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Airbnb Oddity: 700 Pounds of Acorns Stashed in Wall

A couple of very industrious critters caused a little trouble at a California rental

(Newser) - Sometimes when you walk into an Airbnb, you don't want to know what its previous occupants have been up to. And sometimes once you know, there's no unknowing. In the case of a two-story house in Glen Ellen, California, the previous occupants had been very busy, but in...

This Turkey Is Making Life Hell for a Minnesota Town
This Turkey
Is Making
Life Hell for a
Minnesota Town
in case you missed it

This Turkey Is Making Life Hell for a Minnesota Town

Residents, including kids, now walk around with makeshift weapons to fend off 'terrorizing' bird

(Newser) - The Minnesota town of Coon Rapids is known for its dozens of scenic parks, Golf Digest-recognized golf club, and renowned Mercy Hospital. Now, it's got a new claim to fame: a most troublesome wild turkey that's been menacing residents of a mobile home park for more than a...

Emboldened Wolves to Be Shot at With Paintballs

Dutch officials complain wolves are becoming too tame, while activists allege a plot to kill

(Newser) - A recent video showing a wolf strolling casually past a worried family of four in a national park in the Netherlands shows how some of the country's wolves have lost their fear of humans. Hoping to see that fear return, authorities are now turning to paintballs. A new decision...

Wildlife Populations Worldwide Have Dropped 69% in 50 Years

So says a new report by World Wildlife Fund, Zoological Society of London

(Newser) - Humans' aggressive deforestation, plundering of the Earth for its natural resources, and contamination of the planet's air and water is not only putting our own species in a precarious position—it's managed to help wipe out more than two-thirds of the world's wildlife population in not even...

Colorado Town Suffers 2nd Bear Attack in 2 Months

New Castle man is expected to recover after animal went after him in his yard

(Newser) - A Colorado man is recuperating after a bear attacked him at his home over the weekend—the second such attack in his town since late August. Per a release from Colorado Parks & Wildlife cited by KKTV , the New Castle resident heard noises coming from his backyard around 10:30pm...

Utah Just Nabbed Its First Wolverine

Creature never before caught in the state is fitted with a GPS collar

(Newser) - Wolverines are notoriously reclusive creatures in the state of Utah, with only eight confirmed sightings over the last 40 years or so, per Smithsonian . Utah's wolverines, though, might be about to give up their secrets, thanks to the first-ever capture of one of the animals there. State wildlife officials...

White Whale Spotted, Caught On Video Near Jamaica

Dutch sailor managed to film a short video

(Newser) - Sperm whales aren’t exactly common—the vulnerable species was hunted almost to extinction between the 1800s and 1980s. White ones are even rarer, with only a few spotted in the last 20 years or so. The number of total sightings—not counting Moby Dick of literature—is vanishingly small...

Cotton Candy Lobster Surprises Maine Fisherman

Haddie will live out her days in an aquarium in New Hampshire

(Newser) - A lobster fisher in Maine pulled a rare blue lobster out of the Gulf of Maine this weekend. Bill Coppersmith, who has been catching lobsters for about 40 years, found the cotton candy-colored lobster and promptly named her Haddie after his granddaughter. “It is so rare—there’s only...

Heroic Dad Catches Alligator in Trash Can
Dad Saves the Day
... With a Trash Can

Dad Saves the Day ... With a Trash Can

'I used the front like a hippo mouth' to catch alligator, says Florida man Eugene Bozzi

(Newser) - Spotting a 6-foot-long alligator in his yard where his and other neighborhood kids were playing, Eugene Bozzi decided to play the hippo. The 26-year-old man from Mount Dora, Fla., is seen in a viral video approaching the alligator with a trash container on wheels, its lid flung open, per USA ...

They Sidestepped Disaster With Bears, Now Are Charged

3 men accused of leaving authorized platform in Alaska to get closer to bears in 2018

(Newser) - They didn't lose their lives, but it's possible they could temporarily lose their freedom. The New York Times reports three men who exited an authorized viewing platform in Alaska in 2018 to get close to a group of wild brown bears have now been federally charged . Authorities say...

