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New Zealand PM Shocks Nation With Sudden Resignation

John Key says his wife has had too many lonely nights

(Newser) - New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has suddenly called it quits after eight years in the job. He announced the shock decision at a Monday press conference, saying it was for family reasons, the New Zealand Herald reports. "This is the hardest decision I've ever made and...

New Zealand PM Sorry for Pulling Waitress's Hair

Cafe worker says he kept tugging on her ponytail

(Newser) - New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has apologized to a cafe worker who says he repeatedly pulled her ponytail when he visited the cafe near his home over a period of months, even after she'd told him to stop. The worker wrote an anonymous post today on the Daily...

New Zealand Was Spying on Citizens, Lying About It

PM's claims to contrary 'false,' says Edward Snowden with election days away

(Newser) - Edward Snowden's latest revelations target New Zealand: The country's leaders repeatedly told the public that they weren't working on a domestic spying program, the whistleblower says, when in fact they were doing just that. "The Prime Minister’s claim to the public, that ‘there is...

New Zealand PM: Time for a New Flag

He promises referendum on 'post-colonial' design

(Newser) - The era of British colonialism is over and it's about time New Zealand adopted a flag without a Union Jack on it, says Prime Minister John Key. "The flag remains dominated by the Union Jack in a way that we ourselves are no longer dominated by the United...

New Zealand Bans Mike Tyson
 New Zealand Bans Mike Tyson 

New Zealand Bans Mike Tyson

Visa revoked over rape conviction

(Newser) - Mike Tyson isn't going to be allowed into the country whose Maori people inspired his facial tattoo. The former boxing champ and convicted rapist had been due to visit New Zealand next month for an event in Auckland, but his visa was withdrawn after an outcry from women's...

Christchurch Earthquake Death Toll Hits 65
 65 Confirmed Dead in NZ Quake 

65 Confirmed Dead in NZ Quake

PM: 'We may be witnessing New Zealand's darkest day'

(Newser) - The devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch today killed at least 65 people and the death toll is expected to rise, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key warns. The 6.3-magnitude quake struck just before 1pm local time, causing widespread destruction. Many people are still trapped in buildings and a state...

Third Explosion Shakes New Zealand Mine

Prime minister plans memorial service for 29 lost miners

(Newser) - A third explosion has rattled the New Zealand coal mine where 29 workers were lost this week, the Wall Street Journal reports. The latest blast was the smallest and “isn't likely to impede any work out there,” police said. Prime minister John Key today announced a Dec. 2...

Sex-Crazed Parrot Now NZ 'Spokesbird'
 Parrot Now 
 NZ 'Spokesbird' 

Sex-Crazed Parrot Now NZ 'Spokesbird'

Kakapo that molested BBC presenter gets government job

(Newser) - New Zealand's prime minister has given a government job to the country's most famous—and probably most sexually adventurous—parrot. Sirocco, one of a rare species of flightless parrots called "kakapo," has been appointed as the country's "spokesbird for conservation." Sirocco became famous last year when...

New Zealand Men Greet William With Kisses

Plus, some sausage-wielding prankster crashes prince's BBQ

(Newser) - The Brits may not be known as overly touchy-feely, but Prince William got up close and personal with four grown (and apparently sweaty) men today, as New Zealand's Maori leaders greeted Wills with a traditional hongi, or nose-mashing "kiss." The prince yesterday began his first official visit on...

Fiji Dictator Defies Calls for Democracy

Commodore flouts deadline, says he needs another 5 years

(Newser) - The military leader of Fiji, where a coup overthrew the elected government in 2006, defied international demands for a restoration of democracy. Frank Bainimarama had been given a deadline of today to announce an election date, but the commodore said that he would not allow a return to democracy for...

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