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Hope You Didn't Have Any Old Music on MySpace
Hope You Didn't Have Any
Old Music on MySpace

Hope You Didn't Have Any Old Music on MySpace

Company lost everything from 2003 to 2015, didn't have a backup

(Newser) - More than a decade ago, MySpace reigned supreme in social media. And the company now has bad news for all those who uploaded music and other media to their accounts: It's all gone. "As a result of a server migration project, any photos, videos, and audio files you...

Mom's 10-Year Hunt for Daughter's Killers Is Over

She created fake social media profiles to find suspects

(Newser) - Murder suspect William Sotelo fell for a woman he met online and knew as "Angel"—but her profile picture was really of the woman whose killing he was wanted for, and the woman he had been exchanging messages was her mother. Belinda Lane spent 10 years using social...

'Plague-Like' Facebook to Lose 80% of Users by 2017

Site will be abandoned as 'immunity' builds

(Newser) - Facebook has spread like an infectious disease but its dominance of social media is doomed and 80% of its user base will probably drift away over the next three years, according to researchers who compared the growth of social media to the spread of epidemics. The Princeton researchers based their...

MySpace Gets Another Reboot
 MySpace Gets Another Reboot 
in case you missed it

MySpace Gets Another Reboot

Radical refresh offers new look, more Facebook and Twitter integration

(Newser) - You're not going to believe this, but MySpace still exists. This week, the once-mighty social network showed off a radical redesign in the hopes of halting its ongoing slide toward oblivion. "We're hard at work building a new MySpace, entirely from scratch," its webpage boasted, calling...

Zimmerman's Old MySpace Page Houses Racist Comments

2005 page had not-so-nice things to say about Mexicans

(Newser) - George Zimmerman now has a legal site , a defense-minded Twitter feed , and a 7-year-old MySpace page that's causing some fresh trouble. The Miami Herald unearthed the page, which has been confirmed as authentic by his lawyer, and reports on the less seemly details contained within. Most notably: not-so-nice comments...

Women More Likely to Unfriend
 Women More 
 Likely to Unfriend 
study says

Women More Likely to Unfriend

They're also a lot more cautious with their content

(Newser) - Women are the less fair sex when it comes to social networking. Ladies are a little more likely to delete friends on sites like Facebook and Twitter than gentlemen are, and a lot more likely to keep their pages private, reports AFP . A Pew Research Center study found that 67%...

MySpace Delays Relaunch Party

Revamped site to be unveiled next month

(Newser) - MySpace's new owners scrapped plans for a summer relaunch party because the revamp of the social-networking site is going more slowly than expected, insiders tells the Wall Street Journal . Justin Timberlake and Specific Media, who bought the site for $35 million in June, now plan to unveil the new,...

MySpace Creator: We Had Video Chat Years Ago

People weren't ready for it then, but they are now: Tom Anderson

(Newser) - News that Facebook is teaming up with Skype must have sounded like deja vu to MySpace founder Tom Anderson. In a Google+ post , he notes that MySpace partnered with Skype in 2007 and had video chats three years before that, reports PC Magazine . But Anderson isn't joining the critics...

Justin Timberlake, Ad Group Buy MySpace for $35M

News Corp takes massive loss on social networking also-ran

(Newser) - The hottest website of 2006 now belongs in part to one of that year's hottest stars. Justin Timberlake has teamed up with digital advertising agency Specific Media to take MySpace off the hands of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, reports the Telegraph . Insiders say the fallen giant of social...

News Corp. to Sell MySpace Within Days
MySpace Likely
to Be Sold This Week

MySpace Likely to Be Sold This Week

It could go for a relative pittance, thanks to Facebook

(Newser) - News Corp. is hoping to part with struggling social network site MySpace this week, and will likely lay off more than half of the remaining staff of 500, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company is looking to cut a deal tomorrow or Thursday in order to...

Even MySpace Founders No Longer Using Site

Site's decline blamed in part on Rupert Murdoch's loss of interest

(Newser) - MySpace has fallen so far that its own founders no longer bother updating their profiles, BusinessWeek finds in a detailed look at the rapid decline of the former juggernaut of social networking. Former CEO Chris DeWolfe, who founded the company with Tom Anderson in 2003, says he cringes on the...

MySpace Parody Case: Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Free Speech
Teens Can't Be Suspended for MySpace Parodies
court rulings

Teens Can't Be Suspended for MySpace Parodies

Schools cannot discipline students for offensive actions in their homes

(Newser) - Two Pennsylvania teens cannot be disciplined at school for MySpace parodies of their principals created on home computers, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday in a high-profile case involving students and free speech. The postings, however lewd or offensive, were not likely to cause significant disruptions at school and are...

News Corp Trying to Sell Off MySpace

Bids over $100M expected

(Newser) - Remember when News Corp shelled out more than a half-billion dollars to buy MySpace? Well, now it’s trying to dump the once-popular social networking site, and it’s starting the bidding at more than $100 million, a source tells Reuters . The company expects to have five or more bids...

Vevo to Take MySpace Off News Corp's Hands?

Music website could get control

(Newser) - Struggling MySpace could soon be handed over to music website, Bloomberg reports. News Corp. is in talks to give control of MySpace to Vevo in exchange for a stake in a new venture, sources say. However, the talks are preliminary and several other parties are also looking...

MySpace Lays Off Nearly Half its Employees

Site gets smaller now that it's not trying to compete with Facebook

(Newser) - MySpace cut roughly 500 jobs today, slashing its global staff roughly in half. CEO Mike Jones called the expected cuts “tough but necessary,” following an October revamp that made much of its staff unnecessary. The site has downsized its ambitions, attempting to transform itself into a music, videos,...

MySpace to Ax Up to Half Its Workers

Downsizing could be announced this month, sources say

(Newser) - Another blow for struggling MySpace : The social networking site is planning massive layoffs, and could ax between a third and a half of its employees, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The News Corp-owned company, which employs about 1,100, is expected to announce the reductions this month. Its staff...

Cops Using Facebook to Bust Dumb Criminals

Lack of privacy can be a good thing for investigators

(Newser) - Oversharing on Facebook makes it easier for your boss to fire you , your insurer to hike up your rates , and, apparently, your local police officer to arrest you. It seems not-too-bright criminals have a habit of bragging about their misdeeds on social networking sites—sometimes even including photos—which has...

MySpace 'Mashup' Marks Surrender to Facebook

It's now all about entertainment, not social networking

(Newser) - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em—and that's what MySpace has done with its former rival Facebook, ComputerWorld reports. Although eclipsed as the premier social networking site years ago, MySpace is formally throwing in the towel with the debut of what it calls a "Mashup with Facebook."...

Cops Screen Recruits' Texts, Facebook Posts

Racy pics, suicide threats get would-be cops dumped

(Newser) - Law enforcement agencies are probing potential recruits’ digital lives for information that might make them unfit for the job, USA Today reports. More than a third of police agencies look into applicants’ social media presence, says a new report conducted for police executives. Reviewing postings to sites like Facebook, MySpace,...

MySpace Leaks User Data, Too
 MySpace Leaks User Data, Too 

MySpace Leaks User Data, Too

But, apparently, it's not quite as bad as Facebook

(Newser) - Poor MySpace: Even in a privacy flap, it has a hard time competing with Facebook. In the wake of the latest Facebook privacy uproar—some apps on the social networking site have been leaking user data —comes news that MySpace has similar problems. Both MySpace itself as well as...

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