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Task Forces Tackle Dangerous—and Disgusting—Hoarding

California team has been trained to fight gag reflex

(Newser) - How'd you like to spend your days walking on piles of newspapers soaked with rat urine, helping hoarders clear their houses of not just junk but often gross junk, from mildewed papers to bottles of urine? That's what the members of California's Orange County Task Force on... More »

Email Trove Reveals 'Drunk, Despondent' Jacko

Singer was 'emotionally paralyzed mess': promoter

(Newser) - Another side to the story of Michael Jackson's final months is emerging, thanks to 250 pages of emails obtained by the Los Angeles Times . They reveal concerns over a singer plagued by "paranoia, anxiety, and obsessive-like behavior," as the director of Jackson's planned London shows wrote... More »

Hoarders' Kids Grapple With Messy Pasts

Some rarely return to childhood homes, face rifts with parents

(Newser) - Growing up with parents who hoard can mark a child for life—whether they’re compulsively neat, embarrassed to have friends over, or end up hoarders themselves. It can also lead to rifts between kids and parents, the New York Times learns in a series of interviews. “They grew... More »

In Apology, Assailant Calls Berlusconi Attack 'Cowardly'

Massimo Tartaglia has been in psychological treatment 10 years

(Newser) - The man who bashed Silvio Berlusconi yesterday in the face with a souvenir statue has apologized via letter, calling the attack “superficial, cowardly and impetuous.” Italian news agency ANSA reports that Massimo Tartaglia, 42, has been treated for psychological problems for the past decade, and told police he... More »

Newcomer to Baseball's Disabled List: Anxiety

(Newser) - Major League Baseball’s disabled list has expanded to include a previously touchy ailment, the Wall Street Journal reports—anxiety. Three players have recently sat out games because of publicly acknowledged cases of the “butterflies,” an admission unheard of just years ago. Though the airing of psychological problems... More »

5 Stories