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Mystery Solved: Neighbor Left 'Creepy' Porcelain Dolls

Police say woman meant it as a 'goodwill' gesture, though families were rattled

(Newser) - Glassy-eyed porcelain dolls have long played important roles in the creepiest of American horror stories. Which is why at least eight families in San Clemente, Calif., got exceedingly freaked out when someone started leaving such dolls on their front steps—dolls that resemble actual girls about the age of 10...

Girls Who Play With Barbies Dream Small

 Girls Who Play 
 With Barbies 
 Dream Small 

Girls Who Play With Barbies Dream Small

Study: They see fewer career options than those who play with Mrs. Potato Head

(Newser) - Barbie might be trying to show a brainier side , but little girls who play with the iconic dolls are learning more than anatomic impossibility: They're also lowering their career aspirations, reports Fast Company . A new study—conducted on an admittedly small scale of 37 4- to 7-year-olds who spent...

Vatican Pushes for ... Bald Barbie?

She could help rehab doll's image, Vatican newspaper notes

(Newser) - Forget any number of controversial stances the Vatican has taken, it's now weighing in on ... Barbie dolls. Following a Facebook campaign earlier this year, Mattel decided to launch a bald friend of Barbie in a nod to sick kids who've lost their hair and donate the dolls to...

Barbie Will Get Bald Friend
 Barbie Will Get 
 Bald Friend 

Barbie Will Get Bald Friend

Mattel will produce hairless doll for sick children

(Newser) - Barbie-maker Mattel is creating a special doll for children who have lost their hair to illness. The new doll will be bald and a friend of Barbie, and she'll come with fashion accessories including hats, scarves, and wigs. Earlier this year, a Facebook campaign that garnered 150,000 "...

Another Steve Jobs Doll Is Out

The iCEO is going for $60

(Newser) - Cuddle up with your favorite CEO: A 15-inch plush stuffed doll of the late Steve Jobs is now for sale. The "iCEO," released by pillow company Throwboy , will set you back $60. It features removable glasses, a black turtle neck, and real denim jeans, reports Mashable . The toy...

Iran Bans Barbie, Offers US a Toy Model of Downed Spy Drone
Sorry, Kids: Iran Bans Barbie 

Sorry, Kids: Iran Bans Barbie

But luckily, a replica of the downed US stealth drone will be on sale soon!

(Newser) - As the US tries to crack down on Iran , Iran is doing some cracking down of its own—on that oh-so-American symbol, the Barbie doll. The country's morality police have begun enforcing a Barbie ban issued in 1996. (Authorities blasted the doll's "destructive cultural and social consequences"...

Apple May Try to Quash Steve Jobs Doll

But Hong Kong manufacturer is unfazed

(Newser) - Might Apple put the kibosh on a Hong Kong manufacturer's plan to sell $100 Steve Jobs action figures next month? Apple is "allegedly threatening to sue" and already has dispatched a letter of warning, reports the Telegraph . The report is a little thin, and there's no confirmation...

Sexually Explicit Weiner Doll for Sale
 Sexually Explicit 
 Weiner Doll 
 for Sale 
inevitability dept

Sexually Explicit Weiner Doll for Sale offering both 'standard' and 'for adults only' versions

(Newser) - You read the Facebook messages , you saw that graphic cell phone pic , and now ... you can buy the Anthony Weiner action figure. But first you have to decide if you want the censored or uncensored version. of Oxford, Conn., is offering the "standard" doll for $39.95...

Court Stunner: Bratz Dolls Beat Barbie

Mattel must pay millions to rival doll maker

(Newser) - A long-fought court battle between the makers of Bratz and Barbie has been decided—and Bratz are the surprise victors, the Los Angeles Times reports. The federal jury said Bratz maker MGA Entertainment had neither infringed on Mattel’s copyright nor stolen trade secrets, and that Mattel doesn’t own...

Alvin Greene Pitches Alvin Greene Dolls

Senate candidate says idea could create jobs

(Newser) - A reporter for Britain's Guardian newspaper visited Alvin Greene in South Carolina and left "as baffled as when I arrived" about the Senate candidate. One snippet in particular is drawing the most attention, and ridicule, for the political novice: Greene said one way he could create jobs as senator...

Barbie Braces for Doll Wars
 Barbie Braces for Doll Wars 

Barbie Braces for Doll Wars

Upstarts move in while Mattel hits back

(Newser) - Barbie remains the best-selling doll in the world, but she's in a dogfight. Mattel is banking on a new iteration—complete with 12 movable joints—called “Fashionista Barbie” to combat incursions from the likes of Spin Master's “Liv” dolls, and MGA’s “Moxie Girlz.” The Wall ...

Susan Boyle Gets Dolled Up
 Susan Boyle Gets Dolled Up 

Susan Boyle Gets Dolled Up

Hand-painted dolls peddled on internet

(Newser) - It’s not quite the Barbie treatment, but a die-hard fan of YouTube phenom Susan Boyle is selling handmade dolls of her favorite crooner online, the Telegraph reports. Each $22 doll, measuring 4 inches tall, is crafted from household materials and painted by hand. “When I first saw Susan...

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