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Former Exec Sues Koch Brother for Imprisonment

A VP at Bill Koch's Oxbow Corp. says he suspected the company was dodging taxes

(Newser) - Lefties everywhere like to accuse the Koch brothers of everything from buying elections to plotting world domination, but a report by Courthouse News picked up by Huffington Post outlines a truly bizarre accusation involving lesser-known Koch brother, Bill. Seems Bill Koch—the twin of David Koch and younger brother of...

Net Worth of 400 Richest Americans Jumped 13%
Net Worth of 400 Richest Americans Jumped 13% 

Net Worth of 400 Richest Americans Jumped 13%

And those 400 now make up 1/8 of the US economy

(Newser) - It was a good year for America's 400 richest people, who saw their net worth jump 13% to $1.7 trillion, according to Forbes' latest " Forbes 400 " list. For a little context, Reuters notes that that means their combined net worth represents roughly one-eighth of the entire...

Koch Billionaire Builds Private 'Old West' Town

Bill Koch reserves town for friends, family, and historians

(Newser) - Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, and General Custer would be proud of Colorado's new town—but they might not be allowed inside. The replica Old West town is billionaire Bill Koch's ode to a pricey obsession: American frontier memorabilia. Built on Koch's 6,400-acre Bear Ranch property, the...

Koch-Funded Climate Skeptic: Oops, Humans Are to Blame

Richard Muller now believes man is 'almost entirely' at fault

(Newser) - Physicist Richard Muller co-founded the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project three years ago to debunk global warming fears, even getting a hefty grant from the conservative Koch brothers for his work. Last fall, he backtracked a bit , admitting the evidence for global warming was solid, but denying you could prove...

Protesters in Boat Try to Crash Romney Fundraiser

Mitt makes $3M with trio of Hamptons events

(Newser) - Mitt Romney held three fundraisers at three private residences in the Hamptons yesterday, and protesters arrived by air, land, and sea. Two men were busted after they tried to sail across a pond to crash Romney's fundraiser at the home of Revlon Chairman Ron Perelman, reports the Los Angeles ...

GOP Plans to Drop $1B Ad Bomb on 2012

Super PACs and other outside groups plan a huge blitz for 2012 elections

(Newser) - Republican groups plan to spend a record $1 billion on the November elections, and could outspend Democrats by a margin of 2-to-1. Politico has the details on the spending plans of super PACs and other outside groups: The Koch brothers plan to spend $400 million; Karl Rove's groups are...

Koch Bros. Pump $2.5M Into Right-Wing Database

Billionaires aim to repeat Democrats' success

(Newser) - Extending the reach of corporate power into next year's elections , the Koch Brothers are drawing on a wide range of right-wing groups to establish a database of conservative voters, the Guardian reports. Oil billionaires David and Charles Koch pumped $2.5 million into the voter file, called Themis, which...

Herman Cain: I'm the Other Koch Brother

He mocks media scrutiny of his ties to the conservatives

(Newser) - Herman Cain is happy to embrace at least one story about him that's emerged of late: his deep ties to conservative power brokers Charles and David Koch. "I'm proud to know the Koch brothers," Cain told their Americans for Prosperity group today, reports MSNBC . "I'...

Cain: I'm 'Very Proud' of Koch Ties

Says relationship isn't 'close'

(Newser) - Following an AP story revealing his ‘long’ ties to the billionaire Koch brothers , Herman Cain has acknowledged the relationship—and says he’s “very proud” of it,” notes ThinkProgress . “I know the Koch brothers,” he told CNN. “I’m very proud of the relationship...

Herman Cain Has Long Ties to Koch Brothers

Far from outsider, Cain's campaign full of Koch associates

(Newser) - Herman Cain is the plain-talking and surging Republican presidential candidate everyone knows for his 9-9-9 plan and his days at the helm of Godfather's Pizza. But the AP takes a closer look at his resume, and finds close and longstanding ties to Americans for Prosperity, the right-leaning advocacy group...

