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Cops: Killer Heir Pees on Candy in Drug Store

Millionaire Robert Durst, 71, charged in Houston incident

(Newser) - Here’s something you don’t see every day—a multimillionaire peeing on a candy display in a CVS. That’s what Robert Durst is accused of doing Sunday in the upscale Texas shopping district Rice Village, KHOU reports. "He got his prescription, paid for it, exposed himself, urinated...

10 Celebrity Cross-Dressers
 10 Celebrity 

10 Celebrity Cross-Dressers

Well, alleged celebrity cross-dressers, in some cases

(Newser) - Last year, the National Enquirer published pictures of John Travolta wearing a dress, fur stole, jewelry, makeup, and a blonde wig at a 1997 party. Radar has a picture ... and 19 more celebrities who've cross-dressed. A sampling:
  • Jeff Chandler: Esther Williams revealed in 1999 that she once found the

Cops: Woman Draws Beard on Face, Robs Bank

Cops say she drew it on outside

(Newser) - Both Bonnie and Clyde would be proud. Cops say a woman drew a beard on her face and wore men's clothes to rob a bank in Alabama. She allegedly told tellers at the Bank of Tuscaloosa in Cottondale she had a bomb, placed a device on the counter, and...

Chris Lee Was Also Trolling for Transgenders

Two women come forward to say congressman emailed with them

(Newser) - For a guy who only dabbled unsuccessfully in Craigslist dating, Chris Lee resigned post-haste, and Gawker thinks it now knows why: Two more women, both transgender and one a prostitute, have come forward to say that they corresponded with the ex-congressman after seeing an ad in which he sought "...

He's My Son, and He Can Cross-Dress if He Wants to
My 5-Year-Old Son Can Cross-Dress if He Wants to

My 5-Year-Old Son Can Cross-Dress if He Wants to

'Mommy blogger' gains Internet fame with blog post

(Newser) - A “mommy blogger” made quite an Internet stir with a recent post defending her 5-year-old son’s decision to cross-dress on Halloween. She recounts how, when he showed up at his church pre-school dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo, a group of mothers immediately “went wide-eyed and made...

290-lb Transvestite Hooker Pummels Attacker

5'7" kid picked on the wrong prostitute

(Newser) - A would-be robber met his match when he tangoed with the wrong cross-dressing hooker. Sixteen-year-old Rufus Bowman approached what he thought was a 6'1", 290-pound female prostitute in a pink halter top and pumps. However, that lady-of-the-night turned out to be Joshua Bumpus. When the pair went into an alley...

Hyatt Guest Sues Over Cross-Dressing Employee

She found him wearing her underwear, skirt

(Newser) - A Los Angeles woman came back to her Hyatt hotel room to find that a male cleaning person was still inside … and wearing her panties, skirt, and high heels. Dayanara Fernandez, who is now suing the hotel company, found Oscar Garcia-Franco in her Illinois room on June 6 wearing...

James Franco Poses in Drag for Mag Cover

Actor is nothing if not comfortable with sexuality

(Newser) - James Franco is no stranger to dressing in drag—as you can see in the gallery, he got dolled up for his Hasty Pudding honors—but he put in a little more effort for his latest cross-dressing stint. The actor (slash writer, student, director…) dons blue eyeshadow and bright...

Why I Didn't Want My Son to Wear a Dress
 Why I Didn't Want 
 My Son to Wear a Dress 

Why I Didn't Want My Son to Wear a Dress

And why Matt Cheplic is sad when he doesn't

(Newser) - When Matt Cheplic’s 4-year-old son announced his desire to dress up as Snow White for Halloween, Cheplic was troubled. “But why?” he wonders on Salon , insisting that he didn’t see the dress “as a threat to my legacy, an insult to generations of men who fought...

Cross-Dressing Teen Wins Fight to Wear Dress to Prom

After a fight, New Jersey high school says yes to Derrek Lutz

(Newser) - Here’s a story with a very different outcome than Constance McMillen's : Derrek Lutz’s school told him he couldn’t wear a dress and heels to the prom—but after friends started a petition and a supportive Facebook page, he was allowed in, dress and all. “Yea, I’...

Cross-Dressed Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Somalia

Three gov't ministers, 3 journalists among the dead

(Newser) - A male suicide bomber dressed as a woman attacked a university graduation ceremony today in Somalia, killing at least 15 people—including three Cabinet ministers and three journalists.The attack raised new questions about the ability of Somalia's weak government to control even the small area of the capital it...

Film's Best Cross-Dressers
 Film's Best Cross-Dressers 

Film's Best Cross-Dressers

From Tootsie to Hedwig, Liev joins an illustrious list

(Newser) - Liev Schreiber was “giddy” playing an ex-Marine transvestite in Taking Woodstock, and in his honor, Nerve lists the best cross-dressers in film history:
  • John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig and the Angry Inch: He "is the epitome of ferocity and theatricality that drag queens around the world aspire to.”

Starring as Susan Boyle: Robin Williams. Maybe.

(Newser) - A biopic of Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle just got some added star power, the UK tabloid Daily Star reports. Robin Williams, no stranger to cross-dressing, has been approached to play the dowdy Britain’s Got Talent songstress. “I’ve been asked if I want to play Susan in...

Wife Shot Hubby for Being 'Self-Loathing' Cross Dresser

Violent ex-cop 'sexual deviant,' drove wife mad, attorney argues

(Newser) - A Queens woman is defending herself against charges she murdered her ex-cop husband by arguing that the violent, "self-loathing" cross dresser drove her mad, reports the New York Daily News. "Here was a person engaged in self-loathing, remorse, and an Irish sense of guilt," said the attorney...

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