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Florida Police Mourn Dog Who Died After 'Heat Episode'

Archer was chasing a suspect on July 4, when the temperature was in the mid-90s

(Newser) - A police dog in Florida succumbed to the heat while tracking a suspect on the Fourth of July, reports the Tallahassee Democrat . "It is with a heavy broken heart that I inform our community that K9 Archer has passed away," wrote Madison County Sheriff David Harper in a...

Cops' K-9 Is the Subject of an Internal Affairs Probe

German shepherd is under scrutiny after biting incidents

(Newser) - As a puppy, there were high hopes for Ayke to help revive the Santa Fe Police Department's K-9 program. Now, four years later, the German shepherd is in the doghouse. He has bitten more people than any other dog in the department's K-9 unit and is the subject...

Gunman Shot After Fatally Wounding K9

San Diego Police Department mourns Sir

(Newser) - San Diego police shot and killed a gunman on a community college campus Wednesday after he fatally wounded a police dog, authorities said. The man was pronounced dead at a hospital after the confrontation at San Diego Mesa College, police said. His name wasn't immediately released. Police were investigating...

Dogs Bound for K9 Training Die in 'Freak Event'

The air conditioning went out in the cargo area of the truck they were in

(Newser) - At least eight German shepherds died Thursday while en route from Chicago to a K9 training center in Michigan City, Indiana, in what's being described as a "freak event." The driver was transporting 18 dogs when the AC unit in the separate cargo area went out. NBC...

Officer Who Released Dog on Surrendering Suspect Fired

Ohio police force says officer's behavior didn't meet its 'standards and expectations'

(Newser) - The Ohio police officer who was caught on video releasing a police dog on a Black truck driver who was surrendering with his hands up has been fired. The Circleville Police Department said in a statement that "Officer Ryan Speakman's actions during the review of his canine apprehension...

Police Dog Told to Attack Surrendering Suspect

Investigation is underway in Circleville, Ohio

(Newser) - An investigation is underway into police treatment of an unarmed Black man after a traffic stop, and this one involves a police dog. As ABC News reports, the dog was ordered to attack a man who was on his knees and surrendering with his hands up. The attack came after...

Gig Driver Who Missed Car Rental Payments Mauled by K9

Ali Badr is suing city of San Ramon, Calif., for excessive force after being pulled over by cops

(Newser) - A gig driver badly mauled by a police dog is suing a San Francisco area suburb, alleging use of excessive force and violation of civil rights when police stopped him in December 2020 after he'd missed car rental payments, reports the AP . Dashboard and body-camera videos obtained by the...

Now That Pot Will Be Legal Here, a Surprise Forced Retirement

Drug-sniffing K9 units in Virginia are being 'put out to pasture earlier than planned'

(Newser) - Asking dogs to follow their noses won't work anymore in states that have legalized marijuana. As Virginia prepares to legalize adult possession of up to an ounce of marijuana on July 1, drug-sniffing police dogs from around the state are being forced into early retirement, following a trend in...

Navy Investigating 'Target' Used in K9 Attack Demo

Military dogs went after man dressed as Colin Kaepernick at National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

(Newser) - In addition to US service members, military dogs are sent onto battlefields to help defeat foes, and a demonstration last year at a Florida nonprofit was meant to show how that's done. But video has now emerged of that demo in Fort Pierce at the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum,...

Cops Couldn't Find Missing Boy. They Went to Plan B

K9 team tracks down 3-year-old with autism in 28 minutes in Florida

(Newser) - For two hours on Sunday, sheriff's deputies methodically scoured the woods in a Pensacola suburb, frantically searching for a 3-year-old boy with autism who'd vanished. They came up empty, so they decided to pull out the big guns: the K9 team. "Once the [dogs] hit the ground,...

Drug Dog Collapses, Dies After Prison Search

Officials believe reaction to synthetic pot killed Jake

(Newser) - An Alabama Department of Corrections drug-sniffing dog was carrying out a contraband search at a prison last week when he sniffed out something that killed him. Authorities say Jake, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, collapsed after detecting the substance during a contraband search Thursday at the Staton Correctional Facility, the Montgomery ...

In 4M-Acre Forest Sat Suitcases Holding $1M of Meth
Police Dog Makes
Million-Dollar Find

Police Dog Makes Million-Dollar Find

Gunner finds 2 suitcases filled with meth in Washington state forest

(Newser) - Good boy, Gunner. You, too, human partner Sgt. Gene Davis of the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office in Washington state. The pair discovered two suitcases filled with methamphetamine in the 4-million-acre Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, reports CNN . Total weight: 186 pounds. Total street value: $1 million, reports KREM . The discovery of...

Cop Dumps Retired Police Dog at Animal Shelter

K9 handler demoted to patrol duty

(Newser) - The Police Department in Jackson, Miss., says its K9 dogs are like "family"—so it was less than thrilled to discover that a retired police dog had been left at an animal shelter by his handler, who was meant to be looking after it. The department says officer...

Gang Puts Big Bounty on Head of a Dog

Drug-sniffing Sombra has been relocated in Colombia because Urabeños clan is after her

(Newser) - A drug-sniffing Colombian police dog with nearly 250 arrests under her collar recently tracked down more than 10 tons of coke from a major drug gang. The gang's reaction: a bounty on the pooch's head that may be up to $70,000. The Telegraph reports that Sombra (Spanish...

'Anderson Cooper' Bites Anderson Cooper

A dog, and the CNN host were involved

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper recently bit Anderson Cooper and pulled him to the ground. The Anderson Cooper doing the biting was a police dog in Norfolk, Va. The Anderson Cooper who was bitten was the CNN host. It was all thanks to his interest in Spike's K9 Fund , a nonprofit that...

'Too Friendly' for Police Academy, Pup Gets an Upgrade

Meet Vice-Regal Dog Gavel

(Newser) - What happens to dogs that are kicked out of the police academy for being "too friendly"? In the case of Gavel, a German shepherd puppy in Australia, post-expulsion life is, um, not so bad. After the companionable dog was rejected by the Queensland Police Service—he "did...

K9 Units Are Falling Victim to Powerful, Dangerous Drug

Police dogs are more susceptible than humans to dangers of fentanyl

(Newser) - Police officers conducting drug raids with their K9 units are now dealing with what the DEA has called an "unprecedented threat": fentanyl, the same powerful opioid that killed Prince earlier this year. Both the Miami Herald and NBC News report on the drug's dangers, which the cop canines...

Hot Cars Are Also Killing Police Dogs

Faulty AC units, human negligence are factors in these preventable deaths: experts

(Newser) - A BuzzFeed investigation this year found at least 29 US police dogs had died of heatstroke in their handlers' cars over the past seven years. But a new analysis of 619 deaths since 2011 by the Green Bay Press-Gazette raises that number to at least 46 dogs, with 18 others...

K9 Cop Uses Leash to Save Woman

Woman was reportedly suicidal, close to falling from overpass

(Newser) - A K9 officer didn't have to rely on man's best friend to help a distressed woman on Saturday, but his police dog's leash definitely came in handy. Daren Kendrick was in the right place at the right time as a responder on the scene at a traffic...

Cop Attempts Suicide After Dogs Die in Hot Car

Brit handler forgot about dogs as temperatures soared

(Newser) - One of the most experienced police dog trainers in Britain slashed his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt after accidentally leaving two dogs to roast to death in a locked car on one of the hottest days of the year. Sergeant Ian Craven didn't remember leaving the dogs, a...

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