Rove, Kochs Square Off for Heart of GOP in 2012

Two big groups may be working at cross purposes

(Newser) - Two of the most powerful and moneyed groups in conservative politics could be working at odds with each other during the 2012 election, leading some Republicans to worry about the GOP’s chances to take both the Senate and the White House. On one side is Karl Rove’s network,...

Corporations Push to Influence Redistricting

 Push to Influence 
pro publica investigation

Corporations Push to Influence Redistricting

As do other special interests

(Newser) - “Minnesotans for a Fair Redistricting” may sound like a pretty innocuous, non-partisan group. But its leadership is almost identical to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, a group tied to Koch Industries, a ProPublica investigation discovered. The Freedom Foundation’s head, Annette Meeks, claims she has “no involvement” with...

Koch to Buffett: My Donations Trump Taxes for the Rich

Skeptical writer to Koch: I think not

(Newser) - How dare Warren Buffett call for higher taxes for the rich , when America's super-wealthy already contribute to the country's "societal well-being" through "business and non-profit investments"? Billionaire business mogul Charles Koch penned this argument in a 50-word retort to Buffett's New York Times op-ed...

Koch Brothers Fight Back, Still Decry 'Radical' Obama

'Weekly Standard' profile defends brothers 'demonized' by left

(Newser) - The Koch brothers are fighting back against the perception (at least on the left) that they're evil personified. The latest salvo comes via a lengthy profile in the Weekly Standard , which argues that the brothers behind Koch Industries are "demonized" by liberals who see them as "convenient scapegoats....

Dems Slap Walker With Ethics Complaint

Meanwhile, Walker calls their request for meeting 'ridiculous'

(Newser) - Wisconsin Democrats looked no closer to coming to terms with Scott Walker, and vice versa, yesterday: The party filed an ethics complaint against the governor in connection with his infamous David Koch prank call , while Walker called the idea of meeting with Democrats along the Wisconsin-Illinois border “ridiculous.”...

David Koch: Billionaire Gives Rare Interview at Cancer Center Opening

 David Koch: 
 Maybe I'm 
 Not So Bad 

David Koch: Maybe I'm Not So Bad

Billionaire gives rare interview at cancer center opening

(Newser) - Rather than evilly plotting the takeover of the world , David Koch was busy opening a cancer center yesterday that he gave $100 million to build. It's a cause dearer to his heart than Wisconsin or the Tea Party, the cancer survivor tells the New York Times in a...

Charles Koch: Why We're Against 'Crony Capitalism'

Koch brother stands up for his family's activism

(Newser) - With the heat intensifying around him and his brother, conservative fundraiser/oil tycoon Charles Koch penned an op-ed piece today to explain himself. “For many years, I, my family, and our company have contributed to a variety of intellectual and political causes,” he writes in the Wall Street Journal...

Anonymous Backs Wis. Protests, Targets Koch Bros
 Anonymous Targets Koch Bros 

Anonymous Targets Koch Bros

Website linked to Tea Party-backing brothers attacked

(Newser) - Anonymous—fresh from taking down the Westboro Baptist Church —is now targeting the Koch brothers in its support of Wisconsin protesters. The hackers have taken down the website of a free-market advocacy group funded by the billionaire brothers, Gawker reports. Anonymous says "Operation Wisconsin" is payback for the...

Scott Walker: Prank Call No Big Deal

'I take phone calls all the time,' says governor

(Newser) - It was easy to dupe Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker into believing he was talking on the phone to billionaire backer David Koch—because he's clueless, says the journalist who punked Walker . Posing as Koch, Ian Murphy and Walker had a heart-to-heart during which the governor talked about tricking Democrats and...

Buffalo Beast Scott Walker Hoax: Fake Call From David Koch Impersonator Shows How Easily Rich Donors Get Access: Opinion Roundup
Wisconsin Phone Hoax Shows Rich Guys' Access
OPINION roundup

Wisconsin Phone Hoax Shows Rich Guys' Access

One defender: It also proves Scott Walker isn't best pals with Kochs

(Newser) - The phone call to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from a gonzo journalist pretending to be GOP donor David Koch ( click for the story and audio) continues to reverberate on the left and right:
  • Michelle Malkin : "The tapes show a strong executive focused on his job. They also show

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