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Interior's Salazar 'Regrets' Threat to Punch Reporter

Said reporter ambushed him with questions about wild horse program

(Newser) - Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is backpedaling from his threat to punch a reporter who asked about problems in the government's wild horse program at a campaign event. "The secretary regrets the exchange," says a spokesman of the incident, which took place on November 6 while Salazar was... More »

Shot Fired at Obama Campaign Office in Denver

It took out a window, but nobody was injured

(Newser) - Denver police say someone fired a shot through the window of President Obama's Denver campaign office yesterday. People were inside at the time, but no one was injured. A large panel of glass was left shattered at the office on West Ninth Avenue. Investigators are looking at surveillance video... More »

Obama Needs to Talk About Snuffleupagus

Dana Milbank: Focus on the imaginary parts of Romney's plans

(Newser) - Barack Obama is focusing on the wrong Muppet. His campaign's new Big Bird attack ad may have garnered lots of attention, but "Big Bird is not the problem," writes Dana Milbank of the Washington Post . "The problem is Snuffleupagus." Snuffy, if you don't recall,... More »

Harold and Kumar Join Team Obama

Kal Penn, John Cho reprise roles in new ad

(Newser) - President Obama's latest supporters: Harold and Kumar. Kal Penn and John Cho reprise their stoner characters in a new Obama campaign video, in which the president makes a very important phone call asking Penn's Kumar for some help. Turns out that help involves Penn—a former member of... More »

Obama to Romney: Let's Make a Deal on Tax Returns

Romney to Obama: Let's not, thanks

(Newser) - By now, Mitt Romney is probably beyond sick of hearing about his tax returns, so the Obama campaign is offering him a deal: If he releases just five years' worth of them, they won't blast him for not releasing any more. Campaign manager Jim Messina made the offer to... More »

Obama Campaign: GOP Using 'Swift Boat' Tactics

New attack is a smear campaign, Obama team says

(Newser) - We've arrived at this election's "Swift Boat" moment, at least according to President Obama's re-election campaign. A group of former US intelligence and Special Forces operatives launched a harsh media campaign against Obama yesterday, claiming Obama should not take credit for killing Osama bin Laden and... More »

Now Obama Ad Gets in on 'Taxless Mitt' Narrative

Plus, ad discusses Romney role in huge tax avoidance scheme

(Newser) - Did Mitt Romney pay no taxes for 10 years, as Harry Reid has been alleging ? Well, the Obama campaign doesn't know, but it certainly implies that's a possibility in its latest ad. "Did Romney pay 10% in taxes? Five percent? Zero? We don't know,"... More »

Obama Rings Hollywood's Cash Register for $2.3M

President attends Conn. fundraiser with Anne Hathaway, Aaron Sorkin

(Newser) - President Obama was again feted by Hollywood VIPs last night, from Jerry Springer to Anne Hathaway, but this time Hollywood came to his coast for a Connecticut fundraiser. Harvey Weinstein hosted the fundraiser at his home, and the 60 attendees—who paid $38,500 each—also included Aaron Sorkin, Joanne... More »

Obama. Slogan. Infuriating. Grammar. Dorks.

Is that period effective—or even correct?

(Newser) - President Obama's re-election campaign slogan isn't just "Forward"—it's "Forward." And that little period is causing quite a bit of controversy, the Wall Street Journal reports. First of all, there's the question of whether the period takes away from the slogan's... More »

Obama Campaign App Tracks Down Democrats

Map shows nearest 'blue' households for canvassers: ProPublica

(Newser) - Click a button on your iPhone and locate the nearest… Democrat? A new app unveiled by the Obama campaign displays a Google map speckled with blue flags representing the closest registered Democratic households to where you're standing, reports ProPublica . Each blue flag is accompanied by a first name, age,... More »

Election 2012's Projected Tab: $5.8B

Record amount expected to be spent on presidential, congressional races

(Newser) - The USA's continuing economic struggles certainly haven't had a negative impact on campaign spending—which could hit nearly $6 billion this year. A non-partisan group estimates that the total spent on presidential and congressional races will hit $5.8 billion, a record number that would top 2008's... More »

Morgan Freeman Gives Obama Huge Campaign Boost

Donates $1M to pro-Obama super PAC

(Newser) - Priorities USA Action, the super PAC supporting President Obama, has been struggling, raising just $6 million last month —and one-sixth of that came from a single source: Actor Morgan Freeman is putting his money where his mouth is, Politico reports, donating a cool million bucks to the super PAC.... More »

Obama Camp: Romney May Have Committed a Felony

SEC docs could have 'very serious legal consequences'

(Newser) - If Mitt Romney wasn't actually Bain Capital's CEO in 2002, there could be "very, very serious legal consequences," an Obama campaign lawyer told reporters yesterday. Romney has said publicly that he left Bain in 1999, but the Boston Globe yesterday reported that Bain SEC filings indicate... More »

Obama Ads Blast Romney as 'Outsourcer-in-Chief'

Campaign capitalizes on Washington Post article

(Newser) - The Obama campaign is once again attacking Mitt Romney's past at Bain Capital, this time capitalizing on a Washington Post article on the firm's propensity for sending jobs overseas. "Does Virginia really want an outsourcer-in-chief in the White House?" asks one of three new ads the campaign... More »

Obama Camp: Romney Was Lousy Governor, Too

New video says he broke campaign promises in Massachusetts

(Newser) - The Obama campaign launched a new offensive against Mitt Romney today, taking aim at his record as governor of Massachusetts. In a four-minute documentary-style video, Massachusetts lawmakers and mayors—all of them Democrats, though not, the Boston Globe points out, identified as such—complain that Romney didn't work with... More »

Obama, Others Won't Return Ponzi Cash

Receiver wants the $1.8M Allen Stanford gave to politicians

(Newser) - The receiver in charge of recovering money for R. Allen Stanford's fleeced investors is trying to recover some $1.8 million the alleged Ponzi schemer gave to a host of political causes—but they refuse to return the money, Reuters reports. Among the holdouts: President Obama's campaign, and... More »

Obama, Dems Want $60M by End of June

One major donor says most has already been raised

(Newser) - President Obama wants to raise $60 million by the end of June, sources tell the AP —and one major donor says most of that amount has already been raised. Key fundraisers were asked yesterday to help with the push, which will benefit Obama's re-election campaign and the Democratic... More »

BP's Biggest Recipient of Cash: Obama

President tops the 20-year list with $77K

(Newser) - Much like the stain of its oil creeping across the Gulf of Mexico, BP's cash flowed freely to politicians inside the Beltway—to the tune of some $3.5 million over two decades, reports Politico in a look at where the oil giant's dollars went. Add to that the $15.... More »

Obama Campaign Becomes ... a German Musical

And yes, there's a Sarah Palin character

(Newser) - Barack Obama's 2008 campaign is the subject of Hope!, a musical set to premiere Jan. 17 in Frankfurt. The production features musical-theater versions of the major players: Michelle, Hillary—looking quite young—John McCain and even Sarah Palin, who sings a solo surrounded by scantily clad dancers. Writer and composer... More »

The Obama Campaign Is Over: Get Used to It

The analytical balancing act is what the country needs

(Newser) - Many Democrats are complaining that the passion of the Obama campaign is missing from the White House but they should realize that upbeat rallies aren't what it takes to run a country, writes David Brooks. It requires endless amounts of prodding and compromise to get anything done in Washington and... More »

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