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You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute
You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute

You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute

Dial-a-star.com connects normal folk with D-list celebrities

(Newser) - If you've been just dying to actually speak to one of the Lohans, today is your lucky day: For $25 per minute, you can have a chat with Lindsay's mom Dina, or for the relative bargain of $18 per minute, her dad Michael. It's all thanks to...

Rachel Uchitel: I Am Not a Whore

Tiger Woods Mistress No. 1 speaks

(Newser) - Surely you've been waiting on pins and needles for this: Rachel Uchitel has, finally, given an interview ... though she refuses to discuss her highly-publicized dalliance with Tiger Woods. "People have called me all sorts of names, but they don’t know me," she tells the Mail , adding that...

Tiger Woods Fantasized About Men: Tell-All

Alleged mistress's promised book is finally hitting shelves...

(Newser) - Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Loredana Jolie finally got a buyer for the tell-all she’s been shopping since January and, as promised , the book will include details about the golfer’s fantasies about other men. “I would make him fantasize,” she writes in an excerpt obtained by the...

Mistress Shopping Tiger Woods Sex Tape

Apparently the sex scandal is still not over

(Newser) - The fat lady, apparently, has not sung yet: The Tiger Woods sex scandal beats on, by way of a sex tape. Devon James , the porn star mistress who claimed Tiger fathered her love child , is shopping a 62-minute-long tape—“37 minutes of it is us having sex,” James...

Tiger Mistress Stole From Me at Porn Shoot: 2nd Mistress
Tiger Mistress Stole From Me at Porn Shoot: 2nd Mistress
battle of the tiger cubs

Tiger Mistress Stole From Me at Porn Shoot: 2nd Mistress

Devon James called a thief and a liar

(Newser) - The Tiger Woods drama gets ever more convoluted, courtesy of two mistresses, both named James: Joslyn James (the porn star who claimed in February that Tiger knocked her up twice) accuses fellow Tiger mistress Devon James (the porn star who claimed yesterday her 9-year-old son is Tiger’s) of stealing...

Porn Star: I Had Tiger's Son
 Porn Star: I Had Tiger's Son 
love child claim No. 2

Porn Star: I Had Tiger's Son

Feel like we've heard this before? We have

(Newser) - Guess who’s back in the news: Everyone’s favorite golfer…and his love children. Yes, another mistress has come forward claiming to have given birth to Tiger's child in 2001. This time it’s porn star/escort Devon James—whose son, Radar notes, looks an awful lot like the golfer....

Tiger Galpal: I Saw Tito Beat Jenna
 Tiger Galpal: I Saw 
 Tito Beat Jenna 
porn-star solidarity

Tiger Galpal: I Saw Tito Beat Jenna

Joslyn James claims to have witnessed three incidents

(Newser) - Somehow, a Tiger Woods mistress has made her way into the Jenna Jameson-Tito Ortiz domestic violence mess. “I saw three separate situations myself” where Ortiz roughed up Jameson, says fellow porn star Joslyn James. “They would be partying, and she wouldn't do anything in particular to set him...

'Fembots' Take Over the World
 Take Over 
 the World 

In case you missed it

'Fembots' Take Over the World

All you need to be famous nowadays is plastic surgery

(Newser) - Heidi Montag, Larry King’s soon-to-be-ex-wife, and all of Tiger Woods’ mistresses: They’re “fembots,” and they’re cropping up everywhere you look these days. This “species of walking, talking Barbie dolls appears increasingly likely to take over the world,” writes Rebecca Dana for the Daily...

Tiger, Jesse Galpals to Host Reality Show
 Tiger, Jesse 
 Galpals to Host 
 Reality Show 
a classy duo

Tiger, Jesse Galpals to Host Reality Show

'Celebrity Cheaters' will be about...celebrities cheating

(Newser) - It’s a good thing Jesse James got caught in his own sex scandal—otherwise, who would have been Jamie Jungers’ cohost for an awful-sounding new reality show called Celebrity Cheaters? Yes, it’s true: You may soon be able to watch Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and alleged Tiger Woods...

Tiger Woods Mistress Arrested
 Tiger Woods Mistress Arrested 

Tiger Woods Mistress Arrested

Not for anything having to do with Tiger Woods, but still

(Newser) - If Jaimee Grubbs hadn’t (allegedly) slept with Tiger Woods, no one would care that she’s in the slammer. But since she (allegedly) did, the AP is reporting that Grubbs was charged with driving with a suspended license last night in California after a random license plate check showed...