Cockatoos Hold Classes In Stealing From Trash Cans

Researchers in Australia observed birds giving lessons in dumpster diving

(Newser) - A few years ago, a Sydney scientist noticed a sulfur-crested cockatoo opening his trash bin. Not every resident would be thrilled, but ornithologist Richard Major was impressed by the ingenuity. It’s quite a feat for a bird to grasp a bin lid with its beak, pry it open, then...

Jelly Doughnuts and Sardines Save Bear Stuck in a Tree

The young animal wandered into city and was likely startled by people

(Newser) - Jelly doughnuts and sardines are usually an either/or proposition. But in an emergency, they could be in the same meal. This was an emergency. A young bear, about a year and a half old, wandered out of the woods into North Carolina's capital city Monday night and was likely...

Atlanta Woman Startled By Wild Cat in Her Bed

Serval that wandered into house likely someone's illegal exotic pet

(Newser) - David Frank woke up before 7 one morning last week and opened the back door for the dog. That was the last normal thing to happen that morning. His wife, Kristine, felt a cat—a really big cat—jump up on the bed. But the Franks don’t have a...

Officials Scramble as City Is Warned: The Elephants Are Coming

Experts speculate inexperienced leader may have led herd 300 miles away from China nature reserve

(Newser) - A herd of 15 wild elephants that walked 300 miles from a nature reserve in China's mountainous southwest were approaching the major city of Kunming on Wednesday as authorities rushed to try to keep them out of populated areas. The group was 16 animals, but the government says two...

Behind the Wheel Amid 6-Car Pileup: This Guy
Behind the Wheel Amid 
6-Car Pileup: This Guy
in case you missed it

Behind the Wheel Amid 6-Car Pileup: This Guy

Wild koala had quite a day on Monday

(Newser) - A koala marched onto a busy freeway in Australia on Monday, prompting a six-car pileup, before deciding he, too, should get behind the wheel. Photos of the koala gripping a vehicle's steering wheel have now gone viral. They were taken by Nadia Tugwell, who was caught in traffic behind...

Kangaroos Can Communicate With People
Kangaroos Are Like Dogs
in One Important Way

Kangaroos Are Like Dogs in One Important Way

Study shows they can communicate with people, possibly a first in undomesticated animals

(Newser) - It's not just domesticated animals that can communicate with people. A first-of-its-kind study shows kangaroos can do the same thing. Researchers from the University of Roehampton in England and the University of Sydney in Australia presented 11 kangaroos from a variety of Australian zoos with an "unsolvable problem...

Where's the Virus's 'Missing Link'? We're Still Looking

Researchers acknowledge it may never be found

(Newser) - We may never know exactly how the novel coronavirus, originating in bats, jumped into people. But it's likely that it was passed through another species, which is why the World Health Organization is calling for higher safety standards in the wild animal trade. Health experts have long associated the...

Wild, Herpes-Infected Monkeys Have Arrived

Rhesus macaque monkeys have arrived in northeast Florida

(Newser) - A species of herpes-infected wild monkeys are roaming around part of northern Florida for the first time, First Coast News reports. Authorities are warning residents of the First Coast—a northeast region along the Atlantic—as grainy eyewitness pics and videos of rhesus macaque monkeys are getting around, "The...

Good News for the 99.9% of Commenters Against Cyanide Bombs

EPA backtracks on its interim decision

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency is reversing course just a week after reauthorizing use of "cyanide bombs" to kill wild animals that pose a threat to livestock. Public outcry followed the decision to continue to allow the spring-loaded devices that spray sodium cyanide into the mouths of coyotes, foxes, and...

EPA Makes Contentious Decision on 'Cyanide Bombs'

Trump administration reauthorizes M-44 traps to kill predator wildlife

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency has just reupped authorization of a controversial device designed to protect livestock from predators, but which critics call a "safety menace" against other animals and humans. CBS News reports the EPA has given the green light for the USDA's Wildlife Services, as well as...

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