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Jersey Shore Not Hurting New Jersey's Reputation

Snooki and the Situation could actually bring the state good publicity

(Newser) - Here's the real situation: It turns out MTV's Jersey Shore isn't killing New Jersey's reputation after all. A new nationwide poll finds that the reality show about a group of hard-drinking, foul-mouthed 20-somethings at a beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ, may even be helping a...

Vinny Ditches Jersey Shore
 Vinny Ditches 
 Jersey Shore 

Vinny Ditches Jersey Shore

And no one wants him back: TMZ

(Newser) - A furious Vinny "Sea Biscuit" Guadagnino stormed out of the Jersey Shore crew's current house, jumped into a cab, and headed home—for good, reports TMZ . The big breakup occurred after Vinny had a major fight with another cast mate, sources say. He's holed up in his...

Jersey Shore Will Head Back to New Jersey

'Jersey Shore' cast returns to Seaside Heights for fifth season

(Newser) - They came, they saw, they crashed into stuff ... the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore will return to New Jersey to tape the fifth season of the reality series after the cast says ciao to Italy. Production of the next season will begin in Seaside Heights sometime in June, according...

Italian Police Revoke Snooki's License

'Jersey Shore' star crashed into Italian police car escorting ... her car

(Newser) - Italian police say they have revoked Snooki's international driver's license following the Jersey Shore star's fender-bender with a police car . The police car was escorting the Jersey Shore vehicle when the accident occurred on Monday; two policemen were slightly injured but not hospitalized. No alcohol was involved,...

Florence to Jersey Shore: No, Grazie

Old World Italians don't care for vulgar American-Italian cast

(Newser) - Old World Italians are face to face with the self-described guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore—and they definitely don't like what they see. The hard-drinking, sex-ravenous East Coast crew is an embarrassment to Florentines, who are trying to figure out how to keep the reality stars quiet...

Snooki in Custody After Crashing Into Cop Car

Reality star could be in big trouble ... in Italy

(Newser) - The often-tipsy emissary from MTV-land may have finally gone a tad too far in Italy. Snooki is in custody after a car crash involving a cop car in Florence. A car she was driving plowed into into the cruiser, reports TMZ . One cop was taken away by ambulance in a...

Italian Mayor to Jersey Shore Cast: No Partying Here!

He doesn't want Florence's image sullied by reality show

(Newser) - In case you haven't heard, the Jersey Shore cast is going to Italy —but the mayor of Florence somehow expects the reality show not to "promote Florence as a drinking town." That's just one of the rules he's given to the cast. The New ...

Anderson Cooper Slams 'Freakishly Tan' Snooki

Why is everyone paying her so much just to be herself, he wonders

(Newser) - Apparently Anderson Cooper is not a Jersey Shore fan. On the Tuesday night edition of Anderson Cooper 360, the host slammed all the people paying Snooki to "show up and throw up," including the MTV execs giving her a raise and, of course, Rutgers . In his opinion, Snooki...

To Give Talk, Rutgers Pays Snooki More Than It Paid...

...Toni Morrison, a Nobel-winning author

(Newser) - Apparently, Rutgers University thinks Snooki is worth more as a guest speaker than Nobel-winning novelist Toni Morrison. Beloved author Morrison will be paid $30,000 to give the commencement speech in May—the first time Rutgers has paid for a graduation speaker—but Snooki snagged $2,000 more when she...

Students Blast 'Unfair' SAT Reality Show Question

'I guess the kids who watch crap TV did well'

(Newser) - High school students who studied instead of watching Jersey Shore say they've been left at a disadvantage by a question on the SAT college entrance exam. The students complain that the essay question, which deals with the nature of reality shows, assumes that all students have a television and watch...

Ex-Jersey Shore Cast Member: The Situation Is Gay

He's in the closet, says former housemate Angelina Pivarnick

(Newser) - "Boy code" on Jersey Shore has suddenly taken on an entirely new connotation. Sulky former clan member Angelina Pivarnick is claiming that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is really gay, though he may not realize it. "I think he's gay because of the way he talks and the...

