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Mountain Lion Slinks Into Home, Takes Barking Dog

Calif. homeowners advised to lock doors

(Newser) - Mountain lions aren't an especially rare sight in the hills of California's San Mateo County, authorities say—but it's a lot rarer for them to walk into homes and snatch pets, as appeared to have happened early Monday morning. Vickie Fought, a homeowner in Pescadero, says she... More »

Family Saves 4-Year-Old Girl From Mountain Lion

Attack occurred while they were camping in Idaho

(Newser) - Kelsi Butt is 4 years old, and the attack happened so fast, she thought it was a bicycle coming toward her. Instead, it was a mountain lion at her family's campsite in eastern Idaho, reports the Rexburg Standard Journal . The big cat actually grabbed Kelsi and tried to drag... More »

Mom Saves Son From Mountain Lion Attack

The 5-year-old suffered injuries to his head, neck, and face

(Newser) - A Colorado mom whose 5-year-old son was being attacked by a mountain lion leapt into action Friday, fighting off the animal and potentially saving the boy's life, NBC News reports. The boy was playing with his older brother in their yard about 10 miles outside of Aspen when his... More »

Officials Think LA Mountain Lion Entered Zoo, Killed Koala

'The evidence is circumstantial'

(Newser) - Officials believe P-22, a wild mountain lion that prowls a sprawling Los Angeles park, made a meal of a koala found mauled to death at the city's zoo, the AP reports. Zoo director John Lewis said this week that workers found the koala's body outside its pen March... More »

Cougar That Wowed Biologists Killed in Montana

She traveled more than 10 times as far as expected

(Newser) - A young mountain lion from Canada made a surprising journey of hundreds of miles before she was killed by a hunter in Montana, biologists say. The cougar, nicknamed Sandy, was collared in British Columbia 10 months ago and, after a 450-mile journey, had settled in the Helena Valley when she... More »

Cougar With Teeth Growing From Forehead Perplexes

The animal was killed late last month in Idaho

(Newser) - A hunter in southeast Idaho bagged a cougar in late December that had an extra set of teeth … growing out of its forehead, the Idaho State Journal reports. "It has all of us scratching our heads," a wildlife biologist tells the Journal. It's described, per East ... More »

Crazy Sight: Mountain Lion Atop Utility Pole

Photographer captures image in California

(Newser) - One of the more unusual sights of the week comes via the Victorville Daily Press in California, which captured an image of a mountain lion on top of a power pole. The big cat apparently scrambled up the 35-foot pole in the Lucerne Valley on Tuesday when kids traveling home... More »

Kentucky Shoots First Cougar in 150 Years

Animal hasn't been spotted in state since before Civil War

(Newser) - The last two confirmed sightings of a mountain lion in Kentucky occurred in the following time periods: before the Civil War, and on Monday. The cat, once native to the state, hadn't been spotted for more than a century until a farmer alerted the state Department of Fish and... More »

Boy, 6, Survives Mountain Lion Attack

Puncture wounds aren't life-threatening: report

(Newser) - Mountain lions don't attack humans often; such encounters occurred about 13 times between 1986 and last year, the Los Angeles Times reports. But the father of a 6-year-old in Cupertino, Calif., says one recently "came out of nowhere and attacked" his son. "A 6-year-old child in no... More »

Tigers, Lions Seized From Kansas Farm

Animals kept in inadequate, dirty cages, authorities allege

(Newser) - Well, we're short a bear. But we're going to go with "Oh my" anyway, after a tiger, two mountain lions, and a variety of other wild cats were seized from a patch of private farmland in rural northeast Kansas. The animals were living in inadequate chain-link enclosures... More »

Mountain Lion Tries to Sneak Into Casino

Cat's OK after being caught near Harrah's in Reno

(Newser) - An underage mountain lion has been caught after trying to slip into a casino in downtown Reno, ahead of the breakfast rush. Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman Chris Healy says the young male cat's behavior was "almost the equivalent of being a stupid teenager." Healy says coming-of-age... More »

Cougar-Killing Wildlife Official Loses Post

California fish and game commissioner voted out of presidency

(Newser) - A California Fish and Game commissioner who shot and killed a cougar will soon be hunting for a new post. Daniel W. Richards was voted out of his position as president today, seven months after he slew a mountain lion on a hunting trip and ignited a serious backlash. Richards... More »

Cougars Again Prowl Midwest

178 confirmed sightings between 1990 and 2008

(Newser) - Cougars are again spreading across the Midwest a century after the generally reclusive predators were hunted to near-extinction, according to a new study in the Journal of Wildlife Management. The study showed 178 cougar confirmations in the Midwest between 1990 and 2008—up significantly from sightings before 1990, when there... More »

Mountain Lion Shot Dead in Downtown Santa Monica

Residents angered by shooting of big cat

(Newser) - Things didn't end well for a young mountain lion who made his way through miles of urban landscape to downtown Santa Monica yesterday. After the janitor of an office complex stumbled across the cat, police officers made several attempts to subdue it using tranquilizing darts, nonlethal bullets and a... More »

Calif. Man Claims Bear Saved Him From Mountain Lion

Hiker's tale sounds tall to state officials

(Newser) - A California man's claim that a mother bear saved him from an attacking mountain lion has attracted the attention of the world's media—but state officials are more than a little skeptical, reports the Paradise Post . Robert Biggs, 69, says he was hiking to do some gold-panning north... More »

Mountain Lion Attacks Boy

6-year-old Texas boy survives attack in national park

(Newser) - A 6-year-old Texas boy survived an attack by a hungry mountain lion in Big Bend National Park. The boy was walking with his family when the animal pounced, leaving him with puncture wounds and scratches, AP reports. The mountain lion tried to attack another family, but was fended off with... More »

SUV Ends Cougar's Amazing Journey

Big cat walked from South Dakota to Conn. looking for love

(Newser) - A mountain lion walked an incredible 1,800 miles across America from South Dakota before being hit by an SUV just 50 miles northeast of New York City. DNA from the big cat killed on a Connecticut highway last month matches that of the Black Hills cougar population, and matches... More »

Back From Brink, Eastern Forests Face New Threats

Damage from early colonization recouped, but other forces conspire

(Newser) - In the early days—or, rather, centuries—of the American experiment, the vast Eastern forests were logged almost to oblivion. But with the opening of the frontier to the West, trees from the Northeast to the Gulf Coast rebounded, and by 1997 the forests had regained almost 70% of their... More »

Hero Dog Saves Owners From Mountain Lion

(Newser) - A hero mutt was seriously injured yesterday when he tackled a mountain lion charging his owners in a California park, reports KNBC-TV. "Out of nowhere a mountain lion just charged us. I noticed my dog notice him. He met him right there in the middle and saved my life,... More »

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