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Lieberman: Yes, I'm Leaving; My Politics Never Changed

John McCain hopes he becomes defense secretary

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman today confirmed what everybody knew: He's not running for Senate re-election in 2012. Some quotes from the Connecticut independent's news conference, as collected by the Washington Post :
  • "Along the way, I have not always fit comfortably into conventional political boxes—maybe you've noticed that—Democrat or Republican,
... More »

Pals Reid and Lieberman in Spat Over Trash Talk

Majority leader cries 'double-cross' on health care, doesn't quite take it back

(Newser) - Harry Reid can't get a break this week. Just as the flap over his use of the radioactive word "negro" was beginning to fade, the New York Times quoted him, in a preview of an upcoming magazine story, as trash-talking his supposed pal Joe Lieberman. The Times cited an... More »

Venom Against 'Liebermonster' All Wrong

He hasn't changed, DC has; it's way too polarized

(Newser) - The standard vitriol against Joe Lieberman goes something like this: He's angry over losing the Democratic primary in 2006 and now is taking it out on liberals by shifting to the right on health care reform. "The narrative is as satisfying as it is pervasive," writes Dana Milbank.... More »

If Harry Reid Could Only Find His Inner Pelosi

Some of the players in the health care game have stumbled badly

(Newser) - As the health care bill stumbles towards the finish line, it's painfully obvious that some lawmakers just play the game much better than others, writes Eugene Robinson. Nancy Pelosi's a master, having delivered a House bill with nearly everything the president wanted despite the Republicans and Blue Dogs. and Joe... More »

Web Satirist Shows the Love to Joe Lieberman

Wired editor targets health care holdout

(Newser) - The creator of large-print single-issue website Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle has struck again with Joe Lieberman Wants You Dead . Wired editor Matt Honan's site offers a new sentence with every mouse click, from the bitter: "Joe Lieberman hates America" to the bizarre: "Joe Lieberman put oil... More »

MoveOn Raises $1M to Fight Lieberman

And mocks the public-option-killer with puppets

(Newser) - In case you wondered how much Dems dislike Joe Lieberman right now, It took MoveOn just two days to rake in $1 million to oppose his 2012 reelection. The fundraising drive launched Tuesday, after Lieberman’s threatened filibuster killed any semblance of a public option, sailed past its initial $400,... More »

Lieberman Bitter About '04, Taking It Out on Us

Failed candidate syndrome could explain health care hijacking

(Newser) - Nobody seems sure just what is with Joe Lieberman but theories abound on how he turned from a liberal into a health care reform hijacker, writes Gail Collins. He may still be sour about not winning the 2004 presidential race—when he was also "bitten by either a rabid... More »

Sanders on Health Bill: 'Not Voting for It'

Independent senator wanted public options since excised

(Newser) - Senate Democrats might’ve secured Joe Lieberman’s vote for the health-reform bill by killing various government-funded options, but they look to have lost another independent in the process. “I’m struggling with this,” Vermont’s Bernie Sanders told Fox News tonight. “As of this point, I’... More »

In Lieberman Rage, Michael Moore Urges Conn. Boycott

Wants senator recalled over health-reform stances

(Newser) - Filmmaker Michael Moore fired the latest salvo from Joe Lieberman’s left today, calling on the citizens of Connecticut to get the senator out of office or face a national shunning. “People of Connecticut: What have u done 2 this country?” Moore tweeted . “We hold u responsible. Start... More »

Gibbs on Dean: Nobody 'Rational' Would Kill the Bill

'I don't know what legislation he's reading,' says press chief

(Newser) - White House press secretary Robert Gibbs fired back at Howard Dean today for encouraging progressives to kill the health care reform bill. Dean thinks the bill, without a public option, is now too compromised to deserve further support. "I would ask Dr. Dean, how better do you address those... More »

Howard Dean: Kill the Bill

Lieberman's moves have made it worthless, he says

(Newser) - President Obama may be pushing for Senate Democrats to keep working on health care reform, but Howard Dean has had enough. The former party chairman says Joe Lieberman's success at weeding out the Medicare buy-in—which itself had replaced the public option—makes the bill worthless. More »

Dems Still Need Lieberman on Other Issues

White House working with him on climate change, gay benefits

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman’s health care gadfly act may have Democrats royally cheesed off, but they’re still working with the Connecticut senator on other important legislation. White House officials regularly meet with Lieberman on climate change, sources tell Talking Points Memo , as well as several bills in the Homeland Security... More »

Stop Citing Jewish Ethics Against Health Reform!

Senator backed Medicare buy-in 3 months ago, and still should

(Newser) - “A hallmark of Judaism is disputation,” writes David Gibson, and it shows—Joe Lieberman is in a pitched battle with his home state coreligionists over health care reform. Rabbis from across Connecticut, in tones both dulcet and shrill, are lobbying the senator to drop his opposition to anything... More »

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