Typhoid Mary

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New Clue in Mystery of Typhoid Mary

New study sheds light on how she remained asymptomatic

(Newser) - A new Stanford University study solves part of the mystery surrounding Typhoid Mary, the New York Times reports. Scientists have long wondered how Mary Mallon could have infected so many people as a carrier of typhoid fever in the early 1900s, yet appear perfectly healthy for decades. The study offers...

Obama-Bashing Is Manchurian Candidate Crap

Claims he has an anti-US agenda go well beyond Bush-loathing

(Newser) - Liberals questioned George W Bush's legitimacy and wanted him to fail, writes Michael Tomasky, so what's the difference between those Bush haters and the birthers, teabaggers, and "paranoid" “committed conservatives” who Tomasky writes are way “off the continuum” of political debate over Barack Obama’s presidency? No...

2 Stories
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