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Americans Don't Want Change
 Americans Don't Want Change 

Americans Don't Want Change

Nation grows timid after election year

(Newser) - America projects an image of bold decisiveness. But while we deploy our troops to foreign soil without batting an eye, we're paralyzed when it comes to broad domestic changes, except in the throes of crisis, Neal Gabler writes for the LA Times . Sure, we make all the right resolutions come...

Fear Drives Anti-Muslim Sentiment
 We Once Feared 
 Catholics, Jews, Too 
Nick Kristof

We Once Feared Catholics, Jews, Too

It also fed campaigns against Catholics, Germans, and Jews

(Newser) - The Islamophobic sentiment shaking America is rooted in fear, not bigotry, writes Nick Kristof for the New York Times . The "well-meaning worriers" of the " Not-at-Ground-Zero Mosque " movement genuinely believe Muslims "don’t share their values, don’t believe in democracy, and may harm innocent Americans."...

The 50 States' Grossest Dishes
 The 50 States' Grossest Dishes 
that's a doughnut bun

The 50 States' Grossest Dishes

From reindeer fat ice cream to 2-foot-long hot dogs

(Newser) - Some states are pudgier than others—here's looking at you, Texas—but none escapes this list of beloved yet fat-filled dishes. tracked down the worst offender in each of the flabby 50:
  • Alaska: Eskimo Ice Cream, a mix of blackberries and salmon berries—in reindeer fat and seal

Obama, Medvedev Sign Historic Nuke Pact

Treaty reduces the number of long-range nuclear weapons

(Newser) - Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev today agreed to trim their nuclear arsenals to the lowest level in 50 years, reports the New York Times . If ratified, the treaty would limit each country to 1,500 strategic warheads. The Treaty of Moscow, signed in 2002, limited them to 2000 apiece. Each...

Actually, There Are Seven Americas
Actually, There Are Seven Americas

Actually, There Are Seven Americas

Facebook data reveal a map of close regional ties

(Newser) - Where do your friends live? For most people, the answer is “nearby.” PeteSearch compiled data from 210 million public Facebook profiles, mapping where our friends connections are, and found some tight regional clustering—and some big divisions. The blog breaks the country into seven distinct groupings:
  • Stayathomia: People

Arctic Blasts Drop US Big Chill to -37

Weather brr-acing from Plains to Florida

(Newser) - A large chunk of the US was in the deep freeze yesterday, with temperatures plunging below freezing to as low as -37 in Minnesota's hapless International Falls, the town's coldest day since 1911. Temperatures dove from the Plains, Midwest and Northeast to Florida, giving citrus growers the shivers. Jacksonville was...

Crime Down, Despite Recession

Experts puzzled by drop in murder, property crime

(Newser) - Despite financial misery, unemployment, and foreclosures, America's crime rate actually dropped in 2009. Preliminary FBI figures show murder and manslaughter are down 10%, January to June, while property crimes overall dropped 6%, the AP reports. Car theft is down 19%. "That's a remarkable decline, given the economic conditions,"...

Columbus the Crusader's Legacy Endures

Americans forget religious fervor drove the 1492 expedition

(Newser) - This Columbus Day, James Carroll invites us to reconsider the man and his motivations. Pop culture has secularized Columbus, concentrating on his mission in search of gold, spices, and trade routes. That ignores his central motivation: expanding the dominion of Christianity. An “old Crusader” ambition motivated Columbus, Carroll writes...

'Cupcakists' Find Happiness in a Simple Pastry

Cultural movement extols the virtues of butter and frosting

(Newser) - Johnny Cupcakes operates stores that sell cupcake-themed merchandise—shirts and stickers bearing a skull-and-crossbones logo with a cupcake instead of a skull—but not cupcakes. Johnny Cupcakes sells the idea of cupcakes, a symbol of an uncomplicated, untouchable childhood pleasure, safe from the stresses of adult life, writes Jennie Yabroff....

