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'What I Did Over Summer Break,' by Sasha, Malia

From Kremlin to Paris and slave port, first kids get quite an education

(Newser) - Sasha and Malia Obama might not be in school, but their summer vacation has been anything but lazy—the girls have seen the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin, and Monticello as part of what the first lady calls “Camp Obama." And though there’s been plenty of fun, such... More »

Work-Life Balance Elusive at 'Family-Friendly' White House

Long hours thwart efforts to make life easier for White House's working parents

(Newser) - President Obama says he wants to make the White House a family-friendly place for his staffers, but he can't change the simple reality: It's just not a great place to work if you've got kids. The New York Times takes a look at the struggles of Obama aides, from Rahm... More »

Jackson's Body Released to Family

(Newser) - Michael Jackson’s body has been released to his family, Reuters reports. The family is said to be meeting at Jackson’s parents’ home to discuss funeral arrangements, but no plans have been released to the public. The body was taken to a mortuary from the morgue after an autopsy... More »

Painful Family Pics Find Online Following

(Newser) - If you think your crazy Uncle Jackie's penchant for lederhosen makes for some uncomfortable family images, you have an online refuge, reports the Telegraph., which debuted this month and is now pulling in 2 million visitors a day, struck a chord with everyone who's ever posed in matching... More »

DNA Tests Solve Man's 26-Year Search for His Dad

Testing helped adopted man discover his birth father through his surname

(Newser) - A Michigan man's decades-long search for his biological father was fulfilled with an assist from DNA-based genealogy tests, the Wall Street Journal reports. Richard Hill—who didn't know he was adopted until his adoptive father revealed the truth from his deathbed—discovered his birth mother's identity fairly easily but hit... More »

Md. Man Who Killed Family Was $460K in Debt

Father detailed mortgage, credit card woes in notes

(Newser) - The Maryland man who murdered his family before shooting and killing himself complained of his financial troubles in notes left at the scene, the Washington Post reports. Christopher Wood’s family was at least $460,000 in debt from two mortgages and credit card charges. The family owned a Florida... More »

Madoff Kin Seek Advice on Life Behind Bars

Bernie's relatives look into former inmate's 'Fedtime 101' course

(Newser) - Two of Bernie Madoff’s family members have contacted a consultant who teaches a class on life in the slammer, the New York Post reports. Madoff’s niece, a compliance officer at his firm, is “concerned about her safety,” a source told the Post. Shana called a former... More »

Palins Are Lying About Where I Lived: Levi

Bristol's baby daddy says his family's not 'white trash'

(Newser) - Levi Johnston is standing his ground against Alaska's first family, insisting that he did live at Sarah Palin’s house for two months, which the Palins deny. “They said I didn’t live there,” Johnston said on CBS' Early Show. “They say I ‘stayed there.’... More »

Dad Killed 5 Kids After Wife Dumped Him

He was going to kill her, too: cops

(Newser) - The dad who killed his five children and himself near Tacoma, Wash., did so after discovering his wife was leaving him for another man, reports the Seattle Times reports. James Harrison, 34, confronted his wife at a convenience store Saturday before returning home to shoot each child multiple times. Four... More »

Sorry, Brother, Sisters Are Good for You

Researchers say female siblings encourage communication while brothers clam up

(Newser) - It's not quite "girls rule, boys drool," but it's close. A new study says growing up with a sister turns people into happier and better-balanced adults. University of Ulster researchers studied hundreds of families and found that female siblings encouraged healthy communication and family cohesion, while brothers tended... More »

For Rush's Cousin, It's All Relative

Life as a Limbaugh

(Newser) - Almost all her life, people have been asking Julie Limbaugh if she’s related to Rush. It’s a vexing problem for a teacher at a very liberal high school, but she doesn’t deny the connection. “He's the relative you don't see much,” she writes for Salon.... More »

Teen Uses YouTube to Help Dad

14-year-old's video a heartfelt tribute to his dad

(Newser) - When Mark Gullett lost his job as a marketing executive for the Tampa Bay Lightning, his son Ben, 14, knew what to do. He made a somber YouTube video in which he told Mark’s story in short sentences on poster boards. Now, after only 6 days, the video has... More »

Aussie Dad Wrestles 'Roo Invader

Creature burst in to bedroom before underwear-clad man got it out

(Newser) - Waking up can be a bear, but for one Aussie family it was an 88-pound kangaroo crashing through their bedroom window and hopping around on a bloody rampage until the skivvies-clad dad wrestled it out of the house, the Canberra Times reports. “My initial thought when I was half... More »

Ohio Killer of 5 Vowed He Would Change

'I WILL NOT let you down,' he wrote to judge in 2005

(Newser) - An Ohio man who killed himself yesterday—a day after police said he killed his wife, sister-in-law, and three children—told a judge in 2005 that he was ready to be a law-abiding citizen if he was released from prison. "I swear to you from the bottom of my... More »

Michelle Digs Newfound Family Time

They haven't had 'this kind of time together' in years, pleased mom tells People

(Newser) - Barack Obama's incredibly short commute means that he has more time than usual to spend with his wife and daughters, Reuters reports in a look at Michelle Obama's interview with People. The family has dinner together each night, and the president tucks Sasha and Malia into bed. "We haven't... More »

Miami Police: Father Kills 2 Daughters, Wife, Self

Son eludes musician; motive still unclear

(Newser) - A well-respected music teacher and former tenor with the Greater Miami Opera Chorus shot to death two daughters, ages 13 and 14, and his wife before killing himself this morning, police say. His 16-year-old son escaped the house during the rampage by Pablo Josue Amador, 54, the Herald reports. Police... More »

Son With Autism Charged in Mom's Murder

Kent State professor died after savage beating

(Newser) - The autistic son of a Kent State professor has been charged with her murder, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. On Jan. 29, Sky Walker allegedly beat his mother, Gertrude Steuernagel, so severely that she died a week later from her injuries. Walker, 18, has been found incompetent to manage his own... More »

Affleck Still Wants a Boy

Actor wants to 'keep going' for boy after newborn daughter

(Newser) - Ben Affleck may be delighted with his new baby girl with Jennifer Garner, but there's one thing he's still desperately waiting for—a son. He wants to try again for a brother for his daughters, Seraphina Rose and 3-year-old Violet, reports the Mirror. "Ben's happy to keep going until... More »

LA Dad Kills Wife, 5 Kids, Self

Father cited 'job issues' in suicide note

(Newser) - Seven family members were found dead in their Los Angeles home today, apparent victims of a murder-suicide, police say. Police think a man shot and killed his wife and five children, and then turned the weapon on himself, the Los Angeles Times reports. The child victims were an 8-year-old, 5-year-old... More »

Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt

Hustler mogul sues to block nephews' use of his name on 'knock-off' smut

(Newser) - Larry Flynt is taking his nephews to court to stop them from slapping the Flynt name on what he considers to be low-quality porn, reports the Los Angeles Times. The porn mogul accuses his kin of tarnishing his famous name with "inferior products" and "knock-off goods,"... More »

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