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Blogger Punks Michael Steele

Thinking he's talking to a donor, RNC chair boasts about record

(Newser) - Michael Steele is "confident" he'll earn a second term as RNC chair, but you probably won't find him talking himself up in the mainstream media. A lying blogger misrepresenting himself as a prospective donor is a different story, however. In what CNN describes as "an unorthodox interview with... More »

GOP Cancels Fundraiser Featuring Breitbart, Steele

Sherrod incident makes conservative blogger radioactive

(Newser) - The GOP has suddenly gotten cold feet about Andrew Breitbart, canceling a fundraiser later this month in Beverley Hills where he was to appear with Michael Steele. The RNC tells CNN the event was just being rescheduled for the fall, during one of its already planned trips to California, to... More »

Steele Hid $7M in Debt From FEC: RNC Treasurer

RNC accused of fudging its numbers

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee’s treasurer has found $7 million in debts the committee didn’t report to the FEC, and has accused Michael Steele of intentionally hiding them. The finding, reported to the FEC yesterday, is likely to bring a big fine down on the committee, which now looks... More »

Steele: 'Stop the Noise,' I'm Not Quitting

RNC chief won't be stepping down over latest flap

(Newser) - The neocons who wanted Michael Steele to quit as RNC chief can forget it. "Every time something happens, people say, 'He should step down,'" Steele said in Colorado today. "The reality is that's not happening, so stop the noise on that. You don't need the distraction. We're... More »

Dear Bill Kristol, You Should Resign

And Liz Cheney, too, because Michael Steele was correct

(Newser) - Ann Coulter comes to a rousing defense of Michael Steele in Human Events , saying he was "absolutely correct" in his criticism of President Obama and the Afghan war. "It has been idiotically claimed that Steele's statement about Afghanistan being Obama's war is 'inaccurate'—as if Steele is unaware... More »

The Next Michael Steele?

But most think his job's safe for now

(Newser) - CBS is floating a successor for Michael Steele who should make both sides of the aisle equally giddy: One Sarah Palin. Citing "talk in GOP circles," the network's top White House correspondent says, Palin is "the star of the Republican Party. She's the top endorser, top... More »

Oust Michael Steele? It's Not That Easy

RNC rules make it difficult to give a chairman the boot

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom says Michael Steele's days are numbered as head of the RNC. But as the Wall Street Journal explains, it's much easier to talk about firing a party chairman than it is to actually do so. The party committee has 168 members, and two-thirds of them (112) would have... More »

We Need Afghan Debate, But Neither Party Allows It

Michael Steele is a victim of this narrow-minded atmosphere

(Newser) - Joke all you want about Michael Steele's new troubles , but one part of this mess isn't so funny, Ned Resnikoff writes for Salon . It's the depressing—and dangerous—political reality that neither Republicans nor Democrats will tolerate debate of the Afghanistan war. "The leadership of both major parties concludes... More »

Lay Off Michael Steele: Ron Paul

Texan defends RNC chair's Afghanistan remarks

(Newser) - Michael Steele is under fire from politicians and pundits alike for saying the Afghanistan war is unwinnable, but he has at least one Republican on his side: Ron Paul. "Michael Steele has it right and Republicans should stick by him," the Texas congressman said in a statement. He... More »

McCain, Graham, Et Al. Pile on 'Unwise' Steele

GOP chair needs to make 'appropriate decision' about his future

(Newser) - If Michael Steele was hoping his GOP pals on the Sunday airwaves today has his back, let's hope his cable went out. John McCain called Steele's comments about the Afghan war "wildly inaccurate," while Lindsey Graham slammed them as "uninformed, unnecessary, unwise." The Maverick further suggested... More »

First Contender Lines Up for Michael Steele's Seat

RNC chief on increasingly thin ice

(Newser) - The trouble deepens for Michael Steele. With prominent conservatives such as William Kristol, Liz Cheney, and Charles Krauthammer calling for his head , the jockeying has begun to succeed him as leader of the RNC. The party chairman of North Dakota tells the Washington Times that he will resign his state... More »

Steele Backs Off Afghan War Smack Talk

RNC chair rushes to declare support for troops

(Newser) - Having enraged conservatives and delighted Democrats by criticizing the decision to engage in Afghanistan—a policy advanced by President Bush and supported by congressional Republicans—the RNC chairman is scrambling to defuse the controversy, reports the Washington Post . "For the sake of the security of the free world, our... More »

Michael Steele, Please Resign

RNC president's Afghanistan comments are the last straw

(Newser) - William Kristol has a holiday weekend request for Michael Steele. Perform "an act of service for the country you love: Resign as chairman of the Republican party," he writes for the Weekly Standard . Kristol says he's been willing to ignore Steele's gaffes in the past, but now that... More »

Rove's Fundraising Group Pulls In Just $200

No, we're not missing any zeros

(Newser) - Remember that big scary “shadow RNC” Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie cooked up to lure the big GOP donors scared off by Michael Steele? It’s not going so well. The group, dubbed American Crossroads, raised just $200 last month, according to a report filed with the IRS—and... More »

Steele Zings Obama for Golfing While Gulf Burns

Compares him to Tony Hayward, tells him to ditch concerts, too

(Newser) - Michael Steele would like Obama to give up golf—among other things—for as long as the Gulf is a mess. "Until this problem is fixed, no more golf outings, no more baseball games, no more Beatle concerts, Mr. President," he said. But Steele didn't drop it there.... More »

Republicans Trounce Dems in Small Donors

GOP pulls in $70M in checks of $200 or less, to Dems' $44M

(Newser) - Republicans are cashing in the populist outrage they've helped stir up, raising more money from small donors than Democrats for the first time since 1998. GOP candidates have raised $70 million from small donors this year, compared to $44 million for Democrats, the Washington Post reports. That's still only 16%... More »

Palin on Paul: 'Gotcha' Media Strikes Again

Michael Steele distances himself from Kentucky candidate

(Newser) - Rand Paul has famously taken the day off , but he was certainly everywhere on the Sunday circus dial. Sarah Palin led Paul's defense, decrying a media perpetually in search of that "'gotcha' moment," while Michael Steele backed away, calling Paul's philosophy "misplaced in these times." Tim... More »

Steele Fires Opening Salvo Against Kagan

Her crime? Quoting Thurgood Marshall against slavery

(Newser) - If you were hoping for a quick, bipartisan approval process for Elena Kagan, keep dreaming. Michael Steele has put out a statement leaving little doubt that Republicans intend to challenge Kagan any way they can. He criticizes her for trying to bar military recruiters from Harvard Law School's campus, “... More »

Steele: Blacks Have No Reason to Vote Republican

'We haven't done a very good job of giving you one'

(Newser) - Maybe someone should explain Michael Steele's job to him. In an event at DePaul University Tuesday, the RNC Chairman was asked why African-Americans should vote for Republicans. “You really don't have a reason, to be honest,” he replied, according to Politico . “We haven't done a very good... More »

RNC, DNC Pig Out on Donor Bucks

Lavish dinners, digs, fishing guides eat up millions

(Newser) - Nearly two-thirds of donations to the national committees of both the Republican and Democratic Party are spent on staffers and to pay for luxuries like lavish dinners, limousines and mysterious "tips" to lure more donations, reports the Washington Post . In the last spending period, administration and fundraising expenses gobbled... More »

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