotten hitched

(Newser) - On your own? You're in good company. Just north of half of Americans over the age of 16—50.2% of them, or 124.6 million, to be specific—are single, the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds. It's the first time a majority have been single since such...

The Perks of Marrying Yourself
 The Perks of Marrying Yourself 

The Perks of Marrying Yourself

It's an assertion of independence and self-confidence: Rachel Kramer Bussel

(Newser) - After a broken engagement, a New York woman did something unusual on her planned wedding day— Desiree Moodie gathered some friends, headed to Central Park, and "married herself." Her cousin read out vows she had penned: "I will make my happiness a priority and forgive myself when...

Most of Manhattan Is Single
 Most of 
 Is Single 
life imitates art

Most of Manhattan Is Single

Census shows 50.3% live alone

(Newser) - Depending on your point of view, New York is either a very lonely city or a great place to get laid. The number of singles in the Big Apple, already at a historic high, keeps rising, according to new Census data. In Manhattan, a whopping 50.3% of people live...

Lookin' for Love, 1 in 4 Turn to Arms of Networking Sites

Online dating no longer has social stigma

(Newser) - For those looking for love in all the wrong places, the right place might just be Facebook, reports the Telegraph, citing a new poll that shows one in four Britons are dating or have dated a person met through a social-networking site such as MySpace or Bebo. And in further...

Texting on Dates? Just Hang Up

(Newser) - Texting may be a ubiquitous form of communication, but you might want to put away that handset when you’re sitting across from a first date, writes Martha Irvine for the AP. "Oh, the fun of pretending to be interested in what someone else is typing to someone you...

Single? Where Not to Go Today
 Single? Where 
 Not to Go Today 

Single? Where Not to Go Today

Singles can salvage the day, if they know where (not) to go

(Newser) - Valentine’s Day can be exhausting—for singles looking to avoid nauseating sightings of canoodling lovers. Travel and Leisure magazine offers tips on how to sidestep Cupid:
  • Ditch New England B&Bs for “groovy southwestern spas known for their (cough, cough) group activities.”
  • Candlelit restaurants are “a

LiLo and Sam Are No More
 LiLo and Sam Are No More 

LiLo and Sam Are No More

Couple broken up after series of spats, sources say

(Newser) - After a stormy, and violent, holiday trip to Miami, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have called it quits, Radar reports. LiLo has since been on the Los Angeles scene hitting on both sexes and proclaiming her single status. Though the Florida fistfight that led to the split has been denied,...

Single City Dwellers Are Often Happier, Healthier

Social scientists say New Yorkers defy that lonely stereotype

(Newser) - Our stereotype of the single, lonely urban dweller is all wrong. City folk who live alone often lead happier, healthier lives than married couples do in suburbia, Jennifer Senior writes in New York. “There was a time when living alone meant you were a hopeless shut-in," writes...

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