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Burning Cars, Spilled Nails Await Armored-Car Driver

Robbers set a trap on a highway near Milan, Italy

(Newser) - In a bid to rob an armored vehicle, a gang of robbers set up barriers of burning vehicles and spilled nails on a highway near Milan but were foiled when the driver evaded their traps, according to news reports Wednesday, the AP reports. The assailants, believed to number about a...

Truck Spills $175K on Georgia Highway

Drivers were 'frantically taking the money'

(Newser) - After a truck lost part of its load on Interstate 285 in Georgia Tuesday, numerous citizens stopped their vehicles to help clean up the spillage. But it wasn't exactly a display of public-spiritedness—they were grabbing cash that had fallen out of an armored truck. In a Facebook post...

Armored Truck Loses $500K on Highway

About $300K still missing in New Jersey

(Newser) - More than half a million dollars spilled from an armored truck onto a New Jersey highway, and nearly $300,000 remains missing a day later, police said Friday. East Rutherford police said in a statement that two bags of cash fell from a Brink's truck near MetLife Stadium on...

'Spy vs. Spy': How the FBI Outwitted Armored-Car Robber

Authorities figure out Redrick Batiste's strategy on stolen cars, use it against him

(Newser) - Texas Monthly is out with a fascinating account of how the FBI stopped the mastermind of a series of violent armored-car robberies in Houston beginning in 2015. In some of those heists, guards were essentially executed without a chance to surrender. The big break came when an informant, apparently...

New Ford Police Car Stops Armor-Piercing Bullets

It's the first to do so in the US, Ford says

(Newser) - Ford will soon offer what it says is the first police car in the US with protection against bullets that can pierce armor. The doors on its new Police Interceptors are the first to meet federal government standards from "armor-piercing .30-caliber rifle rounds," Business Insider reports. Ford says...

Flying Cash Shuts Down Maryland Interstate

Armored car's door burst open, and drivers behind it got what they could

(Newser) - Drivers scrambled to grab money flying around a Maryland highway this morning after an armored truck's door burst open. Maryland State Police say a lock on the truck seems to have malfunctioned, causing the door to open. A bag of cash fell onto Interstate 270 near Urbana, and the...

Armored Car Loses $21K After Bag Left on Roof

Casino money long gone

(Newser) - Some lucky traveler in New Jersey may have scored the easiest jackpot ever from a casino. The Press of Atlantic City reports that a bag filled with $21,000 from Revel casino went missing because an armored car drove off with it on the roof. The best part is that...

Drug War Drives Mexicans to Armored Cars

It's a sign of how drastic violence is there

(Newser) - Why did Mexico soundly oust its ruling party in yesterday's election? ABC News points to a trend that might explain: Drug violence in the country is so bad that a growing number of ordinary families are investing in armored cars. "I would say in the last four years,...

SUV Convenience Feature Is Fatal for US Agent

Doors unlocked on Jaime Zapata's $160K armored Chevy Suburban

(Newser) - US special agent Jaime Zapata was killed last year in Mexico while he was inside a state-of-the-art, $160,000 armored Chevy Suburban. So why didn't it save him? Because when he threw the car into park, the doors automatically unlocked, the Washington Post reports. This convenience feature, which makes...

$200K Blows Out of Armored Car

Oddly, much of the cash hasn't been returned

(Newser) - Merry Christmas, travelers on Pennsylvania's Route 19. It seems an armored car ferrying bags of cash on Wednesday drove for some time with a back door wide open—and that allowed about $200,000 to fly out, reports WPXI . A passing motorist finally managed to alert the armored car'...

Cops Seize Tank From Mexican Drug Gang

Home-made tank captured after shootout

(Newser) - The arms race between rival Mexican drug cartels is showing no signs of slowing down. Police have seized the second "narcotank" in a month from the Zetas cartel, CNN reports. The home-made tank—a Ford truck with steel plating, gun ports, a rotating turret, and a battering ram—was...

Ohio Drivers Scramble for Cash After $200K Spill

Police trying to track down motorists, missing cash

(Newser) - Police in Columbus, Ohio have warned motorists who took part in a roadside cash grab this week that cash that falls out of the back of an armored car doesn't count as free money. A blizzard of cash coated an intersection after a bag of cash bounced out of the...

Brazilian Teen's Ride: Pink, Sporty, Bulletproof

In Sao Paulo, armoring a car is as much about status as protection

(Newser) - Sao Paulo, Brazil, is known as the armored car capital of the world, and for good reason, the Wall Street Journal reports. Brazil's murder rate is 5 times the rate in the US, and the wealthy are historically at risk for kidnapping. Add to that a recent influx of wealth,...

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