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Shooting Up the Sales Chart: Mein Kampf?

Writer thinks online anonymity, curiosity, driving Hitler's e-book sales

(Newser) - If you look at the politics and current events section on iTunes' book store you will, as of this writing, see Hitler's face staring back at you out of the 3 and 4 spots. Mein Kampf has been a nothing short of an e-book blockbuster, on both iTunes and... More »

Justice Department Wants to Clamp Down on iTunes

E-book price-fixing case spills over into Apple's other media businesses

(Newser) - The Justice Department is out to make sure that Apple never again fixes the price of e-books —or anything else for that matter. It's asked a judge to ban Apple "from entering into agreements with suppliers of e-books, music, movies, television shows, or other content" on iTunes... More »

Apple Guilty of E-Book Price-Fixing: Judge

Court rules company conspired with publishers to jack up prices

(Newser) - The verdict in the Apple e-book price-fixing trial is in: the company did conspire with publishing companies to push up prices, says a federal judge. "The plaintiffs have shown that the publisher defendants conspired with each other to eliminate retail price competition in order to raise e-book prices, and... More »

Apple Faces Uphill Battle as Price-Fixing Trial Begins

Judge expects 'direct evidence' of 'conspiracy'

(Newser) - Apple's federal court battle over e-book price fixing begins today, and the company has a tough case to make, observes the Wall Street Journal . The government's claim: Apple made deals with five publishers to boost the prices of e-books before the iPad's 2010 launch. "Stripped of... More »

Barnes & Noble Slowly Closing a Third of Stores

Bookseller sees declining book, e-book sales

(Newser) - Faced with declining book sales and fewer mall openings, Barnes & Noble is poised to close about a third of its retail stores over the next 10 years, the CEO of the company's retail group tells the Wall Street Journal . The bookseller is likely to close about 20 stores... More »

Amazon Grabs Major e-Book Win

Get ready for $9.99 e-books

(Newser) - An e-book price-fixing settlement is a victory for Amazon—and could pave the way to lower prices for consumers. A federal judge has approved a settlement between three publishers and the Justice Department after officials argued that a total of five publishers were teaming up with Apple to boost prices... More »

Why Amazon's Kindle Will Someday Be Free

Ultimately, the company wants to make money off content: Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - Farhad Manjoo admits that his "record on predictions about Amazon is mixed at best," but he's pretty certain about this one: Sooner or later, the company will start offering its Kindle e-reader for free, he writes on Slate . Even though Amazon currently loses money on each Kindle... More »

Microsoft Joins Barnes & Noble in E-Book War

Invests $300M in Nook-based subsidiary

(Newser) - There's a new major player in the battle for the e-book market. Microsoft is investing $300 million in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary devoted to the bookseller's Nook e-reader plus its College division. Microsoft will have a 17.6% stake in the company (currently dubbed "Newco"... More »

Romney Is Even Weirder Than You Thought

At least, according to Alex Pareene, who goes on to list all the reasons why

(Newser) - The Romney campaign says that labeling its candidate "weird" amounts to a veiled attack on Mormonism. But in an excerpt from Alex Pareene's new e-book at Salon , Pareene holds that Mitt Romney is, in fact, just plain bizarre, like "a brilliantly designed politician android with an operating... More »

DOJ Should Have Gone After Amazon, Not Apple

Price-fixing lawsuit focuses on wrong targets: David Carr

(Newser) - When the Justice Department decided to take on "the monopolistic monolith that threatened to dominate the book industry," it chose the wrong targets —five large publishers plus minor e-book player Apple—while ignoring the all-powerful Amazon, writes a dumbfounded David Carr in the New York Times . "... More »

Apple: We Didn't Fix E-Book Prices

Publishers in charge of iBookstore prices: firm

(Newser) - The Justice Department's allegations of an e-book pricing conspiracy at Apple are "simply not true," the tech giant says, according to Reuters . "The launch of the iBookstore in 2010 fostered innovation and competition, breaking Amazon's monopolistic grip on the publishing industry," an Apple rep... More »

Amazon Now Moves to Slash E-Book Prices

But DoJ suit expected to be bad news for readers in long run

(Newser) - Just after the Department of Justice launched its antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five major publishers , Amazon announced plans to slash e-book prices. But while the move is expected to cut the prices of major titles from $14.99 to $9.99 or less, analysts believe the benefit to consumers... More »

Harry Potter E-Books Debut

For sale on Pottermore website

(Newser) - Finally, e-reader users can be reunited with Harry Potter. For the first time, e-books of the entire series went on sale today on the Pottermore website, with the first three books costing $7.99 apiece and the last four $9.99 each. The books are compatible with most e-readers, but... More »

The Erotic Novel That Went Viral

EL James' 'Fifty Shades of Grey': fun or horribly regressive?

(Newser) - Nothing like a female protagonist who likes being slapped, stalked, and whipped by a ruthless tycoon. But Anastasia Steele is such a sensation with women readers that Vintage Books, part of Knopf Doubleday, is setting its highbrow literary reputation aside to run off 750,000 copies of a runaway pulp... More »

8 Famous Books Still Only on Paper

Including 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'Catcher in the Rye'

(Newser) - The e-book market has spiked from 0.6% in 2008 to 6.4% in 2010, or $878 million in sales, yet you still won't be able to find certain hugely popular books in the new format. The Street rounded up a list of eight classics that can be found... More »

PayPal Tells Publishers to Pull 'Obscene' E-Books

Remove controversial titles or else, booksellers told

(Newser) - PayPal is overstepping the bounds of its role as a payment processor by trying to ban e-books it deems obscene, publishers and free speech groups complain. At least three online publishers and booksellers received emails warning them that their accounts will be "limited" unless they pull titles "containing... More »

US to Go After Apple, Others Over E-Book 'Price Fixing'

Apple, publishers set up across-the-board prices: feds

(Newser) - The US Justice Department has informed Apple and five top publishes that federal attorneys are ready to go to court to prosecute them on charges that they colluded to boost e-book prices, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Some of the companies are already in settlement discussions with the feds,... More »

Amazon Yanks 5K E-Books in Contract Dispute

Publishers group says it was strong-armed to accept new terms

(Newser) - Amazon is playing hardball with a book distributor that refused to give it a bigger share of the pie. The company's Kindle store yanked some 5,000 e-books after Independent Publishers Group, which represents hundreds of independent publishers, refused the online giant's demands. "They decided they didn'... More »

Amazon Plans Brick-and-Mortar Boutique

Online megastore may also launch national chain

(Newser) - As if traditional publishers don't already hate Amazon . Now the online retailer-turned-publisher is planning to open a small boutique store in Seattle to test the waters for a national chain, Gawker reports via the Good E-Reader blog. The store will sell Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fires, and various accessories—as... More »

Apple's Big Plan: Reinvent the Textbook

A move designed to lower prices ... and fuel interest in the iPad

(Newser) - The next industry Apple is looking to revolutionize: the textbook industry. The company introduced new tools today for both students and textbook publishers: iBooks 2, which will allow students to purchase and access books on their iPad, and iBooks Author, which will help to create textbooks. Both apps are free,... More »

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