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Fake Cop Pulls Over Speeder, Collects Fine at ATM

Guy believed her even though she had no uniform

(Newser) - Another car pulls up beside you, and its female passenger demands you pull over for speeding, then tells you to pay a fine immediately. When you ask for ID, given she has no uniform, she tells you that's not necessary. Ontario police say a man found himself in this exact... More »

Speeding Swede Faces $1M Fine

Driver was going 180mph on Swiss road

(Newser) - A 37-year-old Swedish driver won't be forgetting his trip to Switzerland in a hurry. The man faces a record-breaking $1 million maximum fine after being caught driving his Mercedes SLS AMG at 180 miles per hour, over 100 miles per hour over the limit. The Swiss determine speeding fines by... More »

Traffic Cops Using More Unmarked Cars

'This is not about being sneaky'

(Newser) - Cops around the country are using more unmarked cars to catch speeders on the highway, USA Today reports, for one simple reason: Habitual speeders have gotten too good at spotting the marked ones. “This is not about being sneaky,” insists one North Dakota police chief. “This is... More »

Ticket-Crazed Virginia Hands Out 6,996 in One Weekend

States across the nation look to motorists as a way to fix budget gaps

(Newser) - In the olden days, cops handed out traffic tickets to keep us safe; in our brave, new, cash-strapped world, states and municipalities are pushing police to hand out as many as possible—for the money they bring in. Just look at Virginia, where last weekend police wrote 6,996 tickets... More »

Swiss Millionaire Hit With $290K Speeding Fine

Repeat offender handed history's priciest traffic ticket

(Newser) - A Swiss millionaire caught driving his Ferrari Testarossa through a residential area at 85 mph has been hit with the highest speeding ticket in history. The court handed the 53-year-old showoff a $290,000 fine based on his $23 million personal fortune, the fact that he was a repeat offender,... More »

Have Mercy, Officer: I Can't Think of a Good Excuse

(Newser) - Every time a cop pulls someone over, he or she is liable to hear an excuse. And every so often, a driver manages to surprise even the most jaded ticket-writer, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Like the pair of Frenchmen one officer caught speeding on Highway 101. They’d... More »

Finland, Land of the $200K Speeding Ticket

(Newser) - If you think that pricey speeding ticket is unfair, just look at Finland, where fines are based on income. Mental Floss takes a look at five doozies:
  • In 2002, a Nokia exec on a Harley got hit with a whopping $103,600 fine for cruising at 47mph in a 31mph
... More »

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