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These People Own the Most Land in the US
Who Owns the
Most Land in the US?

Who Owns the Most Land in the US?

Everyone who made The Land Report's top list owns almost 1 million acres or more

(Newser) - If you're reading this from a studio apartment, please prepare yourself. The Land Report has released its annual list of the people and groups who own the most land in the US, and per USA Today , those who made it the top 10 were sitting on nearly 1 million...

Latest Mass-Shooting Milestone Is a 'Tragic' One

Per 'WaPo' tabulation, US has had 38 shootings in 2023 that left 4 or more victims dead, a record

(Newser) - Two incidents of gun violence over the weekend have pushed the nation into what the Washington Post calls a "grim US record": the highest number of mass shootings since 2006. The fatal shootings in Texas and Washington state on Sunday marked the 37th and 38th mass shootings in America...

Australian to America: You Need to Be Muted
Australian to America:
You Need to Be Muted
in case you missed it

Australian to America: You Need to Be Muted

Patrick Marlborough unloads in Gawker

(Newser) - Unhappy with the current state of discourse on social media? You're probably not as fed up as Australian Patrick Marlborough, who unloads on American tweeters (and America in general) in a profane and epic rant at Gawker . He recounts how the story of a guy who abruptly quit his...

America's Biggest Threat Isn't China or Russia
America's Biggest Threat
Isn't China or Russia

America's Biggest Threat Isn't China or Russia

It's America itself, writes Nicholas Kristof, ticking off the way we lag other nations

(Newser) - President Biden likes to exclaim that "America is back," but Nicholas Kristof begs to differ in his latest New York Times column. He ticks off example after example of how the US is lagging other nations in crucial ways. "Greeks have higher high school graduation rates,"...

This Is America's Most Patriotic State

New Hampshire tops the list for 2019

(Newser) - It's Independence Day—do you know how patriotic your state is? WalletHub looked at 13 factors, including voting numbers, volunteerism rates, military engagement, trial and grand jury participation, the share of residents participating in groups or organizations, and even a state's civics education requirement. Based on all that,...

Acting AG Fired by Trump Thinks 'Core Values' at Risk

But a critic of Sally Yates' op-ed thinks she's being 'despicably hypocritical'

(Newser) - Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired by President Trump just days after he took office for declaring that the Justice Department wouldn't defend a Trump executive order on immigration. She's now had almost 11 months to ponder the state of the US, and in an op-ed for...

Jon Stewart Sees an 'Ultimate Irony' in Trump Win

It's that Republicans will be rewarded for 'cynical' obstruction strategy

(Newser) - Jon Stewart, voice of reason? In his first public comments since the election, Stewart told Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning , "I don't believe we are a fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago. The same country with all its grace and flaws, and volatility,...

Election Could Help Give America Its 51st State

Leading Puerto Rico candidate supports statehood

(Newser) - If Ricardo Rossello has things his way, this is going to be one of the last elections where there are a mere 50 American states voting. The New Progressive Party candidate has a big lead in the race to become the island's next governor, and he has come out...

10 of America's Most Explicit Town Names

Yes, there is a Ballplay, Alabama

(Newser) - It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it. (That's what she said?) The Estately Blog responded to some PG-13 criticism of a recent "Oddest Town Names" in America list by giving the people what they wanted—"we placed our minds in the gutter" and...

Hey, America, Figure Out What the World Thinks of You

'Guardian' columnist thinks nation should pay attention

(Newser) - Well, it looks like DC lawmakers will pull off an 11th-hour rescue to avoid an embarrassing debt-ceiling lapse, so calamity averted? Not quite, writes Timothy Garton Ash in the UK's Guardian . "Politically, in the eyes of the world, the 'full faith and credit' of the US has...

Jackie Chan Bashes America in Interview

Calls it 'most corrupt country in the world'

(Newser) - Jackie Chan once said that "too much freedom" is a bad thing and that "Chinese people need to be controlled" for their own good. Which is why Max Fisher of the Washington Post isn't all that surprised by the actor's anti-American views expressed in a recent...

New US Population: 313.9M
 New US Population: 313.9M 

New US Population: 313.9M

That's up less than 1% as growth remains flat

(Newser) - The US Census Bureau now pegs the US population at 313.9 million people, up a scant 2.3 million, or .075%, from last year, reports USA Today . Small as it is, the increase actually reverses five years of slowing growth, notes the AP , though we're still at a...

Suicide Kills More Americans Than Car Crashes

It's the top cause of injury-related deaths

(Newser) - Suicide in America has increased so dramatically that it now claims more lives than car crashes, and is the top cause of injury-related deaths, according to a new study. Car crash deaths decreased 25% while suicides climbed 15% during a nine-year period examined by researchers. "Suicides are terribly under...

20 Most Influential Americans Ever

'Time' magazine chooses its favorites

(Newser) - In its 236 years, America has been shaped by legions of intelligent, courageous, and noble characters. Time singles out 20 as the most influential in history, including:

New Copy of 'America's Birth Certificate' Found

Rare America map had been misplaced for centuries

(Newser) - Researchers in Germany have unveiled a newly discovered copy of a map known as "America's birth certificate" just in time for the 4th of July. The 500-year-old map by famous cartographer Martin Waldseemuller is the first to name the New World as America. It had been thought that...

We're Close on AIDS: Don't Blow It Now, America
 We're Close on AIDS: 
 Don't Blow It Now, America 
Bono, George W Bush

We're Close on AIDS: Don't Blow It Now, America

Bono, George W. Bush warn against the US pulling back

(Newser) - Two big names—Bono and George W. Bush—weigh in on World AIDS Day, both with the general theme that tremendous progress has been made in the last decade but that it won't matter if the world, specifically the US, gets complacent now. Some highlights:
  • Bono: How did all

Video Pokes at 50 State Stereotypes a succinct 2:03

(Newser) - Every one of the 50 states will no doubt be teeming with barbecues, parades, and fireworks today. But that shared love of corn on the cob isn't the only thing the 50 states have in common. Each lays claim to a specific stereotype. Like, for instance, Indiana: "You...

Wake Up, America, You're in Dangerous Decline

Fareed Zakaria: Our days of glory seem to be behind us

(Newser) - Fareed Zakaria is seriously worried about his adopted homeland of the United States. In a Time essay titled "Are America's Best Days Behind Us?" he makes the case that if they're not, they will be soon unless we wake up. The US may have been No. 1 for decades,...

Sorry, Naysayers, US Isn't Doomed

 Sorry, Naysayers, 
 US Isn't Doomed 

Sorry, Naysayers, US Isn't Doomed

Rebuttal essay: Don't cherry-pick stats, look at the bigger picture

(Newser) - David von Drehle begs to differ with fellow Time writer Fareed Zakaria's gloomy view of America's future . These doomsayers have been around since the country was in diapers, and the modern ones love to "cherry-pick dismal statistics from here and there to create an overall image of decline,"...

Why We Hate to Be Called a Wuss
Why We Hate
to Be Called a Wuss

Why We Hate to Be Called a Wuss

It goes right to our he-man national identity

(Newser) - You want to really hurt an American? Call him a wuss. That's why all hell broke loose last week when Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell called America a nation of wusses after the NFL canceled an Eagles game because of a snowstorm. We can't stand to be considered weak. "We...

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