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What Memorial Day Means in 2014

EJ Dionne Jr. on what the holiday teaches us

(Newser) - Most people today probably associate Memorial Day with barbeques and sales, but EJ Dionne Jr. takes a look at its history in the Washington Post and concludes that it's "a peculiarly appropriate holiday for our times." Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, honoring those who died in... More »

Now It's Time for Gun Control Debate

Pundits opine in wake of the Newtown rampage

(Newser) - In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, there's one topic on every opinion writer's keyboard: guns. Is America finally ready to have a conversation about gun control? Here's what people are saying:
  • Joe Scarborough gave an impassioned speech on Morning Joe this morning. "From this
... More »

Sorry, Tea Party: US Remains a Moderate Nation

EJ Dionne thinks Mitt Romney's campaign proves it

(Newser) - No matter who wins this election, the "right wing" is the real loser, writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post . Romney's recent shift to a moderate narrative, and the fact that his party doesn't seem to mind his contradictions, is evidence that conservatism has taken a drubbing... More »

Are Conservatives on Court Guilty of Judicial Activism?

Left thinks so, but right defends Scalia and Co.

(Newser) - Today's big debate on health care reform seems to be whether the Supreme Court's conservatives were acting more like legislators than justices. Voices on the left think so and are raising cries of judicial activism. Pundits on the right disagree. A roundup of samples:
  • EJ Dionne, Washington Post
... More »

We Need a Progressive Tea Party

Progressives must bring us back to the center: EJ Dionne

(Newser) - Ever since President Obama got elected, the right has controlled the media conversation. We’ve gotten a picture of a president much further left than he really is, which has hurt progressives and moderates, writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post : “The political center doesn’t stand a chance... More »

Buffett Terrifies Conservatives

He's the perfect messenger to expose tax unfairness, EJ Dionne writes

(Newser) - Conservatives are tripping over each other in their zeal to attack Warren Buffett, and it’s not hard to see why, writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post . “Buffett’s sin is that he spoke a truth that conservatives want to keep covered up,” namely that there’s... More »

Let's Honor 9/11 on Sunday ... Then Move On

EJ Dionne argues that our future depends on us looking forward, not back

(Newser) - EJ Dionne will give us our Sept. 11 anniversary—this time. But after we honor the 10th anniversary of those who died in the attacks, "we need to leave the day behind," he argues in the Washington Post . "The last decade was a detour that left our... More »

Investors, Not Laborers, Are Now the Heroes

EJ Dionne: Today should really be called 'Capital Day'

(Newser) - "Labor Day" is a misnomer, and we're the ones who have made it so, writes EJ Dionne for the Washington Post . Today, and every day in America, we no longer celebrate workers "as the real creators of wealth." We reserve the highest praise for "capital,... More »

Obama Has 'High Ground' in Deficit Fight

But he'd better watch out for Eric Cantor

(Newser) - President Obama has “called Republicans’ bluff on the debt,” writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post . With a little help from Eric Cantor, Obama has shown that Republicans’ top goal has nothing to do with the deficit—instead, they want to maintain low taxes on corporations and the... More »

GOP Field So Bad That Bush Looks Good

He at least had a moderate bone in his body

(Newser) - The latest GOP presidential debate gave EJ Dionne Jr. “an experience I never, ever expected,” he writes in the Washington Post : “I had a moment of nostalgia for George W. Bush.” Sure, Bush got us into two wars and exploded the deficit with tax cuts for... More »

Budget 'Crisis' Is Made-Up

It's an 'arresting metaphor' to push ideological agenda

(Newser) - We keep hearing that “we’re broke”—a good way for politicians to make a deceptive case for cutting taxes on the rich and cutting social programs. But the fact is, “we’re not broke,” writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post . “Yes, nearly all... More »

Blame Conservative Fury for Giffords Shooting

It's like the Oklahoma City bombing all over again, Paul Krugman says

(Newser) - Were you really shocked when you heard that Gabrielle Giffords had been shot? Paul Krugman wasn’t. “I’ve had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since the final stages of the 2008 campaign,” when hatred was thick in the air at McCain-Palin rallies,... More »

Stop Denying It: the Civil War Was About Slavery

As anniversary approaches, EJ Dionne says we too often skirt slavery issue

(Newser) - We’re approaching the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s beginning, and at a time like this, we can’t afford to forget its real cause. “There remains enormous denial over the fact that the central cause of the war was our national disagreement about race and slavery,... More »

Republicans Have Gone Dangerously Negative

We must not reward extremism in November

(Newser) - Republicans have gone insanely negative this year, on the theory that “in an election, a solid ‘no’ usually beats an uneasy ‘yes, but,’” writes EJ Dionne of the Washington Post . Democrats, after all, used the same principle to win big in 2006 and 2008, telling... More »

Fix America: Reform the Senate

'Irrational ideas' and 'undemocratic' Senate are killing us

(Newser) - EJ Dionne warns that the US won't be a superpower much longer if it doesn't reform its "incorrigibly stupid" political system. Among other things, he rails against distorted debates on taxes ("the fairy tale of supply-side economics insists that taxes are always too high, especially on the rich"... More »

Where Obama Went Wrong With 'Pundit Delusion'

Hint: It's not because he's too liberal

(Newser) - Pundits may argue that Barack Obama is too liberal, but they’re wrong, writes EJ Dionne of the Washington Post . The truth is that Obama is a center-left progressive, but because today’s politics are defined by the passionate political fringes, he’s not perceived that way. And that’s... More »

Obama Finally Goes On Offensive

Democrats have clear advantage on financial reform

(Newser) - EJ Dionne sees a newly aggressive Barack Obama recognizing that he can put Republicans on their heels with financial reform. Republicans for the first time "are uncertain as to whether resolute opposition to a Democratic idea is in their political interest," he writes in the Washington Post . "... More »

Benedict: Fire the Lawyers, Confess to the Cover-Up

Church must stop protecting itself and do the righteous thing

(Newser) - The Vatican hasn’t looked particularly holy in responding to its latest pedophilia scandal. “The church has acted almost entirely on the basis of this world’s imperatives and standards,” writes EJ Dionne Jr. of the Washington Post . It has worried about lawsuits, its image, and how to... More »

Yes, We Did It

Dionne hails historic moment that launches US on 'new path'

(Newser) - At long last, the US will no longer be the "outlier among wealthy nations in leaving so many without basic health coverage," crows EJ Dionne. The passage of the health care bill is "incontestable evidence that Washington has changed" and that Democrats "can govern, even under... More »

Deficit's Not a Dirty Word

'There's smart debt and stupid debt'

(Newser) - The debate over the deficit is being crippled by a failure to face up to what we need the government to do, writes EJ Dionne Jr. To have a rational debate about the budget, lawmakers should admit that running a deficit during a time of high unemployment is a good... More »

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