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'I Want a Trial,' Says Trump. Here's What's Next

President expects Senate to clear him

(Newser) - "I want a trial." President Trump went on Fox & Friends Friday morning and said he looked forward to a Senate trial on impeachment to clear his name, reports Mediaite . After Trump made the statement, host Brian Kilmeade asked, "You want a trial?" And Trump doubled down:... More »

Trump: NYT Needs to Get on Knees, Beg

'They are truly the Enemy of the People!'

(Newser) - President Trump thinks the New York Times should "get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness." The comment came in a "Twitter rampage" attacking media outlets early Tuesday, per Fox News . Trump wrote that he was deserving of "a far bigger & better apology" than... More »

Trump Gets Skewered by Normally Loyal Fox Show

'He just refounded ISIS,' declares Brian Kilmeade in regard to Syria decision

(Newser) - Donald Trump once called Barack Obama the "founder of ISIS." On Friday, a usually staunch supporter of Trump turned the slam around on the president in surprising fashion. While discussing Trump's decision to pull US troops out of Syria , Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends told press... More »

Fox & Friends Co-Host Takes Heat on Separated Kids

Brian Kilmeade: 'It's not like [Trump] is doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas'

(Newser) - The controversy over separating immigrant children from their parents continues, this time thanks to words from a Fox & Friends co-host. Per Mediaite , Brian Kilmeade took to the airwaves Friday morning, staunchly defending President Trump's moves on dealing with immigrants trying to enter the US. "He's trying... More »

Trump: Americans Should 'Sit Up in Attention' for Me

He later said he was being sarcastic about remark made during impromptu Fox interview

(Newser) - President Trump had a busy morning Friday on Twitter , taking credit for bringing the World Cup to the US, boasting about the jobs numbers, and diving into the Justice Department's IG report , railing on FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI Director James Comey . It was another tweet, however,... More »

Porn Star's Lawyer: Trump Made 'Damaging Admission'

President acknowledges that Michael Cohen represented him in Stormy Daniels deal

(Newser) - During a half-hour phone conversation with Fox & Friends Thursday morning, President Trump acknowledged that attorney Michael Cohen made a deal on his behalf with adult film star Stormy Daniels. The Washington Post notes that it's the first time Trump has confirmed that Cohen represented him when paying Daniels... More »

Trudeau: 'We Like to Say Peoplekind, Not Mankind'

PM mocked for remark at town hall event

(Newser) - Is Justin Trudeau trying to kill off "mankind"? The Canadian prime minister was mocked for being a politically correct "snowflake" after video emerged of him correcting a woman at a town hall event who said maternal love will "change the future of mankind," the BBC... More »

New York Times Demands Apology From Fox News

There is trouble brewing between 'Fox and Friends' and the 'Times'

(Newser) - There's a media storm brewing between President Trump's favorite news outlet and one of his most hated, but it concerns a story that unfolded long before he took office. On Sunday, New York Times VP of Communications Danielle Rhoades Ha demanded an on-air apology from Fox and Friends... More »

How Trump Grades Himself Thus Far: A+, A, C+

President also explains why he tweets

(Newser) - On Monday night, President Trump hyped his upcoming Fox & Friends interview, and Tuesday morning he delivered—his first self-administered report card. In his sit-down with the Fox crew , which Politico notes was taped Monday afternoon, Trump awarded himself an A for achievement and an A-plus for effort so far,... More »

Whoops: Fox News Host Says Obama Funding Muslim Museum

...Falling for story from parody website

(Newser) - The misleading parody news industry claimed another pelt this weekend, when Fox & Friends co-host Anna Kooiman declared on the air that amidst the government shutdown, President Obama "has offered to pay for the Museum of Muslim Culture out of his own pocket." If that sounds ridiculous, it'... More »

Hasselbeck Swaps The View for Fox

She's joining Fox and Friends this fall

(Newser) - Another empty seat is coming up at The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving the ABC talk show for a new gig on Fox and Friends, the network has confirmed. The departure comes as part of a shake-up that includes the exit of Joy Behar and the retirement of Barbara Walters... More »

College 'Bro': How I Punked Fox

Max Rice promised what program wanted: disenchantment with Obama

(Newser) - Columbia College Chicago film student Max Rice knew he could snag Fox in a national TV prank after a friend of a friend reached out in a phone call seeking conservative graduates to blast President Obama on television. "When I picked up the phone, my ears perked up at... More »

Florida Gov Slams Feds' Lawsuit Against Voter Purges

Rick Scott: 'It doesn't make any sense'

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Rick Scott is showing no signs of backing off his showdown with the federal government, giving Fox & Friends today an earful over the feds' lawsuit to stop the Sunshine State's noncitizen voter purges . "We want to make sure that our voters get to vote and... More »

Romney: 'Forward' Is 'Absurd'

Mitt keeps trying to capitalize on Obama's 'private sector' gaffe

(Newser) - Mitt Romney kept on hammering President Obama's "private sector" gaffe on Fox and Friends today, telling the network that it was just one of a number of "very revealing comments that show just how far out of touch he is." In discussing the Federal Reserve's... More »

Fox Backtracks on Obama Attack Video

Fox & Friends video was unauthorized, Fox chiefs say

(Newser) - In a move that even Roger Ailes might have trouble describing as "fair and balanced' with a straight face, Fox & Friends morning show twice aired an anti-Obama video yesterday that strongly resembled a campaign ad. The 4-minute video, credited to a Fox producer and titled "Four Years... More »

SNL Scrapped Skit Mocking Obama

Spoofed president's handling of Osama bin Laden anniversary

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live opened this weekend with a sketch parodying Fox News (catch highlights here) —but the show had planned a spoof of President Obama, the Daily Caller reports. The ditched sketch featured regular Obama impersonator Fred Armisen taking a lot of credit for the killing of Osama bin... More »

Geraldo: Blame Hoodie for Trayvon's Death

Rivera says 'black and Latino youngsters' should not wear hoodies

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera knows what to blame for Trayvon Martin 's death: the teen's choice of clothing. The Fox News host said today on Fox & Friends that he would "bet money" George Zimmerman wouldn't have shot Martin if Martin hadn't been wearing a hoodie, Politico... More »

Hank Hits Back at Fox, ESPN —in Song

Country artist claims his words were twisted

(Newser) - Hank Williams Jr. is hitting back at the media—how else?—in song. The country artist’s Monday Night Football intro was dumped by ESPN after he compared President Obama to Hitler on Fox News (or Williams did the dumping himself, depending on who you ask). And now he’s... More »

Hank Williams Jr. Sorry for 'Dumb' Obama Comments

Thought of politicians golfing 'made me boil over,' singer says

(Newser) - Hank Williams Jr. has apologized—again—for comparing President Obama to Hitler during an appearance on Fox and Friends . The country singer, who was pulled from ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast after saying Obama playing golf with John Boehner "would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu,"... More »

ESPN Yanks Hank Williams After Obama-Hitler Rant

Last night, no 'Are you ready for some football?'

(Newser) - You may have noticed something missing from Monday Night Football last night: namely, Hank Williams Jr. asking, "Are you ready for some football?" as he's been doing for more than 20 years. ESPN pulled the country star's iconic song from the broadcast after Williams compared President Obama... More »

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