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Bobby Riggs Accused of Throwing 'Battle of the Sexes'

To pay mafia debts, alleges new report

(Newser) - A new report by ESPN lobs some heavy accusations the late tennis legend Bobby Riggs—namely, that he threw the 1973 "Battle of the Sexes" game he lost to Billie Jean King in order to pay off gambling debts to the mafia. A little history refresher: Riggs, then 55,...

Women May Be Smarter, But They're Also Lazier

Despite longer lifespan, ladies are less active

(Newser) - Guys, here's something to cite the next time your gal is nagging you to get off the couch: An international study suggests that women are lazier than men. A paper published by Lancet this week surveyed 122 countries to find out how active the global population is, reports Time...

Hey, Guys: Women Are Better People Than You

And we all grow more moral as we age: study

(Newser) - Women are the more moral sex, making choices in light of others' needs, a study suggests. Men, on the other hand, tend to focus on themselves, the Telegraph reports. The female approach "tends to produce better decisions," says the philosopher who conducted the study. But both sexes become...

Men Often Say 'I Love You' First

But it might be because they have ulterior motives in mind: Study

(Newser) - Women may have a reputation for romance, but when it comes to saying the magic words—“I love you”—it turns out they’re a good deal slower than men. According to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, two-thirds of couples report that guys...

Congrats, Men: You Sweat Better Than Women

Study: Females have to work much harder at it

(Newser) - Men really do sweat more than women, and a team of scientists says it's because they're naturals at it. Japanese researchers found that male exercisers began sweating at a much lower body temperature than their female counterparts. All in all, the scientists found that men lose twice as much moisture...

Women Are the New Men

The postindustrial economy belongs to females

(Newser) - You've had a nice long run, guys, but it's a women's world now. Hanna Rosin rounds up the evidence in an Atlantic piece headlined "The End of Men" (women for the first time hold most of the country's jobs; three-quarters of the 8 million jobs lost in this recession...

Women Are Better Beer Tasters

So says MillerCoors, which has a lot riding on it

(Newser) - Men guzzle way more beer, but women seem to have a better nose for it. One major brewer—SABMiller, which makes Miller and Coors, among other brands—has concluded that women are better able to discern when a batch is skunky or just right, and as a result, the company...

More Sexual Harassment Claims Being Filed—by Men

Recession pushes laid-off guys to sue

(Newser) - A growing number of men are filing sexual harassment claims, probably thanks in part to a recession that has hit men especially hard. Roughly 16.4% of all sexual harassment claims now come from men, compared to 15.4% in 2006, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Most of...

FSU Glams Up Hoops Stars, Sparks Uproar

Marketing Florida State players smacks of homophobia

(Newser) - Female basketball stars' three-pointers, hook shots, muscles, and agility don't score with Florida State University officials. They've also got to look good in the slinky gowns they had to don for the team's website. Now women are crying foul. Each member of the team, some provocatively clutching basketballs, wears a...

Pundits Lie, Numbers Don't: Women Despise Palin

Frum: So stop telling us how popular she is with 'the people'

(Newser) - Former Bush speechwriter David Frum is sick and tired of hearing the punditocracy gush over how much everyone loves Sarah Palin, and, armed with fistfuls of polls, reminds us: Her fan club is conservative men, and women of all stripes despise her. “If you like Palin,” he writes...

Porn Doesn't Have to Ruin Sex

But only if guys remember it's entertainment, not an educational tool

(Newser) - Porn’s been getting a bad rap of late for turning men into bad lovers. But it’s really the guys’ fault, not the porn, writes Cord Jefferson . A Nielsen survey reports that a third of visitors to XXX websites are women, so clearly porn itself isn’t a definitive...

Women's Star Lieberman Wants to Play Obama

Hall of Famer, 51, takes exception to all-male White House games

(Newser) - Taking exception to all-male White House basketball games, Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman today challenged President Obama to some one-on-one. “To score some real points with the public, stop arguing and just play ball—with the best,” Lieberman, 51 and coming off a stint last year in the...

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