Snooki Presents: Top 10 Reasons to Buy My Book
Snooki Presents: Top 10 Reasons to Buy My Book
late show with david letterman

Snooki Presents: Top 10 Reasons to Buy My Book

Don't do it for yourself—do it for the economy

(Newser) - You could be forgiven for thinking Snooki’s debut literary venture, A Shore Thing , is perhaps not for you … but maybe you just haven’t been considering all the reasons to buy it. The Jersey Shore star herself offered up 10 such reasons last night on the Late Show ...

Snooki Wakes Up in a Trash Can 'Like Once a Month'

Apparently she's still quite the party girl

(Newser) - If you were looking for an excuse to watch Ellen today, here it is: Apparently it features Jersey Shore’s Snooki telling the talk show host that she wakes up in a trash can “like once a month,” the Huffington Post reports. Snooks was talking to DeGeneres about...

What the World Watched as 2010 Unfolded

Snooki to Spillcam, here's what we gawked at

(Newser) - We stared in horror as oil gushed unchecked from BP's ruptured well for months, we might have raised a beer as Steven Slater took his epic slide down a JetBlue ramp, and we feverishly refreshed Facebook as Mark Zuckerberg took Time's Person of the Year Honors. but mostly, writes Ted...

And Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People Are...

Sarah Palin and ... the cast of 'Jersey Shore'?

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has now made Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People List two years in a row. Palin is among the eight names Walters revealed today, People reports. Others include princess-in-waiting Kate Middleton , new mom Sandra Bullock , tween obsession Justin Bieber , universally beloved Betty White , basketball star LeBron James , new American ...

McCain, Snooki Still Creepily Tweeting

She's calling him 'Johnny' now...

(Newser) - The John McCain-Snooki Twitter lovefest continues. The Arizona senator tweeted a happy birthday message to the Jersey Shore star yesterday, to which she quickly replied , "Thabk you Johnny ! :) xox." She later defended McCain from some apparently negative publicity that resulted from his tweet: "Everyone get real...

Inside Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's Upcoming, and Scary-Sounding, Self-Help Book
 How to Score, 
 by The Situation 
first, shave your legs

How to Score, by The Situation

A sneak peek inside his upcoming, sure-to-be-a-classic book

(Newser) - Wondering what helpful advice Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino could possibly impart to you in his upcoming book ? The New York Post has some answers: Here’s the Situation will include ab maintenance tips and, of course, all that he’s learned about women, including:
  • “The best sex

Halloween Horror: a Snooki Invasion

Expect to see plenty of The Situations, Pauly Ds, as well

(Newser) - Anyone with a Snooki pouf phobia should stay indoors Halloween night and close the curtains. Fair warning: the streets and parties will be crawling with Jersey Shore guidette and guido fans dressing up in this season's most popular Halloween costumes. Snooki and Pauly D garb, and fake abs evocative of...

Snooki's Book Deal: Jersey Shore's Nicole Polizzi Writing Novel
 Snooki Snags Book Deal 
sure to be a classic

Snooki Snags Book Deal

Soon, all the Jersey Shore guidos and guidettes will be authors

(Newser) - With poetic tweets like “your going to the yacht party?! Holla! See you lataa,” who wouldn’t expect Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to write a book? Yep, Snooks is the latest Jersey Shore cast member to get a book deal, the AP reports. Hers will be Shore Thing,...

No Trademark for 'The Situation'

Officials apparently not impressed by Jersey Shore star

(Newser) - Sorry, The Situation: No trademark for you. Jersey Shore cast member Mike Sorrentino attempted to trademark his well-known nickname (technically, the name he gave to his own abs) in order to market (what else?) T-shirts and underwear. His bid was denied because it's too similar to a "Situation" trademark...

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