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Zuckerberg to 'Frenemy' Tim Cook: You're 'Extremely Glib'

Says Apple CEO's remarks aren't 'aligned with the truth' after he slams Facebook's 'monetized' users

(Newser) - "Has Facebook become too big to manage, and too dangerous when it fails?" muses Vox co-founder Ezra Klein in introducing an interview released Monday with Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg. And one of the topics in that chat makes Zuckerberg bristle: a recent slam by Apple CEO Tim Cook, described... More »

Politics Blinds Us to Pesky Facts: Study

Ezra Klein examines the intellectual abyss of partisanship

(Newser) - Politicians devote a lot of energy to what Ezra Klein calls the "More Information Hypothesis," the theory that voters would agree with them if they understood the issues better. But a 2013 study suggests that's not true, Klein points out at his launched-last-night site Vox. Researchers first... More »

In 5 Days, ObamaCare Politics Will Change Forever

A Ron Johnson quote has Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas excited

(Newser) - Things will almost certainly go wrong on Jan. 1, when the health care people have been buying from ObamaCare exchanges actually kicks in. People who thought they were covered will find out they're not, or that their plan isn't what they thought it was. But it will also... More »

There's No 'iPod Presidency' in Old-Guard DC

Old organizations like HHS don't tend to be 'nimble': Megan McArdle

(Newser) - We should have known the health care website wouldn't be sleek and speedy—even if we were hoping for a tech-savvy "iPod presidency." After all, the website is the product of a Health and Human Services department that's been around for a while, and a longstanding... More »

The IRS Was Stupid—but Not Partisan

IRS report shows agents were incompetent, but not politically motivated: Pundits

(Newser) - The inspector general's IRS report is out (read it in full at the Washington Post , if 54 pages of dry analysis and liberal use of the underline function sound like your thing), and some pundits say it's not exactly as jaw-droppingly scandalous as it was made out to... More »

Obama Budget Leaves GOP With 'No Excuses'

Ezra Klein: White House aims to expose Republican 'intransigence'

(Newser) - President Obama's budget proposal is the latest move in his administration's "systematic" effort to expose flimsy GOP excuses for government inaction, writes Ezra Klein in the Washington Post . Republicans had complained that Obama didn't extend a hand to them; now, he's constantly meeting with them.... More »

This Is Supposed to Be Filibuster Reform?!

Ezra Klein sits down with Harry Reid, and isn't impressed by his answers

(Newser) - Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have struck a deal on filibuster reform. "The deal is this: the filibuster will not be reformed," quips Ezra Klein in the Washington Post . Reid's deal doesn't do away with the 60-vote threshold to pass bills, nor does it go particularly... More »

Obama Gives 'Most Liberal' Speech Ever

President tosses a glove at the feet of Republicans

(Newser) - A Band-Aid to heal a divided America, it was not: Liberals and conservatives alike are calling President Obama's fiery inaugural speech today a call to arms for liberal values in stark opposition to his opponents. A sample:
  • "I was expecting an anodyne tone-poem about healing national wounds, surmounting
... More »

Joe Biden Could Be President— No, Seriously!

Ezra Klein thinks Biden has skills and gravitas under that silly exterior

(Newser) - Joe Biden is kind of the "zany neighbor" of the Obama administration, a veritable font of weird one-liners ("Spread your legs!" he told Sen. Heidi Heitkamp's husband this week . "You're gonna be frisked!") and Internet jokes (like this one ). Really, he... More »

Tax Reform Won't Solve All Our Problems

Ezra Klein thinks Washington is investing too much in this idea

(Newser) - Both sides on Capitol Hill are embracing the idea of tax reform as a solution to the deficit crisis. John Boehner recently assured us that simplifying the code would "support economic growth," improve efficiency, and generate more revenue besides. "That’s the Washington consensus on tax reform:... More »

Ed Schultz Out, Ezra Klein In at MSNBC?

'New York Times' profile floats rumor

(Newser) - Are Ed Schultz's days at MSNBC—or at least in its 8pm slot—numbered? Mediaite spotted an intriguing detail in this New York Times profile of the increasingly liberal network: Sources say the network is looking for more political shows, and consider Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein their top... More »

Romney's Real Foe: This Guy

Ezra Klein: His policies are depressingly similar to George Bush's

(Newser) - Romney's biggest problem this election season isn't Barack Obama; it's George W. Bush, argues Ezra Klein at Bloomberg . It's Bush, not Obama, "who has made voters skeptical of many of Romney's core policies." Yet when asked directly how he contrasted with Bush at... More »

Did '47%' Video Cost Mitt the Election?

Pundits analyze Romney's income tax assertion

(Newser) - Leaked video of a May Mitt Romney fundraiser—in which the candidate calls half the country self-proclaimed 'victims' —has the pundits swarming, with some saying it just might cost him the election. Here's what they're saying:
  • The video "has killed Mitt Romney's campaign for
... More »

'Are You Better Off?' Well, It's Irrelevant

Ezra Klein points out that the president's 'record' doesn't mean a ton

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has been feverishly reciting Ronald Regan's famous quote: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" But that's a "dumb campaign question," Ezra Klein writes for Bloomberg , because "four years ago, George W. Bush was still president." Romney himself... More »

Romney Tax Plan 'Mathematically Impossible'

Non-partisan analysis says numbers don't add up

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has said that he has an economic plan and he's "not afraid to put it on the table." But the truth is that "the only thing he has put on table is dessert," writes Ezra Klein on Bloomberg . Romney says he'll cut... More »

The GOP Is Forcing Us to Elect Romney

Ezra Klein says Republicans have got a 'gun to the economy's head'

(Newser) - If you care about the economy, you'd better vote for Mitt Romney. Not because of his supposed private sector experience—his policies are indistinguishable from career politician Paul Ryan's—but "because if Romney is elected, Republicans won't choose to crash the economy," writes Ezra Klein... More »

How Much Did Obama Really Add to Deficit?

Ezra Klein crunches the numbers and comes up with a lower total than you think

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has taken to carrying around a debt clock, blaming President Obama for the ever-climbing number it shows. But the clock doesn't show how much Obama has actually added to that debt, so Ezra Klein set out to find out. "There are two answers," he writes... More »

In Amazon's Warehouse, Shades of Grapes of Wrath

LeHigh warehouse like something out of Grapes of Wrath , Ezra Klein observes

(Newser) - In the Grapes of Wrath, the Joad family gets a hard lesson in economics, when they follow a handbill for jobs to California—only to find there are no jobs. Why, he asks, did they put out the handbills? A fellow homeless man replies that if you’ve but one... More »

Shutdown Averted, but DC's Antics Are Getting Absurd

...and costly: Ezra Klein

(Newser) - The government shutdown has been averted , but don't expect Ezra Klein to break out the confetti. This week's shutdown threat was the third we've faced this year, and the "most absurd yet." Congress has gone from battling over sizable figures (a deal struck earlier this... More »

Why Obama's Speech Doesn't Matter

Politics is a hopeless morass

(Newser) - President Obama is scheduled to give a major speech on the economy at some point next week, but Ezra Klein has stopped pretending that matters. The idea that Obama’s rhetoric could rouse Congress into action is a fantasy “found in Aaron Sorkin dramas and liberal op-ed columns,... More »

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