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Analyst Acquitted Over Discredited Trump Dossier

Igor Danchenko acquittal is a big setback for Special Counsel John Durham

(Newser) - A jury on Tuesday acquitted a think tank analyst accused of lying to the FBI about his role in the creation of a discredited dossier about former President Donald Trump. The case against US-based Russia analyst Igor Danchenko was the third and possibly final case brought by Special Counsel John...

Michael Steele: Brokered Convention Was 'My Goal'

Ex-GOP chair aimed for a more exciting primary season

(Newser) - As the GOP nomination process drags on, odds against Republicans seem to be increasing: Voter turnout has dropped, and independents are fleeing Mitt Romney. Turns out, however, that the lengthy contest is just what the former GOP head sought in the first place. "I wanted a brokered convention,"...

Keith Olbermann Dishes About MSNBC Feud

And reveals who he's hired away from his former network

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann isn’t talking to Rachel Maddow, he’s pulling down a fortune at Current TV, and he’s plucked suspended MSNBC anchor David Shuster to be his fill-in host there. Those are just some of the revelations in a characteristically candid interview Olbermann gave the Hollywood Reporter . Some...

New MSNBC Talking Head: Michael Steele

Former RNC chief looking forward to 'spirited' debate

(Newser) - The unemployment rate just went down a bit: Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee who stepped down in January, has signed onto MSNBC as a regular commentator. Steele was rumored to be in talks with CNN and Fox, but has also made several guest appearances on...

Michael Steele: 'I Know Exactly How Caesar Felt'

Et tu, Reince?

(Newser) - So now that Michael Steele's tumultuous tenure as RNC chief is over, it's time to let bygones be bygones and get on with party unity, right? Maybe not yet. “I know exactly how Caesar felt," Steele tells the Frum Forum in reference to Reince Priebus, the newly elected...

Michael Steele's Replacement Is ...
Michael Steele's
Replacement Is ...

Michael Steele's Replacement Is ...

... Reince Priebus of Wisconsin

(Newser) - Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus will be the new chairman of the Republican National Committee. He surpassed the 85 necessary votes in the seventh round of balloting late this afternoon. Outgoing chief Michael Steele dropped out after the fourth round when it became clear he had no chance. The candidate...

Michael Steele Drops Out of RNC Race
Michael Steele Drops Out
of RNC Race
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Michael Steele Drops Out of RNC Race

Embattled chairman trailed badly in voting

(Newser) - Michael Steele finally conceded what everyone else pretty much knew: He won't get another term as chairman of the Republican National Committee. Steele dropped out of the race today after trailing badly in the first four rounds of voting, reports Politico . Those remaining are front-runner Reince Priebus (the GOP chairman...

It's Judgment Day for Michael Steele at RNC

Reince Priebus considered front-runner to take over

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee will meet tonight to select its chairman—and pretty much no one is betting on the incumbent. Michael Steele is actually sitting in second place in public tallies right now, behind perceived front-runner Reince Priebus, according to Politico . But as the incumbent, Steele is unlikely to...

Which Politicians Had the Best—and Worst—Year?

Hint: The guy in the picture wasn't in the winners' circle

(Newser) - Who had the best year in Washington? Probably Mr. John Boehner, the Washington Post decides. Nobody else believed in Boehner’s vision of a GOP House takeover, but the speaker-elect made it happen. But that’s not the fun question. The fun question is: Who had the worst year? Barack...

National Review: Please Go Away Now, Michael Steele
National Review:
'Anybody but Steele'

National Review: 'Anybody but Steele'

Conservative magazine wants someone else to run RNC

(Newser) - You know this editorial at the conservative National Review isn't going to end well for Michael Steele when the editors start by saying they "admire his pluck." It's pretty much downhill from there as they call for someone else—anyone else, really—to take over the Republican National...

Steele Stuns GOP by Announcing Re-Election Bid

Embattled RNC chairman seeking second term

(Newser) - Michael Steele has defied expectations and announced that he plans to seek another term at the helm of the GOP. The embattled Republican National Committee chairman, heavily criticized by his own party over gaffes and alleged financial mismanagement, told the RNC's 168-member governing board that although he has "stumbled...

Michael Steele Expected to Bow Out of RNC Race

Chairman to announce intentions tonight

(Newser) - Michael Steele will announce tonight whether he plans to run for reelection as RNC chair—and it’s looking unlikely. Steele doesn’t appear to have a reelection team in place. Still, he’s been unpredictable in the past, Politico notes. He sent out a message this weekend advising committee...

Sarah Palin Rejects Run for RNC Chair

Alaskan doesn't want to be GOP 'fundraiser-in-chief'

(Newser) - The number of candidates seeking to replace Michael Steele as chief of the Republican National Committee is growing by the week—but Sarah Palin has rejected calls for her to enter the fray. Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips wrote to the Alaskan urging her to run for the job,...

Soft Fundraising, Waste Leaves RNC $25M in Hole

Operating costs ate up majority of donations

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee is deep in the hole—the organizing body will enter the 2012 election cycle between $20 million and $25 million dollars in debt, the Washington Times reports. That's possibly the biggest running deficit a national committee has had going into a major election, says one operative....

McCain: I'm Cool With Cindy's Ad
 McCain: I'm Cool With Cindy's Ad 

McCain: I'm Cool With Cindy's Ad

Senator respects 'First Amendment rights of every member of my family'

(Newser) - John McCain's just fine with wife Cindy's stance (or revised stance? ) on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, telling Meet the Press that "I respect the First Amendment rights of every member of my family." The missus McCain backtracked on her appearance in an ad calling for the repeal...

First Anti-Steele Candidate Lines Up

Saul Anuzis will likely be joined by several others in RNC election

(Newser) - Here they come: Less than two weeks after the Republicans' happy day, the first official challenger to RNC chief Michael Steele has announced, reports the Washington Post . It's former Michigan GOP chief Saul Anuzis, who says of the gaffe-prone Steele: His "record speaks for itself." At least a...

Republicans Plot to Oust Michael Steele

Haley Barbour's nephew leading charge to replace him

(Newser) - Republican leaders are quietly pressuring Michael Steele to resign while the resigning’s good, and looking for candidates to run against him if he ignores that advice. Though most weren’t willing to talk about it on the record, sources tell the New York Times that the likes of John...

GOP Leaders: We've Got to Stop Palin

'Barack Obama would crush her,' says insider

(Newser) - After tomorrow, Republican establishment leaders will shift their focus to another hurdle: making sure Sarah Palin doesn’t get the 2012 presidential nomination. In interviews with advisers to other presidential contenders, Politico found wide-ranging agreement that the former Alaska governor must be stopped. “There is a determined, focused establishment...

Steele to Nancy Pelosi: Put Up or Shut Up

Also, he's not irrelevant

(Newser) - Michael Steele has had it with Democrats whining about the GOP taking money from foreign donors, reports Politico, and today went on the offensive, telling Nancy Pelosi to "put up or shut up." “If you think there is something out there, disclose it Nancy,” Steele told...

MSNBC Host Sorry for Steele 'Dancing Slave' Dig

'I've had to put up with that crap all my life,' Steele complains

(Newser) - MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell has apologized for his implication that Republican Party chief Michael Steele is a "slave" of the GOP. An angry Steele left a message complaining to Lawrence O'Donnell after he said on his program The Last Word earlier this week that Steele "is dancing as...

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