US to Pressure Brits for More Troops in Afghanistan

(Newser) - The US is expected to push for more British troops to help fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, a move certain to be unpopular with the British public, reports the Guardian. NATO Gen. Stanley McChrystal will likely recommend to President Obama that the current total of 150,000 Afghan troops should...

Ben Stein to Wal-Mart: Hands Off Civil War Battlefield

(Newser) - Ben Stein loves Wal-Mart—just don’t put one smack-dab in the middle of a historic Civil War battlefield in Orange, Va. The 1864 Battle of the Wilderness was a turning point in the conflict, Stein writes in the American Spectator, and the “battlefield is incredibly important environmentally and...

Queen Livid at French Snub for Obama D-Day Fete

Sarkozy wants to focus on 'main event' of US prez visit

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth is furious at not being invited by the French for D-Day ceremonies next week that will include President Obama, reports the Daily Mail. The French never had any intention of inviting members of the British royal family to the 65th anniversary commemoration in Normandy in order to allow...

Holder: We're Still a 'Nation of Cowards' on Race

Americans don't discuss racist past enough: attorney general

(Newser) - We may have elected our first black president, but America remains "a nation of cowards" on race, Eric Holder said today in a speech honoring Black History Month. "Average Americans simply do not talk enough with each other about things racial," said the attorney general. He vowed...

Website Knows Why You're Fat
 Website Knows Why You're Fat 

Website Knows Why You're Fat

(Newser) - Subtle hints from the media about America’s growing obesity problem—shots of pudgy citizens, from the head down—just aren’t cutting it, Time reports. Enter “This is why you’re fat,” a website that displays in shocking detail the indulgent worst of American eating. An Oreo...

While We're At It, Give Marriage a Bailout

Recession, laws making it more expensive, so make nuptials easier

(Newser) - Between the recession and various legal knots, it’s no wonder so many Americans are eschewing marriage, Mark Penn writes in the Wall Street Journal. Either go with the bailout flow and revamp tax codes and the like to make marriage easier and less financially constrictive, or use similar tactics...

Lab Is Top US Dog, 18 Years and Counting

Yorkshire terrier is second; bulldog now at No. 8 and gaining fast

(Newser) - The Obamas’ pup could change things, but for now the playful Labrador retriever remains America’s most popular purebred, the American Kennel Club calculates. It's the Lab’s 18th consecutive year as king; the Yorkshire terrier and German shepherd are second and third, Reuters reports. Bulldogs moved up two spots,...

Gaza Attack a 'Catastrophe': Boutros-Ghali
Gaza Attack a 'Catastrophe': Boutros-Ghali

Gaza Attack a 'Catastrophe': Boutros-Ghali

Assault will strengthen religious extremists, former UN Sec-Gen says

(Newser) - The assault on Gaza is a terrible mistake for Israel, Boutros Boutros-Ghali tells Der Spiegel in an interview in which he is deeply pessimistic about the prospects for peace. “The war in Gaza strengthens the position of radical Islamists in the entire Arab world,” the former UN secretary-general...

Brit, Aussie Actors Find US Success

(Newser) - British and Australian actors are flocking to the US in search of work and finding great success in roles that challenge their mimicry skills, the Chicago Tribune reports. Whether it’s Hugh Laurie on House, Anna Friel on Pushing Daisies, or Simon Baker on The Mentalist, the thespians have found...

Noonan: Don't Panic, We're Still America

From Madoff to Detroit, people feel it's all collapsing, and they're wrong

(Newser) - From Bernard Madoff to Rod Blagojevich, Americans have lost faith in the people running things. “It’s the age of the empty suit,” one of Peggy Noonan’s friends mused recently. Our institutions have proven impotent and absent, and now “people feel all trends lead downward from...

Anti-Abe Views Resonate in Dixie

(Newser) - The bicentennial of Lincoln's birth will be celebrated Feb. 12, so expect endless tributes to the president beloved by ordinary citizens and historians alike. Unless, of course, you're south of the Mason-Dixon line, where anti-Lincoln views "aren't particularly radical," writes Alex Beam of the Boston Globe. Lincoln is...

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