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Could Ultrasound Restore Memories After Alzheimer's?

In mice at least, a new approach activates a cell that fights the disease

(Newser) - Alzheimer's disease is currently marching through the brains of some 5 million Americans, eradicating vast swaths of memories in a seemingly irrecoverable assault on cognition. But what if those memories were recoverable, that devastating assault reversible? Scientists in the journal Science Translational Medicine think they have a solid shot...

Alzheimer’s Spreads From Cell to Cell

New studies could someday help doctors halt the disease

(Newser) - Alzheimer’s disease spreads from brain cell to brain cell, like an infection—a discovery that could someday allow doctors to halt the disease in its tracks by blocking the cell-to-cell transmission. Two new studies in mice found that Alzheimer’s spreads like a virus, but it's not an...

Nose Exam Could Offer Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis

German scientists developing new detection method

(Newser) - German scientists think they’ve found a new way to detect Alzheimer’s years before a patient starts showing symptoms … and it involves looking up your nose. Chemists and pathologists at the Technical University of Darmstadt are developing a method to test the nasal mucous membrane for tau protein,...

New Test Predicts Alzheimer’s

Three markers in spinal fluid may help in development of treatment

(Newser) - The presence of certain biomarkers in spinal fluid can predict the development of Alzheimer's disease, even in patients who display no symptoms, according to breakthrough research being published tomorrow. "This is what everyone is looking for, the bull’s eye of perfect predictive accuracy," a doctor not connected...

'Rogue' Protein Spread Key to Alzheimer's

Discovery casts light on tangles found in brains of disease sufferers

(Newser) - A protein linked to Alzheimer’s can run amok in the brain, affecting healthy tissue, scientists have found. All nerve cells contain the tau protein, but a “rogue form” can lead to protein clumps in cells, called neurofibrillary tangles, that are believed to play a major role in Alzheimer’...

5 Stories
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