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Eat, Pray, Love Author Is Now in a Same-Sex Relationship

Elizabeth Gilbert announces romance on Facebook

(Newser) - Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, who split from her husband of nine years in July , says she's in love with her best friend, a woman named Rayya Elias, who was recently diagnosed with incurable pancreatic and liver cancer, the AP reports. Gilbert says in a lengthy Facebook post... More »

Elizabeth Gilbert Splits From Her Eat Pray Love Love

She and husband Jose Nunes are separating

(Newser) - Elizabeth Gilbert is separating from her husband, Jose Nunes—or, as he may be better known to fans of her book Eat Pray Love, Felipe. That's the name she gave him in the book, which is about a journey she set out on after her first marriage collapsed, the... More »

Whatever Happened to Mr. Liz Gilbert?

Eat, Pray, Love author's ex-hubby can't be having a good week

(Newser) - How does it feel to be one of the world’s most famous ex-husbands, watching your wife ( as portrayed on screen by Julia Roberts!) rocket to fame, fortune, and Oprah’s book club with the success of her book all about your divorce? In the case of Eat,... More »

Eat, Pray, Love, Play Bingo!

Fight chick-flick boredom with a game

(Newser) - Had enough of Julia Roberts and her latest chick flick? The cure is Eat, Pray, Love bingo. Yes, bingo, Dodai Stewart and Sadie Stein blog for Jezebel . Print out your board, smuggle it into the multiplex, and keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, elephants, crying men, and of course eating,... More »

Hollywood Just Loves Divorce

It equals liberation, baby!

(Newser) - Hollywood has had a long love affair...with divorce. It's the topic du jour once again, thanks to Eat, Pray, Love, which paints the aftermath of the big split as "getting down with James Franco and Javier Bardem, copious amounts of gelato and pizza, and finding 'your truth' at... More »

That Eat, Pray, Love Spiritual Retreat Will Not Save You

Many return broke, or at least bored

(Newser) - Just in case you read Eat, Pray, Love and now believe spending a month (and $19,795) at an ashram will change your life, the New York Post is here to tell you…it probably won’t. Thanks to the book, spiritual retreats are incredibly trendy, but many who take... More »

Gilbert's Latest Lacks Magic of Eat, Pray, Love

Academic interest in marriage obscures personal touch in Committed

(Newser) - Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, Committed, has our heroine coming to terms with marriage after swearing off the institution, with the aid of a lot of research. Some critics aren't convinced:
  • "One generally doesn’t indulge another person’s emotional processing at this length unless the
... More »

Julia Roberts Flick Bars Indian Worshippers From Temple

Villagers none too happy with actress, who was previously considered 'Hindu-friendly'

(Newser) - She may be America’s sweetheart, but villagers in India are not feeling the love for Julia Roberts after the actress caused them to be barred from their temple—at the beginning of a religious celebration, no less, the Telegraph reports. Ironically, Roberts—and her 350-member security team, derided in... More »

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