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School Sex Scandal Is One for the Ages

Three-way affair at Stanford University gets very messy

(Newser) - A love triangle at the Stanford Graduate School of Business has forced the school's dean to resign and led to an ugly battle between all involved, Vanity Fair reports. James Phills and Deborah Gruenfeld were professors there three years ago, locked in an estranged marriage, when Phills learned she... More »

University Giving Away Free Business Degrees

Arizona State University will offer full scholarships to all full-time MBA students

(Newser) - Starting next fall, Arizona State University will be giving full scholarships to any and all students enrolling in its full-time MBA program, the Wall Street Journal reports. That means students can earn their business degrees for a whopping zero dollars. University administrators swear the desert sun hasn't baked their... More »

Plight of the New MBA: Fewer Jobs, Lesser Pay

Having degree no longer gets you into 'exclusive club'

(Newser) - If you ditched your law school dreams and took the MBA route instead in the hope of actually finding a well-paying job upon graduation, the Wall Street Journal has some really depressing news for you. The paper today takes a look at the plight of recent MBAs, who are emerging... More »

Many Succeed in Business School Without Really Trying

Both students, teachers to blame

(Newser) - A senior accounting major at one Virginia university only goes to class to take tests or give presentations. On weeks he doesn't have a test, he may not crack open a textbook. If he has a take-home test, he can usually Google the answers. In a typical day, he says,... More »

McDonald's to Offer McDegree

Fast-food chain to offer unique program to employees

(Newser) - University of ... McDonald's? Well, not quite. But the fast-food chain now offers a proprietary degree in business management to its UK employees, the BBC reports. The 2-year degree program is accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University and similar to the university's management development program, but has been modified so that it... More »

The Business Genius of the Grateful Dead

Biz school studies the power of passion, early social networking

(Newser) - Barry Barnes saw the Grateful Dead 194 times during the band's 30-year-long run, which ended when Jerry Garcia died, in 1995. But his passion hasn't died, and Barnes, now a business school professor, uses the Dead as a case study in what he calls "strategic improvisation" and very early... More »

US Business School Grads Seek Work Abroad

Overseas opportunities lure MBAs away from Wall Street

(Newser) - Exports of American business school graduates are soaring as the recession turns grads away from the traditional path to Wall Street. Taking a post abroad generally means a lower salary, but grads from some of the country's top business schools say the career boost from working in thriving foreign economies... More »

Business Grads Promise a More Ethical Future

MBA Class of '09 pledges to remember that greed isn't good

(Newser) - The next generation of business school grads may change the face of finance for the better, the New York Times reports. MBA programs across the country are seeing an explosion of interest in ethics courses, and at Harvard Business School a full 20% of this year's grads have signed a... More »

MBA Programs Face Their Role in Financial Crisis

(Newser) - Executives have taken a lot of blame for the financial crisis, whether for focusing on short-term gains in stock price or placing too much faith in ultra-complex financial instruments, writes Bradford Plumer for the New Republic. But what about the business schools that taught them to manage that way in... More »

Economic Crisis Wallops Business Grads

Current students jockey for fewer jobs; programs see surge in applications

(Newser) - With the financial world in free-fall, recent business-school graduates are finding fewer jobs and fierce competition for the ones that remain, Business Week reports. “A lot of the factors affecting my future employment are out of my hands,” said one MBA student preparing to hunt for a job... More »

Univ. of Chicago Biz School Banks $300M

Low-profile fund manager Booth makes historic donation

(Newser) - An alumnus of the University of Chicago who made a fortune from principles he learned at its graduate business school has donated a no-strings-attached $300 million to the school, reports the Chicago Tribune. The donation, by Dimensional Fund Advisors founder David G. Booth, is the largest ever to a business... More »

B-Schools Use Palm Scans to Catch Cheats

ID confirmation targets impostors taking admissions exam

(Newser) - In an effort to foil cheaters, top American business schools will require a high-tech identity check of applicants taking the standardized admissions test, reports the Wall Street Journal. The crackdown on the use of paid impostors will require GMAT takers to undergo a "palm vein" scan, which is unique... More »

Yoga Turning B-Schoolers on Their Heads

Capitalists latch on to search for inner peace

(Newser) - Inner peace through capitalism? Americans spend $5.7 billion a year on yoga classes and products, and now, BusinessWeek reports, yoga clubs are cropping up in some of the country's most high-pressured institutions: top business schools. "Having a yoga practice helped sort through the white noise," one MIT... More »

Best Undergrad Biz Schools

Wharton keeps the top spot for undergraduate business education

(Newser) - The financial world may be on its ear, but undergraduate business schools are booming as increasing numbers of quality high school grads drive up standards and B-school grads command more on the employment market. Here are the 10 best, as ranked by Business Week:
  1. Pennsylvania (Wharton): Can be too competitive.
... More »

For Sale: My Seat in Class

Wharton's auction system among solutions to overenrollment in popular courses

(Newser) - It beats sleeping overnight outside a professor's office—as some do at Stanford—but should students buy their way into popular classes? The University of Chicago thought not, removing one student's ad hawking a slot in Freakonomics author Steven Levitt's course. Penn's Wharton School has a more capitalistic view, the... More »

Recruiters Pick Top 10 Biz Schools

WSJ 's annual rankings come up with some surprising choices

(Newser) - Ivy Leaguers and Mormons round out this year's eclectic list of top MBA programs.  To come up with the rankings WSJ and Harris Interactive asked 4,430 recruiters to rank M.B.A. programs on 21 attributes, including leadership potential, and communication skills.  National Rankings:
  1. Dartmouth College (Tuck)
... More »

Top 10 US Business Schools

Step it up a notch (and raise your profile) at these elite centers of learning.

(Newser) - Forbes ranked these business schools not only on their prestige but for their return on investment.
  1. Dartmouth (Tuck)
  2. Stanford
  3. Harvard
More »

Accounting Degrees Add Up

Number-crunchers are BMOCs with companies desperate to fill slots

(Newser) - Accounting majors have become the most in-demand kids on campus, and prospective employers are wooing them with lavish parties, free vacations, and promises of handsome signing bonuses. Colleges aren't turning out enough number-crunchers to meet the growing demand, which has skyrocketed in the wake of stricter controls required by Sarbanes-Oxley,... More »

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