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How Israel Plotted to Nab 'Angel of Death'

Mossad never captured Nazi doctor Josef Mengele

(Newser) - A trove of documents set to be released this week reveals the schemes Israel used to try to capture Holocaust "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele. Mossad agents crafted elaborate plots, including wiretapping, break-ins, and a honey trap, Yediot Aharonoth reports, via the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel...

Bones Found Near What Was a Sadistic Nazi Research Site

Archaeologists in Berlin began digging after road work surfaced bones in 2014

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Berlin have unearthed a large number of human bones from a site close to where Nazi scientists carried out research on body parts of death camp victims sent to them by sadistic SS doctor Josef Mengele, officials said Thursday. Experts have been examining the site in Berlin's...

'Bone Sleuth' Clyde Snow Dead at 86
 'Bone Sleuth' 
 Clyde Snow 
 Dead at 86 

'Bone Sleuth' Clyde Snow Dead at 86

The forensic anthropologist identified skeletons far and wide

(Newser) - Clyde Snow, an upbeat chainsmoker who spent his life probing skeletons for their secrets—including proof they had been brutally murdered—died Friday at the age of 86, the New York Times reports. The causes were emphysema and cancer, his wife said. Officially a forensic anthropologist, Snow traveled far and...

Holocaust Survivor Tries Viral Search for Lost Twin
Holocaust Survivor's Search for Lost Twin Goes Viral

Holocaust Survivor's Search for Lost Twin Goes Viral

Genealogist hoping Facebook can help locate 'Jolli'

(Newser) - Menachem Bodner doesn't remember the horrors he suffered as an experiment subject of Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz. But he knows he had a twin brother, and deep down always believed he was alive somewhere. Now, thanks to help from a genealogist, the 72-year-old has proof his brother, Jolli,...

Diary of Teen Who Survived Auschwitz to Be Published

Helga Weiss narrowly escaped death at the hands of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele

(Newser) - Anne Frank was not the only teen to record her harrowing Holocaust account in a diary—or to have the chronicle of her ordeal published. Helga Weiss, now an artist in her 80s, kept her journal as a young girl, beginning in 1939. Her family's Prague apartment was taken...

Eva Peron Helped Nazis, Hid Jewish Treasure: Book

And Simon Bolivar was a racist, it alleges

(Newser) - A new book is giving Argentina a new reason not to cry for Eva Peron: She helped a number of Nazis who fled Europe after World War II, and was rumored to have harbored treasures taken from their Jewish victims. The accusations come from The Politically Incorrect Guide to Latin ...

Stalin, Nazi Doc Behind Roswell's 'UFO' Crash
Stalin, Nazi Doc Behind Roswell's 'UFO' Crash: Book
in case you missed it

Stalin, Nazi Doc Behind Roswell's 'UFO' Crash: Book

'Area 51' says Stalin enlisted infamous Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele in plan to scare US

(Newser) - Roswell and Area 51 have long been the focus of alien-hunting conspiracy theorists—and a new book's theory is likely to disappoint them. Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 , a history of the top-secret base based on interviews with scientists and engineers who worked there, presents an explanation for the...

Stepmom: Jesse Killed Animals 'Like Mengele'

He's attracted to 'the power race thing'

(Newser) - Cheating hubby Jesse James has another woman on his case. Now it's his former stepmom, who knows all his kid secrets, like the time he used to kill rats by injecting them with alcohol, Radar reports. “When Jesse was about 15 years old he started killing baby rats by...

Dr. Mengele's Diary Up for Auction

'Angel of Death's' diary expected to fetch $80K

(Newser) - A diary written by Auschwitz "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele after the war is expected to fetch up to $60,000 at auction in Connecticut. Mengele, who died in Brazil in 1979, filled the diary's 180 pages with his musings on everything from art to women's rights. He occasionally...

Mengele Victim Avoids Doctors for 65 Years

Had a kidney removed without anesthesia at Auschwitz

(Newser) - An Auschwitz survivor finally saw a doctor for the first time in 65 years after suffering a near-fatal heart attack. Upon recovery, the 85-year-old Israeli man explained why: As a young man imprisoned at the camp, notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele tied him to a table and removed his kidney...

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