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Galifianakis Says His Clinton Chat Was 'Crazy'

'Between Two Ferns' video set a Funny or Die record

(Newser) - Zach Galifianakis tells USA Today it's "crazy" how many hits his Between Two Ferns interview with Hillary Clinton got—more than 30 million in its first 24 hours, per the Hollywood Reporter , which notes that was the largest first-day viewership number in the Funny or Die website's... More »

Galifianakis Asks Clinton the Important Questions on Ferns

You know, like 'What happens if you become pregnant?'

(Newser) - Zach Galifianakis asked Hillary Clinton the important questions during a Between Two Ferns interview on Funny or Die Thursday. Questions like: "Are you excited to be the first girl president?", "As secretary, how many words per minute could you type? And how does President Obama like his coffee?"... More »

Depp Is Trump in Surprise 'Funny or Die' Biopic

It's 50 minutes long and now streaming

(Newser) - Donald Trump doesn't just wake up today as the star of New Hampshire but as the subject of his very own biopic featuring a huge Hollywood name. Sort of: Funny or Die has a released a 50-minute "biopic" of Trump starring Johnny Depp, reports the New York Times... More »

Michelle Obama Stars in 'Funny or Die' Video

'Snackpocalypse' is fake horror movie trailer about junk food

(Newser) - No, “Snackpocalypse” is not a real movie—though it sure looks like one. The mock trailer features Chloe Grace Moretz in a world where junk food has turned people into zombies, Politico reports. It's the latest in Michelle Obama's campaign to get US schools to offer fruits... More »

Obama 'Easier to Work With' Than Some Celebrities

'Between Two Ferns' director talks sit-down

(Newser) - What's it like to direct the leader of the free world as he's hit with uncomfortable interview questions from a "short, fat" guy who smells "like Doritos"? Scott Aukerman, producer and director of Zach Galifianakis' awkward online interview show Between Two Ferns, says President Obama... More »

Galifianakis Grills Obama on 'Between Two Ferns'

What should we do about North Ikea, anyway?

(Newser) - President Obama turned the tables a bit on host Zach Galifianakis during an appearance on Between Two Ferns that's out today. Galifianakis' goal during the awkward interview show is to make his subjects feel uncomfortable, but Obama gave as good as he got: "It must kinda stink, though,... More »

Obama Turns to 'Funny or Die' to Promote ObamaCare

Will create videos encouraging young people to enroll for insurance marketplaces

(Newser) - The White House has turned to an unlikely medium to promote ObamaCare: funny web videos. The Obama administration teamed up with popular video site Funny or Die (you may remember it from such videos as " The Wire: The Musical ") to create some 20 projects to promote the... More »

The Wire, as ... Musical?

David Simon is a fan of the Funny or Die spoof

(Newser) - Funny or Die marks the 10th anniversary of The Wire by turning it into a musical, of course. It even stars Michael Kenneth Williams, better known by fans of the show as the unforgettable Omar, notes the Baltimore Sun . Wondering what show creator David Simon thinks of the spoof?... More »

Kate Beckinsale: I Want GOP in My ...

Parodies the 'war on women' in new Funny or Die video

(Newser) - What’s this about the Republicans waging a War on Women? Some women actually want nothing more than for the GOP to get all up in their business, argues Kate Beckinsale in a new Funny or Die video that is quite liberal in its use of the word “vagina.... More »

Child Stars Oppose Kirk Cameron in Funny or Die PSA

New video is a blast from the past

(Newser) - Evie from Out of This World and Wesley T. Owens from Mr. Belvedere have a message for Kirk Cameron: Cool it with the anti-gay stuff . Evie (aka Maureen Flannigan) and Wesley (aka Brice Beckham) are two of the former child stars who appear in Funny or Die's new video... More »

Mike Tyson Plays Herman Cain in Parody Ad

As part of 'Live Funny or Die' a campaign series

(Newser) - Is Mike Tyson actually turning into a comedian? First there was his roast appearance and now this: He’s been cast as Herman Cain in Funny or Die’s new election season parody series “ Live Funny or Die. " The series launched last week with a video featuring most... More »

Jason Alexander Begs: Help White People Keep Netflix

Donate to the Netflix Relief Fund today!

(Newser) - This year has seen "tsunamis, wars, earthquakes" ... but surely the worst tragedy of all has been Netflix's decision to raise prices . "This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to white people," says Jason Alexander in a Funny or Die PSA. Fortunately, there is... More »

Savage: If Santorum Isn't Careful, I'll Redefine 'Rick'

Sex columnist recommends Santorum hold off on gay-bashing

(Newser) - Dan Savage knows Rick Santorum is pretty unhappy with him for turning the word "Santorum" into a less-than-pleasant sexual term —but Savage actually "displayed remarkable restraint," he says, by only redefining Santorum's last name. He'll do the exact same thing to Santorum's first... More »

Crystal Unleashes Harry Met Sally 2

Funny Or Die 'sequel' channels its inner 'Twilight'

(Newser) - It's an unconventional way to make a sequel, but Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner have brought When Harry Met Sally into the current century with a 4 1/2-minute video that debuted today on Crystal and Reiner pitch the sequel to "studio execs," who agree—with one... More »

Charlie Sheen 'Wins' at Cooking

Debuts Charlie Sheen's 'Winning Recipes' on Funny or Die

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen’s latest antics have expanded past "Sheen’s Korner" with his own cooking show on Funny or Die . On "Winning Recipes," Sheen wears an orange, tiger-striped chef’s hat and an apron emblazoned with "WINNING," and explains that he plans to be the... More »

Megan Fox Thinks Teachers Are Hot

She's flabbergasted by education cuts in new video

(Newser) - Megan Fox and boyfriend Brian Austin Green feel quite strongly about the budget cuts affecting education in California. The two co-star in a Funny or Die video showing an appalled Fox being asked to take over an overcrowded classroom that has already lost its teacher…and its janitor…and its... More »

SNL Presidents Return to Push Financial Reform

Will Farrell, Dana Carvey and more return

(Newser) - The SNL presidents—from Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush to Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford—have teamed up to produce a sketch advocating financial regulatory reform. OK, Phil Hartman wasn’t brought back from the dead to do Reagan, but Jim Carrey provides a worthy fill-in. The video was... More »

Alyssa Milano Gets Jersey Shore Makeover

Actress's Funny or Die video pokes fun at MTV reality show

(Newser) - Alyssa Milano has made it clear that as an Italian-American, she finds MTV's Jersey Shore reality series offensive. But that doesn't mean she can't joke about it. The actress filmed a short for Funny or Die showing her evolution from pretty girl to guidette—which "actually looks a lot... More »

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