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Pabst Blue Ribbon Isn't Having It With Your 'Dry January'
First Brand Apology of 2022 
Did Not Take Long 
in case you missed it

First Brand Apology of 2022 Did Not Take Long

Pabst's crude posts made fun of 'Dry January,' an alcohol-free movement to kick off the new year

(Newser) - A brand is usually going to do whatever it can to sell itself—which is why one of Pabst Blue Ribbon's latest tweets simply reads "Beer"—but other recent tweets in the new year from PBR have generated backlash, and now an apology. The Daily Beast reports...

David vs. Goliath Beer Suit Ends With a Settlement

MillerCoors comes to 'amicable' agreement with Pabst Brewing Co., PBR will continue to flow

(Newser) - MillerCoors and Pabst Brewing Co. settled a lawsuit Wednesday in which the hipster's brand of choice claimed the bigger brewer lied about its ability to continue brewing Pabst's beers to put that company out of business. The settlement came as jurors were ending their second day of deliberations...

Pabst Bought by Russian Brewer
Pabst Bought by
Russian Brewer

Pabst Bought by Russian Brewer

But company behind PBR will remain based in Los Angeles

(Newser) - A beer of choice among the hipster set now has a Russian owner. Pabst Brewing, makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon and other brands, has been bought by Oasis Beverages, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel . The word "iconic" is getting used a lot in coverage given that Pabst can trace...

Fla. Capitol Gets Festivus Pole— Made of Beer Cans

Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, specifically

(Newser) - It's a "Festivus for the rest of us" in Tallahassee this year: The Florida Capitol will likely today see the installation of an almost 6-foot-tall Festivus pole (yes, the invention of Seinfeld) in its rotunda. And it's not the traditional plain aluminum pole, but one made out...

Twinkies' $400M Savior Is Near
 Twinkies' $400M Savior Is Near 

Twinkies' $400M Savior Is Near

Two private equity firms, including owner of Pabst Blue Ribbon, close to deal

(Newser) - Goodbye Hostess Twinkies, hello ... Apollo Twinkies? Or maybe PBR Twinkies? The Wall Street Journal reports that two private-equity companies—Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulos—are close to a deal worth more than $400 million to buy the brand from bankrupt Hostess. The bid would serve as the one...

Walmart May Buy Hostess: Report

Kroger also in the mix

(Newser) - It looks like America's retailers can't resist a Twinkie. About two dozen companies intend to bid to buy either all of Hostess or just some of its individual brands, sources tell Bloomberg . Among the biggest names in the mix: Walmart. That deal would make some amount of sense,...

Feds Halt 'Crowdsourced' Attempt to Buy PBR was so successful, they forgot a teensy detail...

(Newser) - It seemed innovative at the time: Start an online campaign to purchase the iconic Pabst Brewing Co. and sell shares on Facebook and Twitter to cover the $300 million cost. Michael Migliozzi II and Brian William Flatow found 5 million people (all hipsters , we presume) who said they would invest...

PBR in China: $44 a Bottle
 PBR in China: $44 a Bottle 

PBR in China: $44 a Bottle

In China, Pabst Blue Ribbon is 'a treasure among beers'

(Newser) - Pabst Blue Ribbon is known as a cheap beer beloved by hipsters …in America. In China, it goes by “Blue Ribbon 1844,” gets compared to Scotch, and will run you $44 a bottle. Gawker points to the beer’s official website —where you can see the...

Hipster Beer PBR Cruises in Recession

Downmarket brew's sales skyrocket as usual suspects flounder

(Newser) - Pabst Blue Ribbon has profited from a hipster following for years because of its unpretentious image and low-profile marketing, so it makes sense that even a recession hasn’t dimmed the brand’s power. Sales are up 30% for the year ending in October, trouncing beer’s overall 1.1%...

A Decade of Hipsters

 A Decade 
 of Hipsters 

A Decade of Hipsters

From the Emo to the Meta-Nerd, check 'em here

(Newser) - The 2000s have been the decade of plenty of things, hipsters included. Paste undertakes a study of their evolution, from 2000 to the present:
  • 2000: The Emo. “Proto-hipster” finds guyliner and a white belt a “soulful combination.”
  • 2001: The Emo Redux. You’ll see a theme in

PBR Raises Price, Doesn't Advertise—and Sales Soar

'Ironic downscale chic' keeps brand selling

(Newser) - It’s a good time to be a cheapo beer, but that alone can’t explain the ridiculous year Pabst Blue Ribbon is having, Advertising Age reports. PBR’s sales are up a whopping 25%, making it by far the fastest growing cheap beer, which is especially astounding because it’...

Hipsters 101: Their History, Bleak Future

Their main enclave is threatened, but no one seems to care

(Newser) - Hipsters. They “sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay”; they “sport cowboy hats and berets”; they’re “the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer.” But they’re certainly not a new phenomenon, writes Dan Fletcher for Time. The...

Best Cheap, Canned US Beers
 Best Cheap, Canned US Beers 

Best Cheap, Canned US Beers

National Bohemian tops list of cheap crowd pleasers

(Newser) - It's no small task to find a robust, canned American beer for less than $1, but these six passed the bar—albeit just barely—in a blind taste test conducted by the Washington Post:
  • Baltimore's National Bohemian tops the list with its secret strategy: "Actually tastes like beer."

Bargain Brewskies Buoy Breweries

Cheap beer sales are rising faster than pricier options

(Newser) - Cheap brews are giving breweries just the boost they need during tough times, reports the Wall Street Journal. Economy suds such as Busch, Miller High Life, and Pabst Blue Ribbon are rising faster than the nation's overall beer sales and helping companies weather the economic storm. A short time ago,...

Suds Suck at New Yankee Stadium
 Suds Suck at 
 New Yankee Stadium 
Beer Review

Suds Suck at New Yankee Stadium

(Newser) - You can get steak and sushi at the new Yankee Stadium, yet somehow beer fans are slumming it with the likes of Heineken, Stella Artois, and—God help us—Pabst Blue Ribbon? “I want some beers worthy of the team,” writes Eric Asimov in the New York Times....

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