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Obama: 'Our Journey Is Not Complete'

 Obama: 'Our 
 Journey Is 
 Not Complete' 
Inaugural Address

Obama: 'Our Journey Is Not Complete'

Obama calls for collective action, progressive values in inaugural address

(Newser) - President Obama gave a fiery inaugural address today, one at once soaring and distinctly combative, making the case for collective action, support for the poor, and a variety of progressive priorities. He began by reciting the beginning of the Declaration of Independence—the "life, liberty, and the pursuit of...

Obama Takes Oath Again, Flubs It (a Little)

Trips over word 'States'

(Newser) - President Obama has been publicly sworn in for his second term—though he actually took the oath yesterday . Today the oath, administered by Chief Justice John Roberts, went off a little more smoothly than it did during Obama's first inauguration, though the AtlanticWire points out it wasn't error-free....

Obama Sworn In for 2nd Term
 Obama Sworn In for 2nd Term 

Obama Sworn In for 2nd Term

Takes oath of office just before noon

(Newser) - President Obama has been sworn in for a second four-year term. Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office today at 11:55am in the Blue Room of the White House. First lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia, and a few reporters witnessed the ceremony. Obama will take...

Biden Apologizes to Roberts
 Biden Apologizes 
 to Roberts 

Biden Apologizes to Roberts

Oddly, nobody is surprised by veep's gaffe

(Newser) - The sun rose in the east today, and Joe Biden apologized for a hokey joke. The VP called Chief Justice John Roberts to say he was sorry for his crack about the flubbed inaugural oath, the Christian Science Monitor reports. “My memory’s not as good as Justice Roberts,...

Absence at Oath Re-Do Not Matter of Biblical Proportion

Chattering class sure to run with Obama's omission, though it's a perfectly legal one

(Newser) - Huge news out of Washington: Barack Obama didn’t use a Bible when he re-took the oath of office! Is he really the president? Well, yes, says Alex Koppelman of Salon. “Legally, the president can be sworn in on a copy of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue ...

It's a Do-Over: Obama Retakes Oath of Office

(Newser) - Better safe than sorry: Chief Justice John Roberts went to the White House this evening and re-administered the oath of office to President Obama, the Washington Post reports. The two made up for their much-publicized bungle on Inauguration Day "out of an abundance of caution," said White House...

'Just to Be Safe,' Obama Should Redo Oath: Experts

Lawyers advise he retake fudged oath to avoid controversy

(Newser) - OK, it's probably not going to come up in court, but some constitutional lawyers tell the San Francisco Chronicle that Barack Obama should retake his flubbed oath just to be on the safe side. Presidents Coolidge and Arthur did after similar gaffes. It "would take him 30 seconds, he...

Obama: Don't Blame Roberts for Oath Hiccup

(Newser) - President Obama is not among those blaming Chief Justice John Roberts for their little oath glitch today. “We’re up there, we’ve got a lot of stuff on our mind, and he actually helped me out on a couple of stanzas there,” Obama told ABC News. Roberts...

Roberts' Oath Flub Trips Up Obama
Roberts' Oath Flub
Trips Up Obama

Roberts' Oath Flub Trips Up Obama

New president shows ability to think on his feet

(Newser) - Chief Justice John Roberts' first attempt at administering the presidential oath of office didn't go as swimmingly as the chief justice might have liked, reports the Wall Street Journal. Roberts left out "faithfully" where the Founding Fathers wrote it—“that I will faithfully execute the office of...

President Obama Takes Office
 President Obama Takes Office 

President Obama Takes Office

Chief justice swears in US' first black president

(Newser) - Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. In front of record crowds and with his hand on the Bible used by Abraham Lincoln, Obama took the oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts. The new president swore: “I will faithfully execute the office of president...

Inaugural Bibles: Past Presidential Picks

Lincoln provided the Bible, but Obama must turn to others for verse ideas

(Newser) - As Barack Obama prepares to take the oath of office Tuesday with his hand on the Lincoln Bible, the Wall Street Journal offers a sample of the Bibles other presidents have chosen—and the passages they've chosen to open them to. Eisenhower, Carter, and Bush Sr. took their oaths on...

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