More Tiger Woods Insult Banners Coming
 More Tiger Woods 
 Insult Banners Coming 
'bootyism' just 1 of 6

More Tiger Woods Insult Banners Coming

Plus, check out the parodies of the Nike commercial

(Newser) - If you enjoyed the Tiger Woods banner that flew over Augusta National yesterday, you’re in for a treat: Five more are on the way. The first message, referring to Tiger’s recommitment to Buddhism, read, “Tiger: Did you mean bootyism?” A rep for the Ohio ad agency that...

Woods Seduced Young Neighbor: Enquirer
 Woods Seduced 
 Young Neighbor: 

Woods Seduced Young Neighbor: Enquirer

Woman, now 22, had one-night-stand in golfer's office

(Newser) - The umpteenth Tiger Woods mistress is perhaps the most disturbing so far: a young neighbor who had a one night stand with the golfer that left her “shaken and humiliated.” The National Enquirer has it that Raychel Coudriet, now 22, was seduced by the serial philanderer in his...

Tiger Woods' Rachel Uchitel Payoff: $10M

That's a lot more than previously speculated

(Newser) - It pretty much goes without saying that Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel off—but the real amount is much, much higher than originally speculated. Early estimates put the figure at $1 million; it was later thought to be between $2 million and $5 million—but TMZ reports it’s actually...

Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley: Tiger's Mentors?

The former NBA stars were Woods' Vegas companions

(Newser) - You already know more than you ever wanted to about Tiger Woods’ personal life, but guess what? You still haven’t heard it all. Vanity Fair teases its upcoming article by Mark Seal, which “may be the most complete account to date of the golfer’s secret life”:
  • His

Yet Another Porn Star Is Tiger Mistress No. 15

Devon James talks 'dirty' sex, claims years-long affair

(Newser) - Devon James must have been out of the country for the past few months—the porn star is coming forward now to claim her spot as yet another Tiger Woods mistress. For those of you keeping track, that’s mistress No. 15 and porn star No. 3, at least according...

Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel: I'm No 'Hooker'

She threatens to sue Vegas comic over Facebook postings

(Newser) - Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel is threatening to sue a Las Vegas comic and showman because his Facebook page calls her a "hooker" and a "slut" among other things. Uchitel's lawyers (including Gloria Allred) ordered Jeff Beachman to take the posts down because they amount to defamation, reports...

Porn Star Reveals Tiger Texts

 Porn Star Reveals 
 Tiger Texts 


Porn Star Reveals Tiger Texts

Joslyn James has her own classy domain name and everything

(Newser) - It's here: Porn star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James debuted her new website, which includes all sorts of fun messages from the golfer. If you just don't feel comfortable typing www.sextingjoslynjames.com into your browser window, allow us to hit some of the (less disgusting) highlights:
  • I

Coming Soon: Tiger Mistress Beauty Pageant

 Coming Soon: 
 Tiger Mistress 
 Beauty Pageant 
howard stern, genius

Coming Soon: Tiger Mistress Beauty Pageant

At least four are set to compete

(Newser) - Get ready for at least two more weeks of Tiger Woods Mistress Mania: Four of the golfer’s alleged lovers have signed on for Howard Stern’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant. Participants will compete in categories like Swimsuit, Personality, and Talent for a $100,000 prize provided by cheaters’...

Why Tiger Should've Slept With 114 Women

 Why Tiger Should've 
 Slept With 114 
says tracy morgan

Why Tiger Should've Slept With 114 Women

With all that money, his number's not very impressive

(Newser) - Tracy Morgan is disappointed with Tiger Woods for not sleeping with more women. “He got a billion dollars and only 14 women came forth? He should've had 114,” Morgan tells Esquire . He's “got a billion dollars. I'm ready to give him some. I'd let him suck on...

Stepmom: Joslyn James Is 'Compulsive Liar'
 Joslyn James Is 
 'Compulsive Liar' 
pregnant porn star

Stepmom: Joslyn James Is 'Compulsive Liar'

Tiger Woods' mistress' pregnancies may not have been his

(Newser) - Porn star Joslyn James claims Tiger Woods got her pregnant twice, but her stepmother says James is a “compulsive liar” who slept with lots of other men around the same time. “We saw all kinds of men and women coming and going at all times of the day...

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