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More Dead Whales Are Turning Up on West Coast

At least 5 since mid-May, off of California and Canadian coasts

(Newser) - Scientists are probing the unexplained deaths of a fourth and fifth whale on the US and Canadian west coasts since mid-May. "Spike," a young female humpback first documented by scientists in 2018, was found washed ashore near Vancouver Island on Sunday, just a day after a male humpback...

At 'Hell's Gate,' Hundreds of Stranded Whales Languish

Half the whales beached in Tasmania may still be alive, but rescue is 'complex'

(Newser) - Almost two years ago to the day, close to 400 whales died after washing up on the shores near Macquarie Heads, Tasmania, in one of the largest strandings ever recorded. Now, deja vu on the Australian island's west coast. Some 230 whales have been beached near the town of...

At Infamous 'Death Trap for Whales,' a Sad New Find

34 long-finned pilot whales found beached in mass stranding at New Zealand's Farewell Spit

(Newser) - Farewell Spit, a perhaps aptly named 16-mile stretch of sand on the remote northern end of New Zealand's South Island, is making headlines for sad news that's become commonplace there. The island nation's Department of Conservation reported on Friday that 34 long-finned pilot whales have been found...

Another Stranding in Georgia Leaves 15 Whales Dead

Three pilot whales died in a July beaching

(Newser) - Officials say 15 pilot whales are dead after beaching themselves on a barrier island in the second mass stranding off the coast of Georgia since July. Georgia Department of Natural Resources biologist Clay George said Thursday that scientists are performing necropsies on the dead whales found on St. Catherines Island....

Scientists and Veterinarians Respond to Stranded Whales

10 melon-headed whales were found on Maui beach

(Newser) - Scientists and veterinarians are trying to decide how to care for two small whales that were found stranded Thursday on a beach in Maui, after four whales died and four others were successfully refloated. They appear to be melon-headed whales, a protected species, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration statement...

Over 140 Whales Die After Getting Stranded in Australia

'I've never seen anything like it'

(Newser) - At least 140 whales have died after becoming stranded on a beach overnight in Western Australia, the AP reports. Over 150 short-finned pilot whales were first spotted on the beach at Hamelin Bay by a fisherman on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, all but 15 had died. According to the...

Amid Wave of Beached Whales, Finally Some Good News

More than 200 animals refloat themselves amid mass strandings on New Zealand

(Newser) - Whale lovers in New Zealand finally got some good news on Sunday after more than 200 stranded whales managed to refloat themselves overnight and swim away, while volunteers managed to save another 17 whales at high tide, reports the AP . More than 650 pilot whales had beached themselves along Farewell...

200 Whales Stranded on NZ Beach

Dozens already dead at notorious beaching spot

(Newser) - Nearly 200 pilot whales stranded themselves on New Zealand's South Island today, with hordes of rescuers rushing to the remote area in a bid to guide them back to sea. Two dozen of the 198 whales have already died despite efforts to save the creatures, which were found stranded...

Scientists Spot Earth's Rarest Whale for 1st Time
 Scientists Spot 
 Earth's Rarest Whale 
 for 1st Time 

in case you missed it

Scientists Spot Earth's Rarest Whale for 1st Time

2 spade-toothed beaked whales beach selves in New Zealand

(Newser) - Scientists have come face-to-face with the rarest whale on the planet. Two spade-toothed beaked whales beached themselves in New Zealand in 2010, and a new paper describes researchers' identification and analysis of the creatures. "Up until now, all we have known about the spade-toothed beaked whale was from three...

Fla. Officials Save 5 Baby Whales as 22 Beach

Baby whales taken to nearby ocean institute, but outcome still in doubt

(Newser) - Rescuers are trying to keep alive five baby whales, from a pod of 22 pilot whales that beached early yesterday near Fort Pierce, Fla., reports the Sun-Sentinel . An animal-rescue team from SeaWorld Orlando transported the survivors to a nearby oceanographic institute, while officials test the deceased whales to see why...

NZ Shoots 33 Whales It Couldn't Rescue

After 2 rescue attempts, officials say nothing more to do for restranded whales

(Newser) - The 33 pilot whales that beached themselves again on the New Zealand coast today have been shot, the AP reports, after conservation officials decided there was nothing more they could do for the creatures. About 99 whales were stranded Monday on a South Island spit notorious for whale beachings. Volunteers...

Wildlife Cops Seek Whale Shooter

Pilot whale beached itself, died, a month after being shot

(Newser) - Officials are looking for the person who shot a whale that beached itself and died on the Jersey shore after a month of painful swimming. The attack could result in big fines and a year in jail. “This poor animal literally starved to death," says a wildlife agency...

New Zealand Euthanizes 48 Beached Whales

Conditions had left little hope for the creatures

(Newser) - Faced with a pod of 107 beached pilot whales, half of them dead, and no help in sight, New Zealand conservation authorities were forced to euthanize 48 of the creatures, reports the New Zealand Herald. The whales had beached themselves high up on the beach yesterday with the tide on...

New Zealand Battles to Save 80 Beached Whales

Tourists help keep animals cool

(Newser) - More than a hundred rescuers in New Zealand are struggling to save some 80 beached pilot whales. They beached themselves today on the country’s South Island, and while rescuers managed to turn four back to sea, 10, including one baby, have died, reports the New Zealand Herald . With tides...

Team Digs Up London 'Moby Dick'
Team Digs Up London
'Moby Dick'

Team Digs Up London 'Moby Dick'

56-foot giant whale died 200 years ago

(Newser) - Archaeologists in London have discovered the bones of a whale the size of Moby Dick that met its end on the River Thames some 200 years ago. The 56-foot whale, which was as old as 100 when it died, was found buried beneath six feet of mud on the bank...

Men Mutilate Beached Whale —for a Tasty Snack

It was dead, and they were hungry; it's still illegal

(Newser) - Two Florida men are in trouble after they spotted a dead whale on the beach and approached it with one thought in mind: Hey, free lunch. "The thing was deader than a doornail," said one of the men picked up for questioning by state conservation officers. He told...

Garbage in stomach of whale found in Seattle
Forget Jonah: This Whale Ate Sweatpants, Surgical Gloves
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Forget Jonah: This Whale Ate Sweatpants, Surgical Gloves

Beached whale's stomach was full of garbage

(Newser) - Like that episode of Seinfeld come to life, biologists found a golf ball in the stomach of a gray whale that died after getting stranded on a West Seattle beach on Wednesday—but it gets sadder from there, reports the AP . Though the scientists say most of the whale's stomach...

55 Whales Beach on S. African Shore


(Newser) - Dozens of pilot whales beached this morning near the storm-lashed tip of South Africa, prompting a massive rescue operation. Six bulldozers were deployed to push the 55 whales back into the water, but "as soon as we put them back into the sea, they swim back to the beach...

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