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Faye Dunaway Fired After Crew 'Feared for Their Safety'

The legendary actress was starring in 'Tea at Five'

(Newser) - The producers of a one-woman, Broadway-bound play announced Wednesday they had cut ties with their famously temperamental star—Oscar-winner Faye Dunaway, the New York Post reports. Sources say the July 10 performance of Tea at Five was scrapped at the last minute after Dunaway threw a backstage fit at the... More »

No Miscues: Shape of Water Wins

Director Del Toro has a big night

(Newser) - Some said it was nothing more than "masochistic nostalgia," while others predicted it was going to provide the "ultimate Hollywood ending." That would be Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty making a repeat appearance Sunday night to present the award for best picture—after famously announcing the... More »

This Couldn't Possibly Go as Bad as Last Time

TMZ reports Beatty, Dunaway will present Best Picture again

(Newser) - It appears the Academy is a firm believer in the old saw "any press is good press" because it's reportedly bringing back the duo whose massive flub led to wall-to-wall media coverage (and internet jokes) after last year's ceremony. That's right, TMZ reports Warren Beatty and... More »

Kimmel Gives His Take on Best Picture Mix-Up

'Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus'

(Newser) - Jimmy Kimmel gave his take on the Oscars fiasco on his show Monday night, calling it "the weirdest TV finale since Lost." Kimmel said he was in the audience seated next to Matt Damon when Bonnie and Clyde co-stars Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presented the Best Picture... More »

Could a Backstage Tweet Have Led to Massive Oscars Mix-Up?

The 'Wall Street Journal' lays out what appears to have happened

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal may have figured out how exactly the biggest flub in Oscars history happened Sunday night. As the paper explains, Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz are the two PwC partners who stand at opposite ends of the Academy Awards stage with the envelopes containing the winners, ready... More »

Faye Dunaway's Landlord Sues to Evict Her

She may not actually live in rent-stabilized NYC apartment

(Newser) - Why is glamorous movie star Faye Dunaway paying just $1,048.72 a month to live in a third-floor one-bedroom walk-up apartment in New York City? Well, it turns out she may not be living there, though her name is on the lease—so her landlord is suing to evict... More »

How Flight Attendants Got Revenge on Faye Dunaway

At one airline, actress is known as a real you-know-what

(Newser) - Mommy Dearest star Faye Dunaway is a notorious diva , but flight attendants on one US airline found a way to get revenge on the passenger they nicknamed “The B***h.” After a series of in-flight tantrums, management informed staff that Dunaway was not, under any circumstances, to be upgraded... More »

8 Actresses Who Are Downright Divas

But Courteney Cox always seems so nice onscreen...

(Newser) - Since divas always want to be the center of attention, The Frisky devoted an entire list to them. Eight ladies with bad on-set reputations:
  • Paris Hilton: Played herself—for just one day of shooting—in The Other Guys, yet still had three pages of demands including live lobsters prepared fresh
... More »

Duff Keeps on Dissing Dunaway

(Newser) - Hilary Duff and Faye Dunaway have been throwing some nasty jabs at one another, but Duff for one isn’t sorry, Us Magazine reports. "It’s not OK for people to take stabs at you and to say mean things for no reason," she said, referring to Dunaway’... More »

Movie Remake Sparks Intergenerational Catfight

'I might be mad if I looked like that now too,' Duff says

(Newser) - Faye Dunaway is less than thrilled about her Bonnie and Clyde successor—and Hilary Duff is fighting back. "Couldn't they have at least cast a real actress?" asked Dunaway, 68, star of the 1967 original. The 21-year-old Story of Bonnie and Clyde star got in a dig of her... More »

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