Defense of Marriage Act

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Boehner: We'll Defend the Defense of Marriage Act

House GOP to hire lawyer to pick up slack from Obama

(Newser) - If Barack Obama won't fight for the Defense of Marriage Act , Congressional Republicans will do it for him, John Boehner announced today. House leaders will appoint a lawyer to argue for the 1996 law, which prevents the federal government from recognizing gay marriages, the LA Times reports. "It is... More »

Oops: Huckabee Defends Gay Marriage

By complaining about troubles of out-of-wedlock kids: Ruth Marcus

(Newser) - In attacking gay marriage, Mike Huckabee inadvertently offered an excellent defense of it, writes Ruth Marcus. He went from criticizing President Obama’s decision not to defend the gay-marriage ban to pointing out the difficult “economic reality of out-of-wedlock children.” The fact is, “gays and lesbians are... More »

Democrats Push to Repeal Law Against Gay Marriage

President's stance against DOMA gives them a nudge

(Newser) - With the Obama administration having declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional , Democratic lawmakers are launching new challenges of their own to the law, the Huffington Post reports. In the House, the "Respect for Marriage Act," which would explicitly repeal DOMA, is set to be introduced by Jerry... More »

Obama's Got GOP Trapped on Gay Marriage

Court battle is different from cable TV: Linda Hirshman

(Newser) - The Obama administration's decision not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act may seem politically risky—after all, “a majority of Americans have never polled in favor of same sex marriage,” writes Linda Hirshman for Salon . But, in fact, Obama has put Republicans in a bind: The GOP-led... More »

Obama: Law Against Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

In big shift, feds will no longer defend DOMA in court

(Newser) - Big win for gay rights advocates: The Obama administration has concluded that the Defense of Marriage Act—the law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage—is unconstitutional and won't defend it in court anymore, reports NPR . The president gave the Justice Department its new marching orders today, and Eric... More »

US Reluctantly Defends Federal Ban on Gay Marriage

Justice Department appeals judge's ruling that it's unconstitutional

(Newser) - A Justice Department filing yesterday backed the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The move appeals a federal judge’s ruling calling DOMA unconstitutional, TPM reports. But the administration asserted that it doesn’t support the act; the filing merely adhered to... More »

US Man's Husband Battles Deportation

Law bars man from sponsoring legally married same-sex partner

(Newser) - A gay couple who were legally married in Connecticut now face being split up by the Defense of Marriage Act. Princeton PhD student Josh Vandiver's husband is a Venezuelan citizen facing deportation because his work visa has expired. The law prevents Vandiver from sponsoring his husband for residency and he... More »

Obama to Give Gays Parents Right to Family Leave

Will be able to take time off to care for sick kids

(Newser) - President Obama intends to give gay workers the explicit right to take family and medical leave to care for a partner’s sick child—even if they have no legal relationship with that child. The Labor Department will issue a formal opinion tomorrow saying that the 1993 law that grants... More »

Meghan McCain: I Passed the Ridiculous GOP Purity Test what makes me such a radical?

(Newser) - After George Washington University's College Republican group dissed for her pro-gay-marriage stance, saying her views don't align with the GOP, Meghan McCain decided to take her party's "ridiculous" purity test. McCain wanted to see "just how radical I am from the 'pure ones'"—and with a bit... More »

House Dems Working to Repeal Gay-Marriage Law

Bill seeks to repeal DOMA, extend benefits to same-sex couples

(Newser) - A group of three House Democrats, two of them gay, are slated to unveil a bill this week that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that defines marriage as a man-woman union and blocks same-sex couples from getting full benefits, the Hill reports. DOMA has frustrated... More »

Fed Judge Tosses DoMA Suit

(Newser) - A federal judge in California dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Defense of Marriage Act yesterday, supporting the Obama administration's claim that a gay couple had not suffered "an injury in fact." The Justice Department filed a brief agreeing with the plaintiffs that DoMA is discriminatory, but said it... More »

White House Calls Marriage Law Unfair to Gays

...but it's still defending DOMA in court

(Newser) - The Obama administration wants to give the Defense of Marriage Act the boot, the Justice Department said in court filings today, but that won’t stop the department from defending the law in court. The administration believes DOMA, which prevents federal recognition of gay marriage and denies gay federal employees... More »

Mass. Sues US Over Definition of Marriage

(Newser) - Massachusetts has challenged the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, saying it interferes with a state's right to define and regulate marriage, the Boston Globe reports. “In enacting DOMA,” the lawsuit reads, “Congress... More »

Obama Renews Promises to Dismayed Gay Leaders

President vows to repeal DOMA, open military to all

(Newser) - President Obama turned on the charm at a reception yesterday for gay, lesbian, and transgender activists at the White House, where he tried to dispel worries he was dragging his feet on campaign promises. "I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration" by the... More »

Obama Invites Gay Advocates to White House

But angered rights campaigners want more than just talk

(Newser) - President Obama has invited gay rights leaders to the White House next Monday to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, the New York protests seen as the start of gay liberation. It's unclear whether Obama will address the strong criticism he's recently faced from gay and lesbian advocates.... More »

Obama Offers Gays Too Little, Too Late

Toothless federal-benefits gesture falls flat in LGBT community

(Newser) - President Obama’s memorandum giving gay federal workers some of the benefits straight ones enjoy has gone over like a lead balloon in the gay community, Politico reports. Advocates say it’s a weak gesture because the Defense of Marriage Act—which the administration recently defended—prevents it from including... More »

Gays Rankle at Obama's Unkept Promises

(Newser) - Gay-rights supporters in and outside of Washington are getting fed up with President Obama’s perceived inaction on their core issues, Politico reports. Obama has been unwilling to back gay marriage, and has yet to fulfill his campaign promise of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, which bars federal recognition... More »

'Gay Tax' Hurts Couples Tying the Knot

Federal inequality lands same-sex couples in the poor house

(Newser) - First comes love, then comes marriage, then the taxman, who penalizes same-sex couples with the “gay tax,” Nancy Goldstein writes on NPR. The media’s morality play about gay marriage has overshadowed the economic costs of inequality, argues Goldstein, who calculates her annual tax at $1,820 for... More »

Momentum Builds Behind Gay Marriage

Vermont, Iowa wins energize supporters of same-sex unions

(Newser) - Decisions in Iowa and Vermont have doubled the number of states allowing gay marriage in less than a week and campaigners feel they are on a roll, the New York Times reports. At least nine other state legislatures will consider measures to legalize gay marriage this year. Newly energized supporters—... More »

Vermont House Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Measure now headed for likely veto by governor

(Newser) - The Vermont House of Representatives has followed the state senate in voting to legalize gay marriage, reports the Wall Street Journal. The bill will now head to Gov. James Douglas, who has promised to veto it. The 95-52 House vote falls short of the two-thirds majority needed to override a... More »

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