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Kings Fans Taunt Devils With Jersey Shore Heads

4-0 puts Kings one win away from first Stanley Cup

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Kings are now just a game away from the first Stanley Cup in their 45-year history—and Snooki may have helped. Kings fans taunted their rivals by holding up huge cardboard cutouts of Jersey Shore characters directly behind the New Jersey Devils' bench during last night's...

You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute
You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute

You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute connects normal folk with D-list celebrities

(Newser) - If you've been just dying to actually speak to one of the Lohans, today is your lucky day: For $25 per minute, you can have a chat with Lindsay's mom Dina, or for the relative bargain of $18 per minute, her dad Michael. It's all thanks to...

'The Situation' Enters Rehab

'Jersey Shore' star Sorrentino in for substance abuse: TMZ

(Newser) - Maybe Jersey Shore will be a much tamer place when shooting begins this summer on season No. 6 . Not only is Snooki pregnant , but Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is in rehab for substance abuse, reports TMZ . A rep confirms he checked into a facility for "much needed rest...

Jersey Shore Back for 6th Season

Snooki's pregnancy will likely be party downer

(Newser) - And baby bump makes nine. A very pregnant Snooki and the rest of the aging guido and guidette gang are returning this summer to film a debauched sixth season of Jersey Shore, MTV has announced. The interesting complication will be Snooki's family way, and if that will dent her...

Snooki: Yep, I&#39;m Pregnant
 Snooki: Yep, 
 I'm Pregnant 

Snooki: Yep, I'm Pregnant

Engaged reality star 'worried' about her drinking

(Newser) - Yes, Snooki is pregnant, the prodigious partier has announced—and yes, voluminous amounts of liquor were imbibed early in the pregnancy. "I have different priorities now," Snooki, 24, tells Us after admitting she "went crazy" drinking (as usual) New Year's Eve before she realized she was...

Is Preggers Snooki Engaged?
 Is Preggers Snooki Engaged? 

Is Preggers Snooki Engaged?

'Jersey Shore' star was flashing a rock in Jersey City dog walk

(Newser) - The reportedly pregnant Snooki was flashing a rock on her finger yesterday, leading Jersey Shore fans to speculate that the pint-sized reality star is about to tie the knot with her suspected babydaddy. Snooki—née Nicole Polizzi—showed off a gi-normous diamond as she walked her dog with pal...

Snooki Baby: Can You Spell 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?'

How hard has she been hitting the booze?

(Newser) - Let's hope Snooki sorta planned that baby she's reportedly carrying (stop giggling). Because if she didn't, that fetus has to be nearly swimming in booze by now. While Forbes is concerned about what's to become of the diminutive reality star's "brand," others are...

Uh-Oh, NJ Bars: Snooki Really Is Pregnant
 NJ Bars 
 Really Is 


NJ Bars Weep: Snooki Really Is Pregnant

'Jersey Shore' star Nicole Polizzi plans to announce in 'Us Weekly'

(Newser) - Perhaps you heard the terrifying rumors earlier this month that Snooki was with child: She denied them , but now the New York Post insists that the Jersey Shore star is indeed three months pregnant. Not only that, but Snooks (whom the Post kindly refers to as "trashy") wants...

Snooki Wisdom: What to Do When You Pee Yourself

Take a 'Shore Shower,' advises 'Jersey Shore' star

(Newser) - In a truly disturbing clip from last night's Jersey Shore, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had a little accident on the dance floor. "I got really excited dancing with, like, my girls, and I legit peed myself," Snooki explains. (Apparently the "oops" was caused by a urinary...

Hoboken to Jersey Shore: Scram

City denies permit to spin-off featuring Snooki, Jwoww

(Newser) - Those poor kids of the Jersey Shore: They've been hit with numerous lawsuits , slammed by scientists , dissed by a clothing chain and the governor of their state , and banned from partying on film in Florence . Now Hoboken, of all places, has publicized its disdain. A spin-off to the reality...

Jersey Shore Hit With 15th Lawsuit

Woman claims drunk cast members knocked her down

(Newser) - This has got to be some sort of record: Jersey Shore and its cast members have now racked up 15 lawsuits in two years. The latest, courtesy of Courthouse News Service : A woman celebrating her niece's birthday at a bar in Seaside Heights, NJ, claims that drunk Jersey Shore...

Situation Sues Abercrombie Over Months-Old Diss

'Jersey Shore' star says retailer infringed on trademarks

(Newser) - Remember three months ago, when Abercrombie & Fitch made us all snicker by offering to pay The Situation to not wear its clothes ? Well, even if you don’t, The Situation does, and the Jersey Shore star is not happy about it. He filed a lawsuit in Florida claiming...

Spend Night in Jersey Shore Pad —for $2.5K

Apparently it's worth it, according to renters

(Newser) - If, for some reason, you want to live out your own Jersey Shore fantasy, all you need is $2,500 a night. That’s how much the Seaside Heights home where the reality show is taped rents for, according to the AP , which uses a bunch of terms in its...

Jersey Shore Loses $420K Tax Credit

Governor 'duty-bound' to ensure state doesn't foot bill for MTV hit

(Newser) - Sorry, Snooki lovers: New Jersey's governor has nixed a $420,000 tax credit for Jersey Shore that would have covered production costs for the show's 2009 season. Gov. Chris Christie said the state's slumping economy and need to pump money into other programs dictated the decision, the...

Jersey Shore Costs State Taxpayers $420K

Film tax credit will cover some 2009 production costs

(Newser) - Ammo for Jersey Shore haters: The show will get $420,000 to cover production costs for the inaugural 2009 season in the form of a state film tax credit, reports . Cue the outrage: "I can’t believe we are paying for fake tanning for Snooki and The...

Anderson Gets Spray Tanned With Snooki

Yes, viewers at home, he does take off his shirt

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper, who has braved angry mobs in Egypt, faced potential radiation poisoning in Japan, and rescued a bloodied child in Haiti, shows a decidedly less hard-hitting side on his new daytime show . Case in point: On the second episode of Anderson yesterday, Coop went for a spray tan with—...

Anderson Cooper's Fave News Anchor: Snooki

CNN host waxes poetic about 'Jersey Shore' star

(Newser) - In case you missed it, Snooki launched her own news show this week (watch the entire awe-inspiring three minutes here ), and she already has one very high-profile fan: Anderson Cooper. The CNN host called out "every news station in the world" last night on the Ridiculist for missing...

JWoww Denies Plastic Surgery

Strange new face due to weight loss and make-up, she says

(Newser) - JWoww's new stretched eyes are apparently caused by the weight she lost since last season on Jersey Shore. That's her story, in any case. Several fans believe she had a brow lift, chin shaving, cheek implants, and lip plumping, creating a markedly different face than the one she...

Abercrombie Offers Situation Money Not to Wear Its Clothes

Teen retailer has 'deep concerns' about Mike Sorrentino's Jersey Shore image

(Newser) - Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, style icon? Not exactly. Abercrombie & Fitch is offering the Jersey Shore star big bucks not to wear its clothing. The teen retailer has offered a “substantial payment” to Sorrentino “to wear an alternate brand" because of the company's "deep concern"...

Tim Gunn on Jersey Shore: Vulgar!

All that Spandex gives 'Project Runway' star the shivers

(Newser) - You know how Project Runway daddy-dearest Tim Gunn hates to be nasty. But dish it out he will if he must. Take Jersey Shore: The fashion is vulgar!" he says on Lopez Tonight . "It's all that stretch material—the Spandex, the Lurex, the tightness, the skin. It'...

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