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Man Claims Fastest NY-to-LA Drive Ever

Ed Bolian made it in less than 29 hours, demolishing record

(Newser) - Ed Bolian says he's done something virtually impossible, highly dangerous, and extraordinarily illegal: Along with a hastily-recruited co-driver and passenger, he drove from New York City to LA in 28 hours and 50 minutes, he tells Doug Demuro of Jalopnik . That means the team traveled an average of 98mph,... More »

Guy's Excuse for Going 140mph: I Had to Pee

Let's just say the cops weren't very sympathetic

(Newser) - When you gotta go, apparently you gotta go 140mph: Or at least that's the excuse 26-year-old Adam Lester fed to a cop in Pekin, Ill., after he was allegedly clocked going 140mph through town. Police say Lester was cruising at way more than the 55mph speed limit, then evaded... More »

Zimmerman Stopped by Police, Again

This time he gets a ticket

(Newser) - George Zimmerman hasn't had much luck staying out of the spotlight since his acquittal. There was the gun factory visit , the heroic car-crash rescue , the speeding with a gun incident , and now another brush with police. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Florida police stopped a bearded Zimmerman in Lake... More »

EU Looks to Make Drivers Stop Speeding

Britain opposes 'Big Brother' proposal

(Newser) - The European Union is pushing a high-tech plan to prevent speeding: Cars could be equipped with devices to reduce their speed when it breaks the limit, the Daily Mail reports. Some 30,000 people in the EU die in road accidents each year; officials are hoping to slash that figure... More »

Zimmerman Stopped for Speeding, With Gun

He's let off with a warning in Texas

(Newser) - George Zimmerman had another brush with the law over the weekend, this time for a minor offense. An officer in Forney, Texas, pulled him over for speeding but ultimately let him go with a warning, reports TMZ . The most interesting tidbit is that during the stop, Zimmerman revealed that he... More »

Journo Hastings' Car Was Speeding Before Death: Cop

Conspiracy theories emerge

(Newser) - The car carrying journalist Michael Hastings —in which he was apparently the only person, the New York Times notes—was likely speeding before he died in a crash, says a former LAPD cop. The car's motor was found some 100 feet away from the vehicle, suggesting the driver... More »

Woman Celebrates Return of DUI-Lost License—With DUI

Chicago woman said she was partying at a bar before arrest

(Newser) - When preemptively celebrating the return of a driver's license lost to a DUI, most people might attempt to, say, not drink and drive. Or get pulled over. While speeding. With BAC at twice the legal limit. Nevertheless, police say that's the predicament Chicago-area woman Erin James found herself... More »

1 in 24 Admit Falling Asleep Behind Wheel

CDC survey suggests drowsy driving is a real problem

(Newser) - A big CDC survey finds that 1 in 24 Americans admit to nodding off while driving at least once, reports AP . What's worse, officials think the number is probably higher because people often don't remember doing so. Men are more likely to fall asleep, as are those ages... More »

Bieber's Driving Prompted 10 Calls to 911

LA councilman Dennis Zine calls 100mph estimate 'conservative'

(Newser) - Looks like LA councilman Dennis Zine wasn't the only one worried about the Biebs' driving yesterday . Turns out 9 other drivers called 911 to complain about Justin Bieber's reckless ways on the Hollywood Freeway before CHP officers pulled him over, TMZ reports. The singer insists he was only... More »

LA Lawmaker Wants Bieber Arrested

Pop sensation was pulled over on the freeway 'driving like maniac'

(Newser) - Should Justin Bieber's next concert be held behind bars? One Los Angeles City Councilman thinks so. Bieber was caught speeding on the freeway in his chrome Fisker Karma at 11:30am today, and witness to the scene was councilman/former LAPD motor officer Dennis Zine, who told TMZ , "Bieber... More »

Iowa Motorcyclist Convicted in 188MPH Chase

James Foldenauer eluded patrol cars, but not the plane

(Newser) - An Iowa man fleeing the cops on his motorcycle reached an astounding 188 mph on a public highway. James Foldenauer was convicted this week of eluding a peace officer for the breakneck chase in 2009, reports the Des Moines Register . Troopers say the speed is almost surely a state record,... More »

Harry Reid & Co. Want to Kill Checkpoint-Dodging Apps

Apple, Google urged to stop selling apps that help drivers dodge police

(Newser) - Want to know if there's a checkpoint ahead targeting speeders or drunk drivers? There's an app for that—many, in fact—but Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, and Tom Udall say there shouldn't be. The four senators have written to Apple, Google, and BlackBerry, urging the companies to stop... More »

Town Called Speed Gets New Name: Speedkills

Aussie town sick of unsafe drivers

(Newser) - The tiny Australian town of Speed has a new name—temporarily. Following a successful Facebook campaign, and plenty of encouragement from road safety officials concerned about the rising death rate on country roads, the Outback town will change its name to Speedkills for the month of March, Reuters reports. More »

'PigSpotter' Tweeter Angers South African Police

He tweets locations of radar traps, traffic stops

(Newser) - Police in South Africa are searching for the person behind the user name PigSpotter, a Twitter feed that alerts drivers to speed traps and roadblocks on the streets of Johannesburg. PigSpotter, who has attracted nearly 14,000 followers since June, tweets frequent warnings using terms such as "pigs" and... More »

City Will Scare Fast Drivers With 3-D Image of Girl

She'll pop up from the road chasing a ball

(Newser) - West Vancouver wants its drivers to be safer and less distracted, so it's going to start scaring the bejeezus out of them with a 3-D image of a girl on the road. "You’ll see this image start to rise off the pavement and it will look like a... More »

Speeding Swede Faces $1M Fine

Driver was going 180mph on Swiss road

(Newser) - A 37-year-old Swedish driver won't be forgetting his trip to Switzerland in a hurry. The man faces a record-breaking $1 million maximum fine after being caught driving his Mercedes SLS AMG at 180 miles per hour, over 100 miles per hour over the limit. The Swiss determine speeding fines by... More »

New Technology Nails Speeders From Space

Civil liberties group slams 'SpeedSpike'

(Newser) - Forget about trying to spot this speed trap: British authorities are testing new technology that uses satellites to catch speeders. The system combines license-plate-reading technology with a GPS system to calculate a vehicle's average speed between two points. The makers of the "SpeedSpike" system say it could reduce the... More »

Joe Namath's Daughter Busted With 7 Oz. of Pot in Car

Olivia Namath also had an open container, charged with intent to sell

(Newser) - Famed Jets quarterback Joe Namath’s daughter was pulled over yesterday for doing 58mph in a 50mph zone, but things got a little tricky when the officer started sniffing around and smelled pot. The officer searched the car and found what the Palm Beach Post calls “a bag of... More »

Swiss Millionaire Hit With $290K Speeding Fine

Repeat offender handed history's priciest traffic ticket

(Newser) - A Swiss millionaire caught driving his Ferrari Testarossa through a residential area at 85 mph has been hit with the highest speeding ticket in history. The court handed the 53-year-old showoff a $290,000 fine based on his $23 million personal fortune, the fact that he was a repeat offender,... More »

Finland, Land of the $200K Speeding Ticket

(Newser) - If you think that pricey speeding ticket is unfair, just look at Finland, where fines are based on income. Mental Floss takes a look at five doozies:
  • In 2002, a Nokia exec on a Harley got hit with a whopping $103,600 fine for cruising at 47mph in a 31mph
... More »

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