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AP Declares Lisa Murkowski Winner in Alaska

Joe Miller may still mount a legal challenge

(Newser) - Lisa Murkowski today became the first Senate candidate in more than 50 years to win a write-in campaign, emerging victorious over her Tea Party rival following a painstaking, week-long count of hand-written votes. The victory completes a remarkable comeback for the Republican after her humiliating loss in the GOP primary...

Murkowski: Palin Couldn't Cut It as Prez

Palin lacks leadership qualities, 'intellectual curiosity,' says senator

(Newser) - Sen. Lisa Murkowski appears bound for victory as a write-in candidate in Alaska ... and her feud with Sarah Palin appears certain to continue. Murkowski—who has taken the lead over Palin-backed Tea Party candidate Joe Miller with more than 10,000 write-in ballots still to be counted—says the results...

All Votes for Murkowski Go Through One Woman

Gail Fenumiai oversees unprecedented election

(Newser) - With 98,500 write-in votes cast in the Alaska Senate race, the contest is being decided through the actions of one woman: Gail Fenumiai, the director of Alaska's Division of Elections. Fenumiai has been personally overseeing the unprecedented count, in which write-in ballots—some with significantly mutilated spellings of Murkowski's...

Early Results Good News for Lisa Murkowski

She gets 89% of first 7,638 ballots without a challenge

(Newser) - It might take Alaskan officials five days to count the 92,000 write-in ballots, but the first small sample bodes well for Lisa Murkowski. Of 7,638 ballots counted, the incumbent senator got 6,804 of them (89%) without a hitch—meaning voters spelled her name correctly. Another 678 are...

Bad Spelling Could Swing Alaska Senate Race

Murkowski, Miller legal teams brace for court fight

(Newser) - "Murkowski" is one of the best-known names in Alaskan politics and the fate of the state's Senate race may depend on how well Alaskans can spell it. Election workers will begin examining thousands of write-in ballots today, and while results suggest that Lisa Murkowski is on the way to...

Michael Bennet Wins Colorado Senate Race

Democrat keeps GOP from gaining another seat

(Newser) - Turns out, incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet wasn't premature in declaring himself the winner of Colorado's Senate race. After today's counting, there's no way GOP challenger Ken Buck can catch him, reports the AP . With 97% of returns in, he's got a lead of more than 15,000 votes. Buck, however,...

Alaska Result Could Take Weeks
 Alaska Could Take Weeks 

Alaska Could Take Weeks

But Lisa Murkowski is optimistic

(Newser) - Victory appears close for Alaska Senate write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, but the official results won't likely be known for weeks. Write-in votes are currently leading, but it will take officials some time to count them all—and make certain voters followed the rules when filling out their choices. Some 40%...

Today's Winners, Predicted by Meghan McCain

Midterm successes, starring Christine O'Donnell

(Newser) - Meghan McCain expects a dark day for Democrats, with “more than a few upsets and memorable YouTube moments.” Her predictions in the Daily Beast :
  • Sharron Angle will beat Harry Reid in Nevada, and he’ll offer an “uncomfortable and possibly bitter concession speech.”
  • Charlie Crist will

8 Senate Races to Watch
 8 Senate Races to Watch 
midterms 2010

8 Senate Races to Watch

These races will decide just how good the GOP's night is

(Newser) - It’s Election Day, folks, and we're here to give you the low-down. All eyes are certainly on the Senate, where Democrats have a chance to keep their majority, provided they can win a few close races. Here's what's happening, according to the Washington Post , complete with links to our...

Alaska Senate Battle Could Take Weeks to Resolve

Lisa Murkowski write-in campaign makes things hairy

(Newser) - Thanks to Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign, it could be weeks before the result of Alaska’s election is clear. And depending on how races in the Lower 48 play out, that could mean weeks of nail-biting before we know which party controls the Senate, the New York Times reports....

Murkowski: A Frontrunner Who's Not on the Ballot

Write-in campaign going well

(Newser) - Lisa Murkowski isn’t on the ballot in Alaska, but she sure looks like the frontrunner—and that’s how she’s being treated, according to the New York Times . Though reliable polls are hard to find in the sparsely-populated state, Alaskan analysts say the incumbent has a strong chance....

Murkowski Airs Ted Stevens Endorsement

 Murkowski Airs 
 Ted Stevens 

Murkowski Airs Ted Stevens Endorsement

Campaign ad was filmed just days before he died

(Newser) - Not sure Joe Miller is going to be able to top this one: In the waning days of her hotly contested and bizarre Senate race, Lisa Murkowski has pulled out an endorsement from Alaskan political heavyweight and dead man Ted Stevens, reports the Anchorage Daily News. Filmed just days before...

Joe Miller Spoofs the Old Spice Guy

'Now look at your ballot, now back to him'

(Newser) - Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice ads have to be the most parodied and imitated video of the year. Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller has become the latest to invoke the Old Spice mystique with this ad. Sadly, there is no hulking, scantily-clad black man to read Miller’s message, but...

It's Tough to Be Conservative Enough in 2010

Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, and more wouldn't be: Dana Milkbank

(Newser) - When Dana Milbank had the temerity to call Lisa Murkowski and Bob Bennett “faithful conservatives,” readers let him have it. These weren’t conservatives, they argued—just look at their American Conservative Union scores! So Milbank did. “What I found was astonishing,” he writes in the...

Longshot Murkowski a Write-In With an Actual Shot

Meet the Senate's new 'maverick' candidate

(Newser) - If history is any indication, Lisa Murkowski has a snowball's chance in hell of keeping her seat: The only write-in candidate ever elected to the US Senate was Strom Thurmond, in 1954. Which makes it fairly remarkable that plenty of people—from analysts to Alaska Republicans—think she could pull...

Poll: Joe Miller Trouncing Lisa Murkowski

But write-in candidate still grabs impressive 25% in survey

(Newser) - How Republican is Alaska? So Republican that ex-Republican Lisa Murkowski is polling higher as a write-in than the Democratic nominee in the state’s Senate race. In the latest Rasmussen poll , GOP nominee Joe Miller has a commanding 42% lead, followed by Murkowski with 27%, and Democrat Scott McAdams with...

Murkowski Campaign Has Trouble Spelling Her Name
Murkowski Campaign Has Trouble Spelling Her Name

Murkowski Campaign Has Trouble Spelling Her Name

Maybe Karl Rove was right about Alaskans, after all

(Newser) - So Karl Rove may or may not have been kidding when he doomed Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign because of Alaskans' inability to spell her name, but he might be onto something if her own campaign is any indication. Ben Smith of Politico points to a screenshot of Murkowski's latest ad...

Karl Rove: Hey, Palin, Go to Delaware
 Karl Rove: 
 Hey, Palin, 
 Go to Delaware 

Karl Rove: Hey, Palin, Go to Delaware

GOP adviser calls out Palin, O'Donnell, Murkowski, Tea Party

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's not the only one who can go rogue: Karl Rove today called out the former Alaska governor, Lisa Murkowski, Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party in general, and possibly the literacy of Alaskans in particular, reports Politico. Let the games begin:
  • Murkowski's write-in effort is “sad and sorry,

Can Murkowski Win as a Write-In? Yes
 Can Murkowski Win 
 as a Write-In? Yes 
nate silver

Can Murkowski Win as a Write-In? Yes

Nate Silver: Alaska senator has a decent chance

(Newser) - Lisa Murkowski's decision to try to keep her Senate seat in Alaska via a write-in campaign begs the question: Can she win? "Sure she can," writes Nate Silver at his FiveThirtyEight blog in the New York Times. She's got the name recognition and the money, and a write-in...

Alaska: Ready to Stop Biting the Hand That Feeds It?
Alaska: Ready to Stop Biting the Hand That Feeds It?

Alaska: Ready to Stop Biting the Hand That Feeds It?

Senate race shows clear split on DC-dependence

(Newser) - It must be the air up there, but Alaska has a seeming case of schizophrenia, writes Gail Collins in the New York Times. The state, and especially its politicians, champion its independent, frontier spirit even as it simultaneously and relentlessly shakes Washington down for cash—to the tune of the...

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